How to choose the best travel agency for a senior? What to look for? Opinions, reviews and offers


What do we mean by holidays for seniors that are offered in travel agencies?

Holidays for seniors are a special offer for trips for tourists over the age of fifty. These trips take place in comfortable conditions, without rush and excessive number of places to visit. Interestingly, some of the offers have a clear indication that journeys take place only during the day. If the route is long, seniors are provided with accommodation along the way, which significantly increases the comfort of traveling.

Travel agency for seniors: what to choose and which will be the best?
Travel agency for seniors: what to choose and which will be the best?

When it comes to destinations, accommodation facilities such as hotels are specially selected for seniors, usually with rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility. Additional attractions in the form of various activities are also planned.

Not only rehabilitative and therapeutic, but also entertaining.

You can also often find attractions such as dance evenings or joint bonfires, or even interesting shows and lectures.

What else does a travel agency provide for seniors on trips?

What else characterizes trips for seniors is the fact that they are usually organized before or after the proper season, which avoids the heat that older people endure less. For this reason, holidays for seniors are also characterized by low, attractive prices.

How to choose the best travel agency for a senior?

A travel agency for seniors can simply be a regular unit for tour and holiday vendors or a separate office specializing in trips for the elderly.

The most important aspect is that vacations for seniors are offered in a given place. Their wide range of trips and vacation shows a serious approach to the client. Holidays for seniors organized “on the knee” in a travel agency by an employee will never meet all the requirements offered by trips created especially for them.

Older people may need specific conditions in the hotel, elevators, bathroom handles or even a higher bed. And not all hotels are adapted in this way. Also, round trips overloaded with many points in the program may be too intense or even unreachable for seniors. It is also worth taking a look here for information on how to choose the best travel agency that will meet your expectations and ensure a wonderful and successful vacation.

What should the offer of travel agencies for seniors include?

An offer should be presented in the travel agency for seniors, which is adapted to the age of the participants. It is important that the offered accommodation facilities are suitable for older people, located in a friendly area or, for example, off the beaten track of more party places.

High hills or objects surrounded by an uneven, difficult to overcome surface are excluded.

Therefore, before sending a group of seniors, some organizers first send employees to check everything on the spot.

If an older person has mobility problems, then the office should reserve a suitable, adapted room. Usually these are the same rooms used by disabled people.

The door is a little wider, the beds are higher, and the bathroom instead of a bathtub is equipped with a shower, as well as handles at the toilet and sink and sometimes an alarm button. Such rooms for seniors are also usually more spacious.

What information can I get from a travel agent?

A travel agency for seniors should also provide information on how many times a week a resident will be on duty in a given place or how to contact them (especially if it is a holiday abroad). When traveling, it is mandatory for the pilot to be with the participants at all times, all the more so that they will usually also be serving as an interpreter abroad.

In a good travel agency, the senior will also receive an offer of additional travel insurance in the event of unforeseen health problems. It is worth remembering and insuring anyway, because medical bills outside the country can be cosmic. Especially when it comes to medical transport back to the country or a longer hospital stay or more complex medical procedures. It is known that not every senior will have bigger health problems during the trip, but insurance will ensure a calm head.

In the office, it is also worth asking about the means of transport, especially if it is a bus trip.

Some companies offer very comfortable vehicles in which the seats are separated from each other with at least a meter break, which ensures comfort during many hours of driving. Armchairs can also be equipped with tables, bedside lamps or alarm buttons, which can be used in case of malaise. You can even find seats in which the senior will be fastened with seat belts. Such information should have an employee of our office.

At the airports, there should be an office representative waiting for the participants who will not only help with check-in, but also answer all additional questions and guide vacationers to the right place.

Good travel agencies for seniors should have filter options on their websites so that older people can easily choose the right offer. However, all the details can be arranged later in the office or during a telephone conversation.

Travel agency for seniors and optional trips offer.
Travel agency for seniors and optional trips offer.

Optional trips for seniors with a travel agency

The issue of optional trips is equally important. Holidays for older people are usually chosen for rest and relaxation purposes. However, it is a pity that the senior would only sit in a hotel, they could learn about a foreign culture or explore the area. It is important that the optional trip discussed in the travel agency is fully adapted to older people. Some tour operators already sell holidays with trips included in the price. All in all it is more convenient and by the way we have a guarantee that the senior will see something more than the walls in the hotel room.

The travel agency for seniors should have a wide enough offer to further suit the preferences of older people. It’s nice as the object has various additional services – SPA treatments, curative and rehabilitation treatments. Seniors are often interested in massages, swimming in the pool, morning gymnastics, gym classes or physical activity, e.g. in the form of Nordic walking or learning to play tennis.

How do you verify a travel agency for seniors?

The last, but not the least important issue when choosing a travel agency for a senior is credibility. Nobody wants to lose money by a dishonest or bankrupt company. Therefore, it is important to check the legality of the office before buying a trip or holiday. It is also worth looking at the amount of the insurance guarantee, because a high enough to authenticate a given travel agency.

What offers do seniors have for travel agencies?

Times of pilgrimage trips are long gone. Currently, travel offers for seniors are much more varied. After all, not every elderly person needs to like visiting churches.

Now older people have different options to choose from:

  • holidays
  • curative and spa stays
  • weekend getaways
  • sightseeing tours

Curative and spa stays for seniors

These are very popular holiday trips combined with spa treatments. Then, in addition to accommodation and meals, the price also includes a specific number of treatments – e.g. cryotherapy, spa water treatments, mud wraps, or therapeutic massages. These types of trips are organized with us both at the seaside and in the interior of the country, and it’s cheapest to organize them in Central or Eastern Europe.

What travel agency for a senior will be the best? Opinions, ranking, offers
What travel agency for a senior will be the best? Opinions, ranking, offers

Weekend trips for seniors

Holidays for seniors do not have to be long. Sometimes even two days are enough to see and visit an interesting place. That is why travel agencies also offer short weekend trips for older people. They all take place in accordance with the assumptions of the holidays for seniors, i.e. bus transport, pilot care, full board and stay in comfortable centers are provided. In Eastern and Central Europe you can see several capitals in a few days, e.g. Vilnius, Riga and Talin or Prague, Bratislava and Budapest.

Round trips for seniors

The last group of trips for seniors are round trips. Organized by bus, air-coach transport and interestingly by rail (e.g. a touring tour of the Swiss Alps). Round trips for seniors can be bought at home or abroad. Trips to Tuscany, Scandinavia, the Balkans and the Holy Land are great suggestions for travel agencies for seniors, during which we visit several countries. An interesting trip for older people can also be in France a trip to the Loire Valley or visiting Burgundy or Alsace.


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