Weather in Kotor: May, June, July, August, September / Long-term weather forecast

Kotor is one of the most visited cities in Montenegro. There is no doubt about it. Kotor with its monuments, the old town and the Bay of Kotor are the biggest attraction for tourists in this country.

For this reason, the weather in Kotor is a very interesting topic. Tourists planning their stay in Montenegro should know the climatic conditions in the Bay of Kotor to choose the best time of year to visit for themselves.

Weather forecast for Kotor

Kotor is influenced by the sea climate, which means that the weather is pleasant here for most of the year. Winters are mild, while the period of warm, pleasant temperatures is maximally extended.

There is no dry season and the rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Weather in Kotor
Weather in Kotor

Temperature in Kotor

Average temperatures even in cold months do not fall below 10 degrees during the day, while at night thermometer bars can show about 2-3 degrees. The rainiest months are February and March, then there is the highest probability of precipitation. On the other hand, storms most often occur statistically in Kotor in November and December. In winter you can also expect a wind called levanac.

Definitely a better time to visit Kotor is spring.

What is the weather like in Kotor in spring, summer and autumn?

In fact, since April the temperature has been rising gradually to reach a pleasant 23 degrees in May. This is the perfect time to visit Kotor, just remember that the evenings can be cool. On the other hand, since June, temperatures have been getting hotter, and in July and August there are real heat in Kotor (above 30 degrees in the shade). Then we also have the largest number of sunny hours during the day (11h). Temperatures drop slowly in October, although during the day it is still warm (about 20 degrees), it is already cool at night (9 degrees). Autumn is still a good time to explore Kotor, especially for those who do not like hot weather. All you have to do is take into account the higher likelihood of precipitation and you should pack warmer clothing for evening walks in your luggage.

Sea water temperature in Kotor

As for the temperature of the water in Kotor, it has been slowly heating up since May. However, it is only suitable for bathing at the beginning of June, when it reaches over 23 degrees. In July and August, the water temperature in Kotor reaches an average of 26 degrees and remains so until September. Then it slowly begins to cool down, but in October it is still above 21 degrees. Therefore, when the weather is sunny, you can still enjoy swimming in the sea.

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