Tourist cradle

What is the best tourist cradle? Ranking, price and opinions

A travel cradle is an indispensable gadget in a layette for a child whose parents like to travel – it is extremely comfortable for both the parent

Pets on a plane

Transporting animals by plane

The transport of pets by plane is a topic that interests mainly owners of pets such as dogs and cats. Currently, our pets can travel with us,

Laptop on the plane

Laptop on the plane / How to carry a laptop on the plane?

Laptops are devices that we take with us more and more often on trips, including those by plane. A portable computer, tablet and smartphone are the basic

The use of industrial 3D printing in tourism

Tourism and 3D printing

3D printing is effective and creates the impression that you can create virtually anything – from edible fruit to body parts. And while it may be possible

Bikini trimmer, or shaving private places

Summer, holidays, vacation, sun and … the eternal problem: what type of bikini hair removal should you choose? When it comes time to put on a bikini,

Car handsfree kit

Full focus on the road, both hands on the steering wheel, while talking on the phone with excellent sound quality. It all matters especially during long holiday

How to scare away wasps

An effective way to scare a wasp away? Check out our guide that will tell you how to effectively scare off wasps, bees and other insects!

How to scare away bees and wasps? Precisely, scare away – not: destroy, kill and exterminate. Whether at home, on the balcony, on the beach, plot or