Weather in Brela / Sea and air temperature in spring and summer

Brela’s climate is classified as warm and temperate, Mediterranean. This is also significantly influenced by the proximity of the Biokovo massif, which protects the town against the influence of a much sharper continental climate. The result is a long vegetation period, which directly translates into lush vegetation that grows around.

Winter and summer in Brela

Summer in Brela is long and hot, while in winter there is no frost, but there is heavy rainfall. The number of sunny hours throughout the Makarska Riviera significantly exceeds 2,700, and the average annual temperature exceeds 20 degrees.

In winter, even at night, thermometers always show at least 3-4 degrees.

Long-term weather in Brela / Sea and air temperature in May, June, July, August and September.
Long-term weather in Brela / Sea and air temperature in May, June, July, August and September.

When is the warmest in Brela, i.e. summer from May to September!

The warmest months in Brela are July and August, when temperatures reach even over 30 degrees Celsius.

Fortunately, the unbearable heat is alleviated by the crisp wind called the maestral.

However, it is also worth visiting Bella in spring from April, May to June and autumn from September to October. Holidays spent in Croatia in this place virtually all year round will provide an unforgettable experience.

When is the coldest in Brela?

The coldest months in Brela are January and February, when the daytime temperature drops to 11 degrees and the number of sunny hours is only 3.

When it comes to rainfall, it’s better not to go to Brela from November to February – unless you like rainy weather!

Long-term weather forecast for Brela for the summer

The holiday season in Brela starts in May and lasts until mid-October. Then we have practically guaranteed weather with little rainfall.


However, if you want to avoid the heat it’s better to come to Brela at the beginning of the season, i.e. in May or June. Then the temperature drops slightly in September or October.

Current weather forecast for the city of Brela

Long-term weather forecast for Brela

Water temperature in Brela

The bathing season in Brela begins in June, when the water temperature heats up to 20 degrees and lasts even until the first days of October.

In May, however, there may still be too cool water (about 17 degrees) for swimming in the sea. In October, the Adriatic off the coast of Brela can still be heated to 19 degrees Celsius.

In the video below you will see how beautifully located the city of Brela is. You will also see beautiful beaches there, about which we will write soon, and great weather with a cloudless sky and sun that illuminates the entire coast:

In the comments you can publish your experiences, experiences and opinions about the weather in Brela. This will help create an even better weather map of this city.

Map of Brela

Take a look at the city itself and the surroundings of Donja Brela. On the map you will also find important points in the area such as beaches, tourist attractions, the surrounding area of the city as well as apartments in Brela, the location of which is worth knowing:

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