Varna: weather, prices, beaches, monuments, tourist attractions and interesting places


Varna is one of the three largest cities in Bulgaria. Often called the country’s maritime capital, it boasts a really rich history.

In the city you can see the remains of ancient times, there is also the second largest Bulgarian airport (check out cheap flights to Bulgaria). Varna is located in the northwestern part of the coast, on the Bay of Varna.

It is also the largest seaport in Bulgaria and an important tourist center. Around it there are several famous sea resorts, often visited by tourists in the summer.


In ancient times Varna was called Odessos, given by the Greeks. In later years, it changed hands and was ruled by: Romans, Slavs, Thracians and the Ottoman Empire. What attracts tourists to Varna are above all historical monuments and interesting places such as a wonderful seaside park, a promenade with convivial gardens open until late at night, and the unique atmosphere of this town.

There are fewer crowds in Varna than in the nearby Golden Sands, and the beaches are calmer and more importantly there is more space to spread your own towel.

It is here that native Bulgarians come to relax.

You will find here a lot of fantastic pubs and restaurants with friendly service and good food, usually cheaper than in Golden Sands and hotels located right by the sea. You will also eat here the best banica (traditional Bulgarian cake) in the whole of Bulgaria.

In Varna there is everything you need for a great holiday. The city is teeming with life, even after dark. In turn, numerous cultural events make your holiday stay in Varna more pleasant.

Going forward.

Accommodation in Varna

In Varna you can find accommodation for every budget, because the hotel base is well developed here. The facilities are mostly located in the city center, but also a little further on the outskirts.

In addition to hotels of different standards, you can also rent apartments or the entire holiday home. Equipped in most of these facilities is air conditioning, wifi, terrace or balcony, sometimes also a swimming pool.

At this type of private quarters there is also a fridge, washing machine and TV, often also a barbecue and its own parking space.

A larger apartment or holiday home is a great option for a pack of friends or a large family. Interestingly, in the vicinity of Varna we can also find accommodation in agritourism, which can be interesting especially for families with children. There are also a few campsites in this town where you can stop and pitch your tent or place a trailer.

Prices in Varna

In larger cities such as Varna it is slightly cheaper than in such well-known and popular resorts as Golden Sands or Sunny Beach. This applies to both food prices, restaurant food and even transport costs.

Prices of food, drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in stores in Varna

  1. bread 0.84 lev for a loaf
  2. cheese 8 lev for half a kg
  3. milk 1.95 lev per liter
  4. eggs 3.84 lev for a dozen
  5. lettuce 1.13 lev
  6. tomatoes 2.60 lev per kg
  7. apples 1.97 lev per kg
  8. oranges 2.12 lev per kg
  9. rice 2.43 lev per kg
  10. beef 15 lev per kg
  11. bottle of water 0.98 lev for 1.5 liters
  12. cola 2.21 lev for 2 liters
  13. beer 1.32 lev for half a liter
  14. better quality wine 11 lev for the bottle
  15. cigarettes 5.64 lev per packet

Prices of food and dinners in restaurants in Varna:

  1. fastfood set 7 lev
  2. salad 5 lev
  3. grilled meat 7-8 lev for 200 g
  4. starters from 2 lev for 200 g
  5. grilled meat  7-9 lev for 450 g
  6. seafood platter 10 lev for 200 g
  7. dessert 3-4 lev
  8. drink in club 8 lev
  9. cappuccino 2.84 lev
  10. beer 2.55 lev per half liter
  11. water 1.06 lev for 0.33l
  12. cola 1.73  lev for 0.33l

The price of transport in Varna:

  1. bus ticket 1 lev
  2. taxi from 0.80-1 lev per km
  3. gasoline 2.10 lev per liter
Holidays in Varna
Holidays in Varna

Tourist attractions in Varna

Varna is a well-known beach resort on the Black Sea. It offers for arriving guests a wide and sandy beach where you can play volleyball or football, of course in the beach version. Along it, there are also numerous dining options that will satisfy the hunger and thirst of every vacationer.

Take a look once more at the beautiful sandy beaches of Varna, the weather, monuments and attractions that are not lacking in Varna:

A moment of respite can be found here in the Seaside Park, which separates the beach from the rest of the city. You can walk on it for hours, there are also many attractions: a dolphinarium with animal training shows, a large aquarium with the underwater world directly from the Black Sea and a zoo and terrarium, as well as the planetarium and observatory named after Nicolaus Copernicus.

Perfect attractions for the youngest.

There is also a Navy Museum in the Seaside Park, with ship cannons, a torpedo boat and other exhibits of the Bulgarian maritime fleet. Part of the museum is open air, some exhibits can be admired in the building.

Interestingly, in the Seaside Park there is also Cosmonaut Alley, on which both Gagarin and Tereshkova planted their trees.

Cultural events in Varna

Varna is also a city of culture and festivals, which mostly take place in the summer. The largest and at the same time the oldest is the Varna Summer Festival, then various musical concerts are held here, as well as opera and ballet performances in the open air in the amphitheater. The event is also accompanied by art, film and drama theater performances.

In addition, Varna also offers countless bars, discos and pubs, located mainly on the promenade, along the beach where you can party until dawn. The city also has a wide range of SPA centers where you can relax.

What to visit in Varna, i.e. monuments, interesting places and tourist attractions

The biggest monument in Varna is undoubtedly the Cathedral Church of the Dormition. It is impossible not to notice it, because its golden domes glisten over the city from afar.

It was built in honor of the liberation from the Turkish occupation.

Is one of the largest temples in Bulgaria. Inside, you can admire a wall covered with icons (iconostasis) and wonderful stained glass and frescoes.

It is also worth seeing the remains of the Roman Baths from the second century. They were the largest baths in the entire Balkan Peninsula, with a modern heating system at the time.

Another interesting point on the map of Varna will be the monument – mausoleum of the king of Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and Croatia – Ulászló/Vladislovas. It arose from the transformation (in 1935) of one of the Thracian burial mounds, in remembrance of the battle of 1444, during which the monarch lost his life. Apparently, his body was never found, which is why many legends arose around his death that Vladislav survived the battle and, for example, emigrated to Madeira. Other sources, in turn, say that his head was kept in the court of the Turkish Sultan in a pot of honey (yuck!).

Fanagoria in Varna

An interesting place to visit is also Fanagoria, where an old Bulgarian settlement was recreated – including houses, battle towers and craftsmen’s workshops. There are also organized shows in stylized costumes – prayers, dances and horse riding.

Lake Varna

In turn, a trip to Lake Varna will be a real paradise for fishermen and nature lovers. It is connected to the Black Sea through a channel dug in 1907. On its banks rises the Genoese Hill, where three precious sarcophagi were found in the ruins of the basilica. On the north shore of Lake Varna, there is an old cemetery with graves from 3000 years ago.

What other attractions does Varna have?

For lovers of history, Varna will be a real paradise. You can visit the Archaeological Museum with thousands of exhibits, including antique gold products.

The Retro Museum in Varna is also very praised. A return to the communist era is guaranteed here. In addition to old, restored cars, toys, household appliances, cameras, bicycles and even money are exhibited here.

You can also look at the Ethnographic Museum, where we will see the everyday objects of the former inhabitants of these areas or the rather unusual Museum of the History of Medicine housed in a former hospital, with exhibits dating back to the tenth century (skull trepanation attempt).


If this is still too few attractions and monuments, you can go to Ewksinograd – the former summer residence of the Bulgarian prince and other aristocrats.

The palace was built in the style of 18th-century French castles.

It is surrounded by a beautiful park, full of exotic, specially imported trees, among fountains, bridges and statues. There is also a winter garden – a greenhouse, with palm trees and many species of flowers.

Another interesting trip outside the city may be a trip to the Stone Forest. It is a reserve of natural rock formations in the shape of columns, an ideal place for afternoon walks. Rocks reach up to 10 meters high here and there, and the whole surroundings give the impression of a desert.

Souvenirs from Varna

In Varna, as in most major cities, we have shopping centers. However, it is worth going to local producers for souvenirs. You can bring hand embroidered tablecloths from Varna. It is worth buying a bottle of local wine, for which Bulgaria is famous. At the bazaar you can buy leather goods, local ceramics, as well as records with folk music. There are also colorful matryoshkas, wooden boxes and other typical souvenirs with Varna in the background.

How to get to Varna, by car or by plane?

In Varna is the second largest airport in Bulgaria, so the easiest and fastest to just fly here. See where the Varna airport is and how to get to it:

While there are several routes you can take to Varna, it is better to avoid Romanian roads if possible, as they are unkept and may be downright dangerous after dark for an unfamiliar driver. Taking Serbian motorways would be more expensive, but faster and more convenient.

Varna weather and beaches
Varna weather and beaches

Weather in Varna

Average temperatures show that the most pleasant months to visit Varna are June, July and August. Then the thermometers indicate over 24 degrees during the day, and the water temperature in July and August is heated to 23-24 degrees.

Then also the number of sunny hours is round 10.

In May and September in Varna can also be pleasant, because the thermometers indicate about 20 degrees, but the water in the sea may be too cool for bathing (19-20stp). When it comes to rainfall, there is nothing to worry about – most rain appears here in spring and winter.

As you can see, the weather in Varna pampers tourists:)

Map of Varna

For a better location of attractions, interesting places and monuments in Varna we present the current map of this city:

If you spent an enjoyable holiday and vacation in Varna then be sure to add your opinions about Varna. Each opinion is important to us because it helps us better understand the place and thus saves us all the trouble and disappointments.

Therefore, we also encourage you to visit the official website of the city of Varna, where you will also find additional and practical information.


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