Weather on the island of Vis / May, June, July, August, September

Vis is a Dalmatian island furthest from the Croatian coast. An ideal place for rest and holiday relaxation. Vis is an island of fishermen and wine growers, with a rather complicated history. This place was inaccessible to tourists until the 1990s. Today you can enjoy not only the island’s lush nature and warm, crystal-clear sea, but also the excellent weather on Vis. It mainly attracts tourists here, thirsty for the sun and blissful rest

The island of Vis is influenced by mild, Mediterranean climate. This means a hot summer with minimal rainfall and a fairly warm, but definitely more rainy winter. Interestingly, the difference between the island of Vis and Split, 50 km away, is that in summer months the average temperature is 2 degrees lower here. In winter, it is 2 degrees warmer here than on land.

Weather on the island of Vis: spring, summer, autumn.
Weather on the island of Vis: spring, summer, autumn.

Weather on the island of Vis

The favorable climate of the island of Vis is mainly reflected in the temperatures here. It is warm here in April (17 degrees), although the evenings and nights are still cool. A good time to explore the island is May and June. Then the temperatures oscillate around 22-25 degrees, so it’s not too warm yet. Evenings are getting more pleasant, so there is no need to take warmer clothes.

The warmest months on the island of Vis are July and August, which is the holiday period. Then the temperature bars can show up to 31 degrees in the shade. It is hot but dry, because the rain is then a third compared to the colder months. However, in summer there is the largest number of sunlight hours per day, which reaches even 11. At night, the temperature sometimes reaches over 20 degrees.

Weather in Vis

Vis weather in May, June, July, August and September.
Vis weather in May, June, July, August and September.

September and October are still really warm on the island, thermometers still show about 20 degrees. Only in the evenings you can feel that it is more autumn than summer. It is worth to pack a warmer luggage sweater. Rainy days are also becoming more common and day after day there are fewer hours of sunlight per day.

Winter on the island of Vis is mild when it comes to temperatures because they do not fall below 10 degrees during the day. Even at night there is no frost, and thermometers show 3-5 degrees. However, during the colder months it rains much more. The rainiest months are November, December and January, when there is three times more rainfall than in summer. Snow on the island of Vis is a very rare phenomenon. In addition, cool and gusty bora winds blowing in the winter may cause difficulties in ferry connections. Finally, the number of sunlight hours per day drops to just three.

Water temperature on Vis

As for the temperature of the water around the island, it only heats up around May. Then it reaches about 17 degrees, which for some tourists may still be too cool for a bath. In June, when the sea warms up to 20 degrees, it should be comfortable enough to swim. In July and August, the water on Vis reaches a temperature of up to 23 degrees. Then it gradually begins to cool down, but even in October it is still around 20 degrees. The sea has 14-15 degrees during the winter months, so it doesn’t cool down too much.

Map of the island of Vis

See on the map where the island of Vis is located:

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