Weekend in Prague


A weekend in Prague is one of the ways for a short trip abroad. The capital of the Czech Republic is an ideal place for a two-day stay, during which you can relax, sightsee and eat well. In addition, the costs of staying here are quite moderate. It is also one of the most beautiful European capitals.

Therefore, it is worth going abroad at least once, even for a weekend. You can’t see everything in two days, but you can include the most important points on the map of Prague.

The capital of the Czech Republic attracts with its unique atmosphere, numerous monuments and other attractions tailored to tourists. The museum and cultural offer is wide, there are also clubs and bars open until late at night. Numerous dining options tempt with Czech delicacies, and beer – the favorite drink of the Czech people, flows here in streams. For this reason, Prague is visited by crowds in the season, so even a weekend trip to Prague is better planned in spring, at the turn of April and May, when the weather is good, or only after mid-September or October.

Weekend in Prague / Sights and attractions / Weekend in Prague for two or Prague in 2 - 3 days.
Weekend in Prague / Sights and attractions / Weekend in Prague for two or Prague in 2 – 3 days.

Trip to Prague for the weekend

There are several possibilities of getting to the Czech capital, from direct train connections, through buses, planes and your own car. Of all this, the least recommended means of transport is the car. Mainly due to traffic jams in Prague and big parking problems. Even if we get to the capital of the Czech Republic by car, we will rather leave it under the accommodation facility and change to public transport. In addition, driving a car to Prague is not so cheap, because you have to count the distance from the city from which we start (i.e. liters of gasoline), the cost of the obligatory vignette and a parking space where we leave our car.

Road transport pays off if we travel to the Czech capital in a larger group and we divide its total cost into 4-5 people.

When it comes to trains, the best and most convenient are direct connections to Prague. It seems that you can combine it with the railway network and transfers, but when it comes to a weekend trip to the Czech capital, the trains going to the Praha hlavní nádraží station will be more comfortable.

Bus connections to Prague have become a very popular means of transport in recent years. The last option for getting to Prague for the weekend is by plane. This is certainly the fastest way to get to Prague, and if we do a good search, it won’t be expensive either. See also the current prices in Prague.

Where to stay in Prague on the weekend?

The hotel base in Prague is very well developed, we can find here both luxury hotels and cheap hostels. However, when it comes to a weekend trip to Prague, the most important thing is the location of the facility we choose. It is best to aim for night shelters located close to the metro station, which will take you to every corner of Prague. When it comes to specific districts, you can find a place to sleep in Stare Mesto or Mala Strana. Of them, it is probably the closest to many attractions.

Two days is not enough to waste time on long journeys.

Prague for the weekend / List of tourist attractions to visit in Prague during the weekend. Prague in 3 days.
Prague for the weekend / List of tourist attractions to visit in Prague during the weekend. Prague in 3 days.

Where to eat in Prague during a weekend getaway?

When it comes to dining in the capital of the Czech Republic, dining in nearby pubs is not the cheapest. However, when we only come here for the weekend, it’s a waste of time to prepare your own meals. It is better to move away from very touristic places and try the local cuisine at quite acceptable prices.

As an exception, you can eat local fast-food or Chinese take away for two days.

How to get around Prague during the weekend?

Public transport is the best means of getting around Prague. We don’t have to worry about a parking space, nor about traffic jams in the case of metro or trams. It is best to buy a 72-hour card with which you can use all public transport in Prague. You can get such a ticket from vending machines located at stops and stations. It entitles you to travel by buses, metro, trams and the funicular to Petrin Hill. If you want to explore more on foot, most of the attractions in Prague are within easy or short walks.

It can also only buy a daily card.

Prague in 2 days is the perfect solution. See what you can do in Prague for 2-3 days.

How to visit Prague over the weekend?

As we have already mentioned, it is impossible to see everything in the Czech capital for two days. That is why it is worth deciding what exactly you want to visit before departure. If it’s your first time in Prague, it’s worth starting with the biggest and most important attractions and monuments. However, you have to take into account that the most popular places are usually crowded and you cannot avoid crowds of tourists.

It is also worth equipping yourself with a suitable map and you can go sightseeing in Prague on the weekend.

Among the most important monuments of Prague that are worth seeing are:

  1. Old Town Square, which is the central square in the Czech capital. It is in this place that life is teeming with day and night. The square is surrounded by colorful tenement houses, and within its borders you can also see the Church of the Virgin Mary in front of Tyn and the Church of St. Nicholas. It is here that the Old Town Hall with the famous astronomical clock is located. There is also a statue of Jan Hus in the center of the Old Town Square.
  2. Charles Bridge is the most famous monument in Prague. Extremely crowded during the day, it is the oldest bridge in the Czech capital. It measures over 515 meters and is 9.5 meters wide. The Charles Bridge was built of sandstone, and along it was decorated with numerous sculptures. The entrance and descent are crowned with bridge gates, also open to the public.
  3. Malá Strana is one of the prettiest districts in Prague. It is worth going for a walk here, despite the large number of tourists. Here you can admire the surrounding architecture, renovated buildings and the Wallenstein Palace. It’s a place full of eateries where you can eat.
  4. Hradčany is another must-see on the map of Prague. It is a royal district located on a hill, where the Royal Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and the famous Golden Lane with mini shops. From the hill there is also one of the best panoramic views of the city.
  5. Petřín Hill is a place in Prague that can be reached by funicular railway. At the top of the hill there is an observation tower that strongly resembles the much more famous Eiffel Tower from Paris. Everything is surrounded by a park, inviting to walks. Near the tower, there is also the Strahov Monastery, where you can visit the rich library of the monks, including valuable manuscripts dating back to the Middle Ages.

What else is worth visiting in Prague over the weekend?

To this set, you can add a visit to one of the museums or art galleries as you like.

Among them, the following deserve special attention:

  1. The National Museum is located in two buildings. In one of them we will see archaeological exhibits, in the other one, nature exhibitions covering the whole world.
  2. The National Museum of Technology is a large facility, divided into 14 thematic exhibitions concerning, for example: transport, metallurgy, chemistry, mining or printing. Each of them shows a given field from its earliest days to the present day.
  3. The National Gallery is spread all over Prague, in several buildings. For example, in the Old Town Square you will find an object with an exhibition on oriental art. In Hradčany, on the other hand, you can admire (also in various buildings), inter alia, the art of antiquity, baroque, classicism and romanticism.
  4. The Alfons Mucha Museum is a place associated with the life and work of this artist. The whole thing is located in several rooms. Alfons Mucha is considered an icon of Art Nouveau and works in this style dominate the entire building.
  5. The Kampa Museum is a museum of modern art. The facility is located on the Kampa Island. Here you can see the works of contemporary artists from not only the Czech Republic, but also other parts of Europe.
  6. The Jewish Museum and the entire well-preserved Jewish quarter in Prague is one of the more interesting places. Josefov is a very frequently visited part of the Czech capital, it was there that Hitler brought works of art and objects related to the Jewish nation. He wanted to create a Museum of the Extinct Race here. Apart from the museum itself, the Old Town Synagogue and the Jewish cemetery deserve attention.

See also other sights and attractions in Prague that are worth seeing and visiting.

Such a trip to Prague for the weekend will surely appeal to everyone.

Prague over the weekend / What is worth seeing and visiting while spending the weekend in Prague? Prague in 2 days.
Prague over the weekend / What is worth seeing and visiting while spending the weekend in Prague? Prague in 2 days.

Prague for the weekend

Many people, during their weekend sightseeing in Prague, follow the works of the famous Czech sculptor David Černé. His rather peculiar works are spread all over the Czech capital. On the other hand, parents with children, during a two-day trip to Prague, can decide to visit the city zoo. In addition to pavilions and runs for animals, there are climbing walls and playgrounds, as well as numerous catering facilities. There is also a petting zoo where children can pet the animals. Another interesting object on the map of the Czech capital, for those slightly larger children, will definitely be a visit to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

It is here that you can take a photo with one of the famous figures from the world of business, sports or politics.

How do you spend your weekend in Prague? We are waiting for feedback on the forum. Prague in 2 days – is it possible?


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