Zanzibar / Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places

Zanzibar – the tourist attractions of this island are the thing that attracts tourists to this area the most. A beautiful piece of the world that we will try to present to you today is located in the Indian Ocean, in the Zanzibar Archipelago and belongs to the autonomous part of Tanzania. It is here, off the coast of Africa, where about 600,000 people live, but the driving force behind the island are tourists, many of whom fly here from all over the world.
You have also chosen this holiday destination and are wondering what attractions of Zanzibar are waiting for you there and what is worth seeing and visiting? In that case, we come with a guide in the form of a guide to interesting places in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar - tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments
Zanzibar – tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments

Attractions of Zanzibar – what should you know before visiting?

The first place we will most likely hit if we want to visit the attractions of Zanzibar is the airport. The Zanzibar International Airport is one of the largest facilities of this type in Tanzania and handles up to 900,000 passengers a year. It serves numerous airlines, mainly from Africa, but also from other continents, including Europe.
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Another thing that you should know before visiting the attractions of Zanzibar is its currency. The currency on this island is Tanzanian shilling, but in many places you can also pay with US dollars. If we take cash with us, it is worth reaching for larger denominations, such as over USD 50, thanks to which we can count on a more favorable conversion rate.

Zanzibar, vaccinations and health

When flying to Zanzibar, we do not have to undergo any mandatory preventive vaccinations. However, it is worth getting vaccinated against yellow fever (malaria), typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, cholera, measles, mumps and rubella. It is worth asking your travel medicine doctor for details, who will also recommend appropriate protection against mosquitoes. Avoid contact with local animals, and in the case of even a small bite, go to a medical facility for post-exposure vaccination against rabies.

When is the best time to go to Zanzibar?

The time when it is best to admire the tourist attractions of Zanzibar is of great importance for the quality of sightseeing. Contrary to appearances, the island is definitely worth visiting outside the holiday season, from December to mid-March. During these months the temperature is as pleasant as the rest of the year, but there is less traffic and lower prices can be expected. The water in these months is also very pleasant for bathing, the air humidity is not too high, and the number of rainy days is only a few days a month.

What’s worth seeing in Zanzibar?

The things that are worth seeing and visiting in Zanzibar are certainly a traditional sailboat cruise in the endless blue water, beach walks and diving. The proximity of the ocean, white sand flowing under your fingers and warm water are undoubtedly the greatest attractions in Zanzibar.

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Zanzibar’s attraction is diving. It is worth getting ready for it in the country, but we will find many experienced instructors on the spot, with whom we are not threatened with serious danger, but only with amazing views. The water here is extremely clear and we can find in it such natural wonders as interesting species and a healthy, good-looking coral reef.

Zanzibar – tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places

When going to this island, we plan to spend most of the time on the beach or in the water. For many people, however, this is not enough to have a fruitful and fully enjoyable holiday. When we get bored of sunbathing and swimming, we can choose something for ourselves from the many tourist attractions of Zanzibar.
Interesting places and monuments in Zanzibar include:

  • Stone Town,
  • Spice plantations,
  • Jozani National Park,
  • Prison Island,
  • Freddie Mercury Museum,
  • Peace Memorial Museum,
  • Kariakoo,
  • Zanzibar Butterfly Center.
Zanzibar - monuments, interesting places, attractions
Zanzibar – monuments, interesting places, attractions

Stone Town in Zanzibar

Stone Town is the attraction of Zanzibar, which we can easily visit on foot in one afternoon. It is the oldest part of the island, considered by the locals as its capital. We will not find any instagram views here, because this district has not changed much over the last decades, and maybe even centuries. In the past, slave trade took place here, which is why Stone Town tells both a dark and more optimistic story.

The name of this Zanzibar attraction comes from a limestone stone that comes from a coral reef. The uniqueness of this part of the city of Zanzibar meant that this place was entered on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list as early as 2000. In addition to monuments, such as museums, cemeteries and temples, we also find here numerous dining options, shopping and service outlets, as well as hotels. This is one of the most atmospheric attractions of Zanzibar that we will see, although others also bring us to our knees.

Spice plantations in Zanzibar

Another attraction of Zanzibar is the opportunity to see how the spices we use on a daily basis are grown and prepared. It is full of plantations that we can visit with a guide. It is worth going to at least one of them to feel the unusual aromas and see what unripe or raw spices look like, which we usually see in the kitchen in a dried and ground form. Sightseeing is usually combined with tasting, or at least the possibility of touching and smelling selected plants.

Jozani National Park

Jozani Forrest is an attraction in Zanzibar, which is a protected area as a national park. This extraordinary region is a remnant of the primeval forest that covered most of Africa a few hundred years ago. In this respect, it is a unique place on a global scale, so being in the area, it is definitely worth visiting. We will take extraordinary photos from here, and above all – memories.

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What exactly can we see in connection with this attraction of Zanzibar? Jozani Forrest is home to many unusual, exotic species of African fauna and flora, some of them endemic, meaning they are nowhere to be found. However, the most recognizable point of the trip are the very characteristic tricolor monkeys, which are eagerly approaching tourists. The antelopes and the Zanzibari leopard are much more skittish, so it is rather difficult to spot them.

Prison Island

This attraction of Zanzibar is associated with a prison for a reason. It is a small island off the coast of Zanzibar where slaves were formerly held. Even a prison was built here at the end of the 19th century, but it was never used as intended. In the past, it was used as an isolation facility for people quarantined due to the yellow fever epidemic, now it houses a hotel.

However, it is not the old buildings that are the attraction of Zanzibar. Prison Island is famous for the presence of turtles, brought from Seychelles in the 18th century. They even have their sanctuary there, where tourists can walk along marked paths, admire animals from afar, and even touch the more courageous ones. And it must be said that the turtles on Prison Island are huge and meeting them creates an amazing impression. From the island, we can also admire another attraction of Zanzibar – Stone Town is clearly visible from one of the piers.

Freddie Mercury Museum

It is worth knowing that in Zanzibar, another attraction is also the Freddie Mercury Museum, devoted to this world-famous artist. It is worth knowing that he was born in this place, in Stone Town as Farrokh Bulsara. Although he was reportedly not very emotionally connected with this place, he left a lot of traces here, and his house is now an interesting place in Zanzibar, which is eagerly visited by tourists. In addition to the museum, there is also a gift shop related to the artist. This is a real treat for fans of his music, and not only.

Peace Memorial Museum in Zanzibar

Zanzibar’s attraction, the Peace Memorial Museum, deserves a visit, if only for its external appearance. Built in honor of the inhabitants of World War I, the building is surrounded by greenery. It is characterized by beautiful, exotic architecture and white walls, which, combined with the well-kept garden, makes an amazing impression.

What about the inside of the Peace Memorial Museum? It may not be that impressive anymore, but we can still see many attractions there. Over the years, Zanzibar has accumulated material, cultural and natural goods, as well as numerous monuments of art of local residents. So here we can admire sculptures, paintings, artifacts from centuries ago, stuffed animals and books. All exhibits are signed in both Swahili and English.

Kariakoo fun fair

Kariakoo, also known as Uhuru Park, is Zanzibar’s attraction for families with children, but not only. People who appreciate a bit of adrenaline (within reasonable limits) or the specific mood of amusement parks will also be great here, because that’s what Kariakoo is. We find here very typical objects, such as a ferris wheel or huge merry-go-rounds. It may not bring us closer to learning about the culture, customs and history of Tanzania and Zanzibar itself, but while resting, a moment of unlimited fun is also needed.

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Zanzibar Butterfly Center

Another Zanzibar tourist attraction is an inconspicuous place, which, however, is definitely worth seeing! It is a type of butterfly house where, for a small price, we can admire butterflies in a closed, roofed hall. They fly around us, we can also see and even hold chameleons. The ticket is inexpensive and a visit to the Zanzibar Butterfly Center is a great introduction to the already mentioned Jozani National Park.

Zanzibar – attractions / Summary

With this positive accent, we are finishing the virtual tour of Zanzibar today and we hope that we have convinced you to visit this atmospheric island. If you have already planned a trip, let us know if you have added any point to your list thanks to our guide! Or maybe there are Readers here who have already gone on their journey? Then feel free to share some of the best must-see places in Zanzibar in the comments!

Interesting places in Zanzibar - what is worth seeing? Monuments and tourist attractions
Interesting places in Zanzibar – what is worth seeing? Monuments and tourist attractions

When leaving for Zanzibar, remember to adequately protect yourself in the matter of health insurance. Nobody assumes that he will have an accident on vacation, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. We should also take care of adequate sun protection, drink only bottled water and be careful when trying local specialties from unreliable sources. The most important thing is that our holidays are safe, and then we will certainly take beautiful memories from them.

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