What should I take on vacation to Tenerife?

Once we have accommodation, meals and, above all, a flight booked, the only thing that may wonder us is the question of what to take to Tenerife? It is called the island of eternal spring, so it should not surprise us with its weather aura.

However, before you go, you should know what is best to pack in a travel suitcase.

What to pack for Tenerife
What to pack for Tenerife

What to bring on a vacation to Tenerife?

What you take with you to Tenerife depends on several factors. First, the contents of the suitcase will vary depending on how you plan to spend your vacation. For example, people who spend their holidays in an active way, should necessarily put in their travel suitcase appropriate sports clothes and shoes.

For trekking or climbing the mountains, a thicker sweatshirt or a light jacket and shoes with hard soles will be useful.

On the other hand, in the higher mountain parts and when traveling to the highest peak of Spain – Pico del Teide (3718 m a.s.l.), ankle boots and warmer clothing will definitely be useful. The more so because of winter snowy conditions.

On the other hand, people arriving to Tenerife for recreation should take swimsuits, light clothing, sandals or flip-flops and sunblock. By the way, see what to pack for the holidays.

That’s enough to spend a holiday in Tenerife in a blissful mood.

The suitcases of party people should not lack club-output clothes and matching, elegant shoes. Instead of packing trekking shoes, water sports enthusiasts can take a tube, fins and a snorkeling mask.

In turn, parents with children can pack a few favorite delicacies for the youngest.

It is known that there are also shops in Tenerife and very well equipped for this, however, toddlers are sometimes used to certain foods, which will be difficult to find exactly the same on the island. Then the presence in the luggage of these few jars for children is most justified.

The second aspect is the place, as well as the date when we go to Tenerife.

It is not surprising that the island is clearly divided into two weather zones – warmer south and slightly colder and wetter north. Depending on which resort we are heading to, we should pack such clothes. For example, if we bought holidays in one of the hotels in Costa Adeje, you probably don’t need to take too many warmer clothes.

In the winter months, just one thin sweater is enough for cooler evenings.

In summer, nothing like that, you don’t have to take it there.

However, when traveling to a town in the north of Tenerife, it rains often even in summer. You can then pack a lightweight rain jacket or don’t bother with this rain at all. Warmer clothes, such as long pants and a long-sleeved sweatshirt will be useful in the colder months. Boots, hats and winter jackets are unlikely to be needed, after all, the average temperature even in the north in winter does not fall below 20 degrees during the day. Only in the evenings it is cooler and then some extra clothing will be useful.

And what it looks like broken down by season …

What to take to Tenerife
What to take to Tenerife

What to take to Tenerife in winter (December, January, February)?

Contrary to appearances, winter in Tenerife is very mild, there is no reason to take winter down jackets and boots with you.

All you need is a set of warmer clothing – pants and sweatshirt, or a light jacket.

However, if you plan to climb Pico del Teide, then winter clothing can be useful, because the summit is below freezing temperatures. The truth is also that usually on clear days, whether in December, January or February, you can safely go to the beach to warm up (at least in the south of the island). Since we are already on the topic of beaches, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our guide to the beaches of Tenerife.

Some also try sea bathing, hence it is worth finding a place for a swimsuit in luggage. It is also worth knowing that in the north of Tenerife it can be a bit worse with sunbathing, because it rains more often and strong wind blows. However, you can always go south to look for the sun.

When it comes to footwear, it is worth taking a pair of lightweight shoes and one pair covered, e.g. sneakers. For hiking the latter will certainly work better than e.g. flip-flops. Flip-flops, however, will be useful on the beach, but also in the shower or at the pool.

Despite the winter season, we should also pack a cream with a UV filter in the suitcase. So here even in the winter the sun shines strongly. So going outside in Tenerife you can quickly catch a sunburn. The same applies to the headgear, which is to protect against rays and sunglasses – it is better to take them.

For this you need to pack such obvious things as all necessary documents (ID card or passport), hygiene items, especially a toothbrush and used cosmetics. It is also worth taking at least a minimal set of emergency medications (patches, hydrogen peroxide in gel, analgesics and antipyretics, something for stomach sensations and a sore throat). In addition, we also pack money and payment cards, a camera to capture pleasant moments and a telephone that sometimes serves as an interpreter and sometimes as a navigation tool. Lovers of traditional measures will probably take at least one of the editions of the Tenerife guide, while parents with small children need a comfortable pram (umbrella strollers are the best).

What to take to Tenerife in spring (March, April, May)?

Tenerife spring welcomes you with much better weather. Around the turn of March and April, air temperatures begin to rise. For this reason, we mainly pack comfortable, breathable clothes into the luggage. T-shirts, shorts and thin pajamas. Sandals will be useful, but it is also worth taking full footwear, especially if you plan hiking in the surrounding hills.

If you intend to visit elegant restaurants, you should not miss the right clothes in your luggage – a dress or a shirt with a jacket. In Tenerife, at least one longer thing with a sleeve will be useful, because evenings and nights can be cold. However, during the day, temperatures in April or May will allow you to enjoy the beach and swimming in the ocean. So let’s remember about your swimsuit.

We also pack creams with a UV filter in the suitcase, because the sun in Tenerife in the spring can warm up nicely. A headgear will be useful, especially if you spend half a day outdoors and good sunglasses with UV filters.

Useful documents to travel (ID card or passport) and driving license if you intend to rent a car and explore Tenerife on your own. You can’t forget about money, whether in the form of cash (euros) or payment cards. Similarly with electronic equipment that always retains our travel memories. Cosmetics, medicines and all the things you forget about can be bought in Tenerife, but you should always put something in your luggage. Unless, you obviously need to tighten your seat belt to fit into the hand baggage allowance. Don’t forget about chargers for your phone, laptops or cameras.

What to take to Tenerife in summer (June, July, August)?

Summer is the warmest time in Tenerife. June, and above all July and August is the time when temperatures reach over 28 degrees during the day. It’s really warm, but usually not hot. The surrounding Atlantic island effectively reduces very high temperatures.

In summer, we only pack thin and light clothes into Tenerife luggage: t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, shorts, summer dresses and skirts. It is important that things are not thick. When it comes to footwear, it’s best to bet on flip flops and sandals. Full shoes will only be useful during trekking and climbing Pico del Teide.

A large beach bag will also be useful if you intend to enjoy the local charms. It is obligatory to pack tanning creams or oils, with quite a high UV filter (20, 30 or preferably 50SPF in the first days).

The water in the ocean is heated to the highest value, that’s why swimsuits are most in place then. If you intend to spend time mainly on the beach, then you should even think about two or three sets of swimwear. Plus absolutely a hat, a scarf or a cap on your head. They protect us from sunstroke.

Lovers of admiring the underwater world will also need the right equipment (snorkel, fins and mask), while families with children may think of a set to play in the sand or inflatable accessories. Unless you buy these types of toys on the spot. Pack in a suitcase beach scarves or pareos, which you can wear when going down from the beach. In addition, entertainment such as crosswords, books, inflatable balls and other games can be useful.

In addition, of course, money, documents and a telephone will be useful. You can take a basic set of travel medications (for various popular ailments) and cosmetics that we use every day. The camera will also be a nice addition to our trip. If you plan to travel around the island, a map, whether traditional paper or online, will also be useful.

What to take to Tenerife
What to take to Tenerife

What to take to Tenerife in the fall (September, October, November)?

The autumn in Tenerife is quite nice, warm and pleasant. Especially September and October are months in which temperatures are only a degree-two lower than during the holidays, and the ocean is practically just as warm, so you can safely enjoy the beach and bathing.

If you are going to Tenerife this autumn, similarly to the summer period, you need to bring mainly light and airy clothes. T-shirts and shorts will be useful. Evenings and nights are not very cool yet, but we recommend packing real suitcases at least one thin sweater. Especially when the trip is around November.

We pack shoes depending on what we intend to do in Tenerife. While you can explore the island in sandals, hiking trekking on the Masca gorge will be more comfortable with trekking shoes. Flip flops, in turn, will be perfect for the beach and hotel pool.

As with any other time, we also pack creams with a UV filter for luggage. In Tenerife, there is a lot of sunshine throughout the year, even if the sun hides behind the clouds, or kalima comes. It is similar with a head cover to prevent overheating. In autumn, especially in the north of Tenerife, the chance for rainfall increases. That’s why it’s a good idea to pack a lightweight rain jacket in your suitcase.

We also pack documents, money and equipment for capturing holiday moments in the suitcase. Cosmetics and a mini first aid kit will be useful, which is always worth having with you, despite the fact that pharmacies in Tenerife are at every turn. At least in the most popular resorts.

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