Weather in Berlin

The capital of Germany, located in the eastern part of the country, lies in a temperate climate zone. It is in vain to expect a dry season, and we can come across rainfall all year round. In winter the temperature drops below zero, in summer it can even reach over thirty degrees. The weather in Berlin is typical of a continental climate with cool winters, warm but rainy summers, and average temperatures in spring and autumn.

Sometimes a strong wind blows in the German capital, so keep that in mind!

As Berlin’s climate can be capricious, it is best to check the weather forecast in one of the available websites, for example, just before traveling. This is important because the aura influences our mood while traveling. The sun and warmth make even a boring trip seem pleasant, while rain, wind and cold can spoil an attractive holiday and cause unpleasant ailments.

Long-term weather in Berlin / Weather forecast for tomorrow and 16 days for Berlin
Long-term weather in Berlin / Weather forecast for tomorrow and 16 days for Berlin

Temperature in Berlin

The average annual temperature in Berlin is around 9 degrees. It is coldest in January – on average from –1.9 to 2.9 degrees, and also in February: from –1.5 to 4.2 degrees. The warmest, in turn, are July (from 14.3 to 23.7 degrees) and August (14.1 to 23.6 degrees). The moderate climate doesn’t mean that the weather in Berlin doesn’t have surprises, such as unbearable heat or freezing cold, but that is rare rather than the rule.

Precipitation in Berlin

As we already mentioned, it is a rainy city and Berlin can rain all year round. The average annual rainfall is 581mm. We do not have good news for those who like to travel in the summer: it rains the most during the summer months, i.e. in June (68mm on average), July (55mm on average) and August (58mm on average). The lowest rainfall in Berlin is recorded in February (33mm) as well as April and October (37mm each). Unfortunately, the temperatures are rather low during these months, so if you choose to visit them, remember to bring warm clothes with you.
There is little snowfall in winter in Berlin, although there are days when a lot of snow can paralyze the city.

Weather in Berlin – wind

The wind in Berlin is not very fast. The least windy period is from May to September, when gusts above 60 km / h are hardly ever recorded. In this respect, however, turn out to be disturbing in January, February and December.

When to go to Berlin?

The weather in Berlin can be favorable for trips all year round, if we adjust our expectations accordingly. The months from April to October turn out to be the best time to visit the German capital. After all, you need to be prepared that if you spend a few days in Berlin, there is a high probability of rain, because it rains here about 100 days a year.
When planning when to visit Berlin, do not miss all kinds of seasonal activities. Fashion lovers will surely be interested in the Berlin Fashion Week. If you love film, wait for the Berlinale International Film Festival. It also seems attractive to participate in the Berlin Night of Museums, the Festival of Lights, and the Day of Open Monuments. It cannot be denied that the Christmas Market in Berlin and the local New Year’s Eve have a unique atmosphere that no tourist can resist.
See also other sights and attractions in Berlin.
Check the weather in Berlin from January to December:

Current weather in Berlin
Current weather in Berlin

Weather in January in Berlin

January in Berlin is a very cold month. During the day, temperatures here reach about 2 degrees, while at night they drop to -2 degrees. We can expect snowfall this month for an average of 10 days.

Weather in February in Berlin

It’s still cold in Berlin in February. During the day, the average temperature reaches 4 degrees, and at night it still remains at -2 degrees. Snow in February is an average of 7 days.

Weather in March in Berlin

March in Berlin is already a little warmer. During the day we can expect 9 degrees, but at night it is still cold – 2 degrees on average. It rains a little more than in February. We can expect snow for an average of 4 days and rain for an average of 11 days.

Weather in April in Berlin

April in Berlin can be beautiful. During the day, the temperature is around 15 degrees, while at night you still need to dress warm, because the expected temperature is 6 degrees. It rains relatively little: we can expect 1 day of snow and 11 days of rain.

Weather in May in Berlin

May in Berlin marks the first really warm days. During the day, the thermometers show 20 degrees, and at night an average of 9 degrees. It usually rains for about 12 days.

Weather in June in Berlin

Heat begins in Berlin in June. The average temperature during the day is 22 degrees and 12 degrees at night. It rains on average 13 days a month.

Weather in July in Berlin

We will remember July in Berlin as warm and rainy. The temperature reaches 25 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night. It rains for an average of 14 days with approximately 37mm of rainfall.

Weather in August in Berlin

In August, Berlin is very much like July: 25 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night. The only difference is the amount of rain: in August, it rains for about 11 days.

Weather in September in Berlin

September in Berlin means a lot of sunshine: expect 20 degrees during the day and 11 degrees at night. It rains on average for 9 days.

Weather in October in Berlin

14 degrees during the day and 7 degrees at night – this is what we can expect to see on our thermometers in October in the German capital. It rains for 11 days.

Weather in November in Berlin

November in Berlin is cold again. During the day, mercury bars show 8 degrees, at night only 4 degrees. It rains about 11 days a month, while snow falls on average 1 day a month.

Weather in December in Berlin

We have good news for those of you who are going to spend Christmas in the German capital. December in Berlin means winter, although still mild. Temperatures range from 0 degrees at night to 4 degrees during the day. On average, it rains 11 days and snow 7 days.
Take a look at the map of Berlin to plan your trip to the capital of Germany well.
And what kind of weather did you come across in Berlin? Let us know in the comment!

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