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Pakoštane is one of the most popular holiday resorts on the Adriatic coast in Northern Dalmatia. It enjoys interest due to its convenient location in the heart of Croatia, amazing nature and numerous beaches surrounding the resort of Pakoštane.

In addition, the great advantage of holidays in Pakoštane is also the weather here, beautiful and pleasant for most of the year.

The resort is influenced by a moderately warm climate, which means that summers are hot here, but not without rainfall. In winter, however, temperatures are above zero and the amount of rain is greater. In Pakoštane, over 40 days a year, thermometer bars show over 30 degrees. In winter, however, temperatures do not fall below freezing. During the year, Pakoštane also has over 2,700 sunny hours. A good time to visit this seaside town is from May until the end of October.

Long-term weather forecast for Pakoštane / Spring, summer, autumn and winter
Long-term weather forecast for Pakoštane / Spring, summer, autumn and winter

Pakoštane weather – spring

In Pakoštane, temperatures spring up slowly in the spring. The heat begins at the end of April, when the thermometer bars show up to 17 degrees. Spring is also a period when rainfall in Pakoštane decreases compared to the winter season. There are still days when you can expect rain, but they are in the minority. Of all the spring months, April is the wettest. You can then expect up to 13 days of rainfall throughout the month.

Pakoštane weather – summer

The summer in Pakoštane is warm, sometimes even hot. Despite this, rainfall can be expected even during the summer months. Of course sporadic, but there is no typical dry season here. The hottest months are July and August and then you can also expect hot temperatures exceeding 30 degrees in the shade. It is also a good time for sea bathing, because the water is already properly heated.

In summer, the number of sunny hours reaches up to twelve a day. It is therefore the best time to spend a wonderful vacation in Pakoštane.

Pakoštane weather – autumn

The beginning of autumn in Pakoštane enjoys excellent weather. The temperatures are still quite high and you can safely enjoy sea bathing. In September and October temperatures can still reach 20 degrees. However, since November precipitation has been clearly increasing. Then there can be almost 12 days throughout the month. The number of sunny hours is decreasing, but the gusts of wind are increasing.

Pakoštane weather – winter

The weather in Pakoštane in the colder part of the year is quite moderate. The local climate means that temperatures do not fall below freezing, so there is no frost. December and January are one of the months with the most rainfall. However, the coldest month is January, with an average temperature of around 5-6 degrees.

Air temperature in Pakoštane

The average annual temperature in Pakoštane is almost 15 degrees, with 905 mm of rainfall. As we have already mentioned, there is no frost here, and in winter thermometers show 5 to 10 degrees. The coldest month is January, when temperatures reach around 3 to 6 degrees during the day, while at night they drop to 2 degrees.

On average, in March thermometer bars show less than 10 degrees. However, in April they rise to 13 degrees, and up to 17 degrees maximum. May is the month where the thermometer bars show from 17 to 22 degrees. Only the evenings and nights can still be cool (up to 12 degrees).

June is the beginning of great weather in Pakoštane, air temperatures reach over 20 degrees, and the evenings are already pleasantly warm. July and August are the warmest months, often even hot. The thermometers show then almost 25 degrees, and it often happens and over 30 degrees in the shade. At night it is more pleasant because the temperatures drop to 17-18 degrees. Such weather persists until the first days of September.

The beginning of autumn brings with it a slight cooling and high air temperatures in Pakoštane, falling to pleasant 20-24 degrees. Nights are cooler (14-15 degrees) and it starts to rain more often. However, even October may be a good time to come to Croatia, because on the Adriatic coast temperatures still reach up to 20 degrees during the day. Evenings and nights are cool (10-11 degrees), so take warmer clothes with you.

In November, temperatures drop to 10-14 degrees during the day. Then it is beginning to feel the slowly approaching winter. The wind blows harder and there is more and more rainfall. The number of sunny hours per day also decreases.

Temperature in Pakoštane
Temperature in Pakoštane

Water temperature in Pakoštane

The sea water temperature around Pakoštane ranges from 14 to even 27 degrees throughout the year.

In winter, the water temperature in Pakoštane is around 14-17 degrees. The coldest month is February, when the thermometers show only 14 degrees in the sea. The water temperature begins to slowly rise around April, then it heats up to 17 degrees.

When it comes to sea bathing, at the end of May the water is already over 21 degrees, and in June the sea heats up to over 25 degrees.

The warmest moment when it comes to water temperature in Pakoštane is summer. In July and August, the thermometer bars show up to 27 degrees. This situation persists until September. From October, the sea cools down again, the fall in a month is 2-3 degrees, so that in December the water temperature is 18 degrees.

Learn more on the official website of the city of Pakoštane.

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