Weather in London

The weather in London can be capricious, if you believe the stereotypes. But is it really so? Can the city, associated with constant cloudiness and frequent rainfall, actually boast a record amount of rainfall? What are the temperatures in London? Let’s check it out!

Climate in London

The capital of England is one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of almost 9 million. It is located on the River Thames, but what significantly influences the climate of London is the relatively short distance from the sea. It is she who gives the city a temperate maritime climate, subject to the influence of the warm Gulf Stream.

Rainfall in London

London is associated with rain and capricious weather, but is it right? Yes, it rains a lot (601.7 mm on average) annually, but there is also a lot of sun. It rains about 165 days a year, which means the remaining 200 are dry. Most rain falls in October (about 68.5 mm), and the least in February (40.9 mm).

London weather / Long term London weather forecast
London weather / Long term London weather forecast

Temperature in London

London is influenced by a temperate climate, which means that the temperature amplitudes are not too high. The average temperature in the capital of England is 11.3 degrees. The hottest month is July (23.5 degrees during the day and 13.9 degrees at night), but the temperature record (38.1 degrees) was broken in August, 2003.
The coldest month in London remains January with an average temperature of 8.1 degrees during the day and 2.3 degrees at night. It turns out that the temperatures in the capital of England are relatively high, because the agglomeration is located on the so-called urban heat island.

When is it worth going to London?

In fact, it all depends on what we want to see and what we expect from the trip, but when we take into account the weather, our type is definitely the period from May to September, when relatively little rainfall and the temperatures are quite pleasant. After all, let’s not forget about warm covers, especially if we want to see the city at night. Also, think about an umbrella or a much more comfortable raincoat.
Sports fans will surely be interested in the annual Grand Slam tennis tournament, played on the courts in the Wimbledon district, which takes place at the turn of June and July. We recommend a visit to the capital of England also in winter to admire the unique Christmas decorations, visit Winter Wonderland – Christmas amusement park – and experience an unforgettable New Year’s Eve with a stunning fireworks display in the London Eye area.

Weather in London in January

January in London is the coldest month of the year. The average daily temperature is 5.2 degrees. At night, the thermometers show an average of 2.3 degrees, while during the day they average 8.1 degrees, although on a record cold day, mercury levels drop to -10 degrees. This month there is an average of 55.2 mm of rainfall. We can expect 13 days with rain and 2 days with snow, which however does not last long.

Weather in London in February

February in London turns out to be not much warmer. On average, there are 8.4 degrees during the day, 2.1 degrees at night and 5.3 degrees per day. This month, 40.9 mm of rain falls, making it the driest period of the year. Precipitation occurs for an average of 14 days, including 3 days of snowfall.
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Weather in London in March

March is already slightly warming and rainfall is still slight (41.6 mm). The average daily temperature for this month is 7.6 degrees, averaging 11.3 degrees during the day and 3.9 degrees at night. There is only rainfall for 13 days, which means that for the remaining 18 days we can enjoy the lack of it.

Current Weather in London
Current Weather in London

Weather in London in April

April in London means spring. The average daily temperature is 9.9 degrees. During the day, mercury bars show an average of 14.2 degrees, and at night, 5.5 degrees. This month there is an average of 43.7 mm of rainfall over a period of 14 days.

Weather in London in May

May is quite a pleasant month for Londoners. The average temperature during the day jumps up to 17.9 degrees, and at night 8.7 degrees, which gives a daily average of 13.3 degrees. 49.4 mm of rain falls in May. We can enjoy an average of 15 days without rainfall.

Weather in London in June

Summer begins in the capital of England in June. The average daily temperature is 16.4 degrees. During the day, mercury bars show an average of 21 degrees, while at night it drops to 11.7 degrees. It rains on average 15 days, with 45.1 mm of precipitation falling.

Weather in London in July

As already mentioned, July is considered the warmest month in the capital of England. During the day, it is recorded at 23.5 degrees, at night – 13.9 degrees, and daily 18.7 degrees. There is relatively little rain, 44.5 mm in 16 days.

Weather in London in August

August is still a very warm period. During the day, the average temperature is 23.2 degrees, while at night the mercury drops to 13.7 degrees, which gives the daily temperature of 18.5 degrees. This month there is an average of 49.5 mm of precipitation over 14 days.

Weather in London in September

September still does not cool off sharply, with average temperatures of 20 degrees during the day, 11.4 degrees at night and 15.7 degrees daily. Rainfall is approximately 49.1 mm over 11 days.

Weather in London in October

October in London brings the first breath of autumn. Daytime temperatures drop to 15.5 degrees, at night to 8.4 degrees, while the daily average is 12 degrees. A lot of rain falls, as much as 68.5 mm in 11 days.

Weather in London in November

This month for Londoners is not very kind. The temperature during the day is only 11.1 degrees, and 4.9 degrees at night, which gives 8 degrees per day. 59 mm of rain falls in 12 days.

Weather in London in December

The last month of the year in London is only slightly warmer than January and February. During the day, the mercury rises to 8.3 degrees, and at night it drops to 2.7 degrees. The average daily temperature for December is 5.5 degrees. Average rainfall is 55.2 mm over 12 rainy and 2 snowy days.
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