Travel suitcases: handy, for airplane, for cabin, or on wheels?

Packing for the trip can be pleasant, calm and stress free. Though a lot depends on our attitude, certainly a good travel suitcase can make a difference, at least making the disliked activity emotionally neutral.

The right dimensions and weight are most important, but there are many more factors to pay attention to while shopping for a suitcase for the holidays.

So what should you know before buying  a suitcase? We invite you to read!

Travel suitcases on wheels

It can be said without exaggeration that the inclusion of wheels in tourist suitcases has revolutionized our travels. Thanks to them, you can take a lot more luggage, because you hardly need to carry it!

In stores you will find models on two and four wheels.

Suitcases are a key element of a good trip / A good suitcase is a guarantee that you will pack what you need!
Suitcases are a key element of a good trip / A good suitcase is a guarantee that you will pack what you need!

Which suitcase is best?

Large suitcases that accommodate a lot of our luggage will be heavier, so in this case, it will be better to choose the model on four wheels. It is very easy to transport – wheels rotate in all directions and carrying a suitcase is almost effortless.

In which case will the suitcase on two wheels be useful?

Maneuvering a small or medium suitcase among thousands of passengers at the airport will certainly be easier with it!

Wheels for a travel suitcase

Travel suitcases are one of the most important elements. Therefore, it is worth knowing that although many supermarkets offer cheap suitcases with two or four wheels, if their wheels are small and plastic, it is not worth investing in them.

Wheels should have a size similar to the size of wheels in roller skates. In addition, they should be made of rubber. Thanks to this, we can easily go under the curb if we pass a soft or uneven surface.

Sizes of cabin cases

In stores, you can find a huge number of suitcases in various sizes. The small cabin case to board a plane with usually has the dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (the dimensions of the suitcases for the aircraft are discussed later).

The average travel suitcase, which is usually enough to pack for a few days trip, can be 64 cm x 45 cm x 23 cm. A large suitcase for a long journey can be for example 81 cm x 54 cm x 28 cm.

Also check our guide for packing for holidays!

Now a promised topic, which cannot be ignored!

 Cabin suitcases for a plane / Check what size your handy suitcase must be.
Cabin suitcases for a plane / Check what size your handy suitcase must be.

Dimensions of the suitcase for the plane

When it comes to the dimensions of travel suitcases to the aircraft, airlines require passengers to comply with strictly defined regulations.

In addition, these rules may vary depending on the line.


The dimensions of the suitcase for Ryanair

The cabin case, which you can take with you on board a Ryanair plane, must not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

Suitcases for Wizz Air and LOT (Polish Airlines) aircraft

Hand luggage of the passenger line of Wizz Air and LOT may not exceed the dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm.

Cabinets for EasyJET aircraft

EasyJET boarding can be entered with hand luggage not exceeding 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm.

Set of suitcases

The perfect solution is to buy a set of travel suitcases, for example three or four, or suitcases with a trunk. The whole set of suitcases on wheels usually costs less than if we were to buy several suitcases separately.

The sample set contains:

  1. A large travel suitcase on wheels,
  2. A medium suitcase on wheels,
  3. Small suitcase on wheels,
  4. A washbag with a strap to attach to the suitcase.

If you already choose the best suitcase for you, fill it with the appropriate cosmetics for sunbathing.

Which suitcase to buy?

So a few words about the materials.

If our suitcase is to serve us at least a few years and leave unscathed from all our holiday trips, it must be made of durable (and yet light!) materials.

The stores contain suitcases made of polycarbonate, polypropylene, fiberglass, metal (aluminum), nylon, polyester or ABS plastic. They can be soft, semi-hard or hard.

There’s plenty to choose from!

Although the most searched travel suitcases are those with subdued colors, colored suitcases are getting more and more popular (and shades of pink reign here!).

In addition, admirers of vintage style will find suitcases that look just like those of the 1950s. There are also models designed specifically for youths or children (also on wheels).

Suitcases on two or four wheels facilitate holiday travels / See what to choose and buy for children and families!
Suitcases on two or four wheels facilitate holiday travels / See what to choose and buy for children and families!

Accessories for suitcases

Well-equipped suitcases can greatly facilitate packing and finding items, as well as provide greater security for our luggage.

What accessories can we expect in good suitcases?

Let’s see!

  1. Pockets (also made of mesh),
  2. Additional compartments,
  3. Safety straps,
  4. Handles,
  5. Organizers,
  6. Covers,
  7. Padlocks.

Manufacturers of travelers’ suitcases

Where can I buy a suitcase? What company to choose? Among the manufacturers of suitcases, brands such as Puccini, Ochnik, Wittchen, Samsonite, Carlton, Saxoline, Wenger, Benetton and Calvin Klein have good ratings. Fabulously colorful suitcases for children are produced, among others, by Trunki.

Prices of travel suitcases

Small, cheap suitcases can cost up to 20 PLN (5 euro). The most expensive, brand suitcases in sets can reach a price of around 1,000 PLN (250 euro).

At the end, see a short video guide about what to look for and what travel suitcase to choose and buy to be completely satisfied and not to overpay:

We also invite you to add your opinions about the various suitcases that you use every day. Let us know where to buy a suitcase so that its price and quality will not ruin our pockets.

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