Tourists’ opinions about Venice: Monuments, attractions, restaurants, caffes, churches

Venice is without a doubt one of the most unique cities in Europe. There is no other one. It is also one of the most recognizable places in the world. The city located on the water, where you can move mainly by boats and water trams, attracts millions of tourists every year. Venice is famous for its canals, bridges and churches and it is because of this architecture and unusual location that it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This place is popular not only among couples in love and honeymooners, it is also a very common destination for trips when traveling to northern Italy or the Adriatic. It is also a large port, where powerful cruise ships arrive with tourists every day. Interestingly, the city is significantly different from other Italian agglomerations so that there is no point in making an opinion about the whole country on the basis of a short trip to Venice.

Opinions about Venice / Is it worth going on a trip to Venice? Read tourist reviews!
Opinions about Venice / Is it worth going on a trip to Venice? Read tourist reviews!

Opinions about Venice are extreme, from those full of admiration, talking about a magical or even romantic atmosphere, to those criticizing virtually all aspects of a tourist’s stay on the water. We will try to present some of the most popular opinions about Venice here. However, it will always be the voices of other people who look through their own prism. As the saying goes – you have not been to Italy, if you have not seen Venice, it is worth to see for yourself how it is really in this city on the water.

Opinions about prices in Venice

Venice as one of the most touristic places on earth can not be cheap. These are the facts, so the locals are trying to earn as much of their interest as possible. That is why the opinions about high prices in Venice are not exaggerated. Yes, you can find cheaper accommodation in the land part of this city, or eat meals prepared by yourself, but when it comes to the general feeling, the opinions can not be different. Accommodation is expensive, water transport is expensive, admission to most attractions is also not the cheapest. Not to mention the prices in Venetian restaurants. This, of course, applies to the very center, i.e. the historic district of Venice.

A small plus in this situation is the fact that when you get to the part of the city with monuments, you can easily walk around it. Not paying a penny for it. Entrance to one of the biggest attractions in the city – Saint Mark’s Basilica is also free. However, when you decide to explore other facilities, you will have to pay then. You should even watch out for colorfully dressed characters that are cruising around the city (especially during the carnival), who willingly pose for photos … for 20 euro, as it turns out.

Parking prices are also a hot topic for visitors to the city on the water. You have to use them if you arrive by transport, because the historic center is closed to car traffic. However, you have to reckon with a salty parking fee (e.g. 6 euro).

Prices in Venice according to tourists’ opinions largely depend on the date when we come to this city. In the summer, and actually from May to September, in the high season prices are turned up. In part, this is also due to the fact that many tourists visit Venice along the way or by the way, and spend only a few hours here. That’s why the locals try to make the most of them.

Opinions about accommodation in Venice

Accommodation close to the biggest attractions and monuments in Venice will be expensive. Tourist reviews clearly indicate that below 50 euro per night per person, it’s hard to find something. And we are talking about accommodation in a hostel room for the price. Yes, the further away from the historic district of Venice, the cheaper it is. However, choosing the land part of this city for accommodation, you have to reckon with the additional cost of transport to the center. And then we are limited to train and water tram timetable hours.

Of the pluses in the reviews of accommodation in the heart of Venice, those that speak of an amazing atmosphere predominate, after dark, when the city actually dies. It’s a good time for a walk and admiring the monuments, without crowds of tourists. The downside of accommodation close to attractive places in Venice are undoubtedly high prices and ubiquitous moisture and stuffiness caused by mustiness, which hoteliers are trying to fight. Unfortunately, many of the hotel facilities, so must then face unflattering opinions of guests about their rooms.

Many people also pay attention to the possibility of renting an apartment, which in the opinion of tourists is more profitable for a larger group of people or a family. On the other hand, this contributes to the depopulation of Venice, as locals cannot afford high rents and general living costs. And without locals, according to many, the city on the water is becoming a bit like a disneyland for tourists.

Venice opinions / Opinions on attractions, monuments, churches and bridges in Venice.
Venice opinions / Opinions on attractions, monuments, churches and bridges in Venice.

Opinions about food and dinners in restaurants in Venice

Unfortunately, the food in Venice does not enjoy a good reputation among tourists. Not only is it extremely expensive, it is not yet the best taste. Well, except for ice cream, which are excellent all over Italy. When it comes to average prices, you need to count around 40 euro for dinner in Venice. This, of course, includes a table-setting fee, waiter service and sometimes a tip. For many tourists, it is surprising that an additional fee is charged for eating a meal at the table (the so-called coperto is valid throughout the country). Therefore, many people advise taking take-aways to save some. In addition, in the opinion of many tourists, they feed much better and at lower prices in places slightly away from the main square.
You should avoid Saint Mark’s Square, where in the famous cafe (the oldest in Venice) Caffe Florian price for coffee (23 euro cup), also includes the fee for the view of the square and the basilica O.O

The stories in the forums are already famous, where tourists were charged extra for listening to live music (6 euro per head), played in the premises. Not to mention students from Japan, who had to pay 1,100 euro for their ordered steaks with starters. But many visitors praise coffee from Venetian McDonald’s. Not only at an affordable price, but also for its taste.

Opinions about monuments and tourist attractions in Venice

Nobody can complain about the lack of monuments and attractions in Venice. Churches, bridges, museums and other culturally and historically valuable objects are not lacking here. The fact is, not all are in perfect condition, which is noted by visitors. However, in part, the city is slowly trying to restore the crumbling buildings.

Many people recommend coming to Venice for more than one day. Apparently, only then can you feel the real atmosphere of this city. Despite the high prices, many tourists also recommend gondola cruises. You can always take a few people and the 100 euro will be distributed. Some people also recommend letting go the greatest monuments and popular attractions, to go to places that tourists do not reach. Venice has a reputation of being a city for sensitive people and romantic souls. It’s easy to get lost in the tangle of narrow streets departing from the main square. A lot of people complain about the lack of litter bins and benches on which to rest.

When it comes to sightseeing, many people rave in addition to the classic attractions of the historic district, also nearby islands like Murano with glass factories or colorful Burano and interestingly the beach on Lido. On the other hand, opinions are heard that Burano and Murano are kitsch and the beach in Lido is dirty. The same is true with the carnival in Venice, some consider this event extremely attractive, while others cannot stand the crowds haunting the city at the time. Some people also recommend visiting Venice after dark and off season.

Crowds of tourists in Venice

This is one of the main complaints about opinions about Venice. Crowds of tourists through which it is impossible to comfortably visit this city. In addition, these numbers of visitors do not decrease at all, which is already a significant problem of this place. Although the city authorities are trying to do something about it and want to introduce a tourist tax on everyone who visits the city on the water. Too many people are still willing to visit.

According to tourists, the best time to visit Venice is from October to April. There are not so many visitors then. The months from May to September are not only the holiday season, but also important events in the city on the water, such as the biennial or film festival.

It is also worth noting that among the opinions of visitors, Venice is not a party city. So if someone is counting on crazy parties until dawn, you definitely need to choose a different direction.

Opinions about trips to Venice. Opinions about restaurants, clubs and cafes.
Opinions about trips to Venice. Opinions about restaurants, clubs and cafes.

Venice stinks

Another popular opinion among tourists that in Venice it just stinks. Unfortunately, still water, due to high temperatures and crowds of littering tourists, translates into a not very nice fragrance floating in some parts of the city.

However, some people write that they did not smell anything at all. The others, however, practically escaped from the sewage stench. It all depends on the date we arrive. The warmer the outside, the more likely the stench will be. In addition, this is not the case in all parts of Venice. Many tourists usually feel something near popular vaporetto (water-bus) stops.

What to buy in Venice as a souvenir?

Souvenirs from Venice

Unfortunately, souvenirs from Venice do not enjoy a good reputation among tourists. Most people rightly point out that many of them are products made in China that have little to do with historic Venice. Asian mass production has also arrived here, which is flooding the whole world.

Tourists praise the original glass products from the island of Murano. Venetian glass is not only a great souvenir from travels, but also decorates any room with its appearance. Unfortunately, real Murano products are expensive.

Carnival masks are another recommended souvenir item to buy in Venice. When choosing one of them, tourists are advised to check whether it is printed – made in China.

So what exactly is this Venice like?


Despite so many extremely different opinions about Venice, everything depends on how we set ourselves before the trip, what we expect from such a tourist place and finally what will be our feelings after visiting Venice. The facts are that some will be delighted to visit a beautiful Italian city with a romantic atmosphere, unique on a global scale. Others will say that Venice is heavily commercialized today, overrated, very expensive and full of tourists and tricksters.

And what are your opinions about Venice? Present your reviews and opinions in the comments. We are happy to read them!

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