Weather in Trieste / Long-term weather forecast for May, June, July, August, September

Trieste is a port city in Italy, a place full of contradictions, with a rich history that can be seen with the naked eye even in architecture. Trieste is not a typical Italian city, and its location just off the border with Slovenia has always been an area exposed to attacks from outside. Today, Trieste is within one of the richest regions of Italy. In addition to interesting and diverse monuments, it also offers tourists great weather.

In Trieste, the sea climate is moderately warm. This means that the winters are mild here, while the summers are warm. The impact of this type of climate is also reflected in terms of precipitation. In Trieste there is no typical dry season, it rains here evenly throughout the year. Interestingly, the city is the northernmost point with a Mediterranean climate.

Weather in Trieste

Weather in Trieste / Long-term weather forecast for spring, summer and autumn.
Weather in Trieste / Long-term weather forecast for spring, summer and autumn.

You can come to Trieste all year round. It’s best to visit here around April – May, when the weather is getting better. Temperatures begin to rise to a pleasant twenty degrees, and a day has 8-10 sunlight hours. However, during this period there is a good chance of rainfall, and in addition at night it is still chilly. The weather in Trieste is definitely better in June, if you decide to arrive on that date. Then, both during the day, thermal comfort awaits you – over 25 degrees, and the evenings should not be too cold to anyone.

Summer in Trieste is long and hot. In July and August temperatures reach 29 degrees, and in the evenings they drop to 19 degrees. It is also the two least rainy months throughout the year. However, there may be violent thunderstorms. The number of sunlight hours reaches 10-12 in the summer.

Autumn in Trieste does not bring immediate cooling. In September it is still around 23 degrees during the day. Slightly less will show the thermometer bars in October, because barely 17. Evenings and nights are getting colder and the number of sunny hours per day decreases. September is also one of the wettest months in the city.

How's the weather in Trieste? May, June, July, August, September
How’s the weather in Trieste? May, June, July, August, September

In winter, more and more days you can observe with the phenomenon of fog. Temperatures drop to 9-11 degrees, but even at night there is no frost. For this reason, it only extremely rarely snows in Trieste. There are plenty of rainy days, though. The number of sunlight hours per day also falls and for example in January it can be as low as four. Winter is also the time when the cold wind, characteristic for this region blows, called bora. It brings dry and cool air from above the Dinaric Mountains. The coldest months in Trieste are January and February, with an average temperature of 9 degrees during the day and zero at night.

Water temperature in Trieste

The water temperature in the Adriatic Sea in Trieste is sufficiently heated for bathing only in May. Then it is about 20 degrees. Then heats up to 25 degrees in June to reach even 28 degrees in summer (August). In September and October, you can bathe calmly, because the water temperature does not fall below 21 degrees. However, from November it cools down, which lasts throughout the winter. The sea around Trieste then reaches a temperature of about 9-10 degrees. The water will start warming up again from March-April.

Map of Trieste

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