Long-term weather forecast for Tenerife: Spring, summer, autumn, winter

Tenerife – the largest island of Spain can boast of really great weather and practically all year round. The mild climate means that the place is often visited every season of the year, especially since the temperature fluctuations are not too great here. Tenerife is often called the island of eternal spring and there is a lot of truth in it. The sun shines here for over 300 days a year, and thermometers show on average over 20 degrees, virtually every day.

Climate of Tenerife

Tenerife is influenced by the subtropical climate. However, it is not uniform throughout the island. Its mountainous shape makes dry and desert climate predominate on the waterfront, while in the middle it turns more towards the Mediterranean.

Weather in Tenerife: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Forecast.
Weather in Tenerife: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Forecast.

In addition, Tenerife is clearly divided in terms of weather and climatic conditions into the northern, wetter and greener part as well as the dry and warmer south. Temperatures in these two parts of the island can be noticeably different. And when, for example, La Laguna is almost 20 degrees, then in Playa de las Americas thermometers can show over 30 degrees.

Weather differences can be clearly seen, for example, in to the surrounding vegetation.

In the north it is lush and green due to moisture, greater rainfall and fog phenomena. However, in the south, where it rains very rarely, only natural desert plants can be seen in the natural landscape – succulents, cacti and aloe plantations. However, this does not mean that in one or the other part of Tenerife you cannot spend a great holiday.

However, when checking the weather on the island, it is worth considering specific locations, because sometimes it can happen that 10-20 kilometers from an area under heavy rainfall there will be no rain at all!

However, when it comes to the higher parts of the mountains, which are also found in Tenerife, you need to be aware that they have typical weather for such altitudes. The higher it is, the more precipitation you can expect, it gets colder, and the temperature differences between mountain areas and the beach are at least 10 degrees. In summer, you can go hiking in the mountains of Tenerife, use as a springboard or escape from the heat. In winter, however, snow can occur on the highest peaks. That is why it is worth taking warmer clothes throughout the year for mountain trekking around the island.

What influences the weather in Tenerife?

Not everyone knows that Tenerife is on the same latitude as Sahara and Florida. In addition, it is an oceanic island located on one of the largest water reservoirs in the world. All this has a decisive impact on the local climate and the weather we find on the spot.

In addition, the Atlantic Ocean works like a thermal insulator, which gives off its heat in winter and heats the island. In the summer, on the other hand, cools the local weather conditions. To this must mention the sea currents surrounding Tenerife – warm Golfstrom and cold Canary. Their mutual influence is shaping the temperature of the local bathing beaches, where the water has an average temperature of 19 to 24 degrees.

The close presence of the African continent is also significant – it plays the role of a kind of radiator from above, from which warm air masses fly over Tenerife. Bringing a weather phenomenon called kalima. In addition to raising the temperature above the island, kalima carries sand particles that look like clouds. This phenomenon occurs most often from November to April, but it also happens in the summer. After all, it has only a little over 100 kilometers to cover from Africa.

The last factor that affects the weather in Tenerife are the winds blowing here. They can either bring cooling and moisture if they blow from the north. They can also increase the value on thermometers even more if it is southern winds. It blows on the island for over 260 days a year, which enthusiasts of various water sports enjoy.

Air temperatures in Tenerife

As we have already mentioned, air temperatures in Tenerife can vary from town to town. However, when it comes to average values ​​for the whole island, the case is as follows. The warmest months of the year are June, July and August, when temperatures reach 28-29 degrees. However, such values ​​are not felt too much due to the winds blowing here. In September it is still sunny and warm, because the thermometers show 27 degrees. The evenings are pleasant because the temperature is around 20 degrees. Such weather persists around October and November. It is only in December that the temperatures drop slightly to 24 degrees, while the nights are cooler (15 degrees), so you should pack something warmer in your luggage. From February and March, the thermometers are slowly starting to show increasing values ​​(25 degrees), which in April and May are pleasant 26 degrees. Evenings and nights get warmer then (18-19 degrees).

Water temperature in Tenerife

Regarding the ocean water temperature, despite not very large fluctuations, it changes slightly over the year. The warmest period is of course the time from July to November. Then the average ocean temperature in Tenerife reaches 22-23 degrees. It may not be the warmest bathing water, but we must be aware that such a large reservoir does not get hot, like the closed Mediterranean Sea. The cooling of the ocean to 19 degrees comes in December, and then continues until April. From May, the water slowly begins to warm up again.

Spring weather in Tenerife

Spring in Tenerife is a time of warm but not hot weather. In the south of the island, temperatures range from 20 degrees in March to 24 degrees in May. The evenings are also pleasantly warm. It’s the perfect time to explore, relax with the family and enjoy all the attractions on the island. The temperature in the ocean is not encouraging yet, but there will definitely be daredevils who will also bathe. It is also a good time for water sports enthusiasts, because in Tenerife there are perfect wind conditions. Rather there is no chance for rain.

As for spring in the north of Tenerife, it is a bit cooler than in the south. Temperatures in March can reach as low as 15 degrees. However, the good news is that it gets warmer every day. Thermometers show 18 degrees in April and over 22 degrees in May. Evenings and nights can be cool, while the number of sunny hours increases to 12 in May. However, the presence of the Teide massif makes the sun disappear faster behind the mountain, making the sun a little less. It’s better for plants, because the sun doesn’t burn them for so long and, in the spring in the north, rains are frequent.

Long-term weather in Tenerife: Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Water and air temperature.
Long-term weather in Tenerife: Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Water and air temperature.

Summer weather in Tenerife

Summer in Tenerife is very sunny but not overly hot, because you can feel the influence of the cooling ocean. It is not stuffy, and by the way it is not raining at all during the summer months.

In the south of the island in summer there are the highest temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees. The nights are pleasantly warm, and the number of sunny hours increases up to 14 per day. The days are longer and the water in the ocean heats up to 23-24 degrees. It’s a good time to relax on the beach. In the south there is no chance of rain, and in the coastal belt you will not even see clouds (do not confuse it with Kalima).

On the other hand, the weather is good in the north of Tenerife, but temperatures are slightly lower. They reach a maximum of 28-29 degrees, and the number of sunny hours reaches 13. Even in the ocean water is a little cooler because it reaches 22-23 degrees. Tenerife North is a good place for people who prefer a slightly cooler summer edition. The sky is also cloudy here, which gives plants relief. However, when it comes to wind, it is stronger here than in the south of the island.

Tenerife weather in autumn

The autumn in Tenerife is very similar to the local spring. Temperatures drop slightly and it is more pleasant, sometimes rainfall can happen.

In the south of Tenerife, temperatures still reach 27-28 degrees, even in the evenings it is still warm (23-24 degrees). The water in the ocean keeps its temperature (23-24 degrees), while the number of sunny hours decreases (to 9-10). From November, there may be a small rainfall or episodically low rainfall.

Whereas the north of the island is slightly cooler. The temperatures in autumn reach 24-25 degrees, and at night they only drop slightly. There are more rainy days and the number of sunny hours is 9-10 a day. The sky is more cloudy and the number of tourists is also slightly reduced. Some of them run away in search of the sun to the south. As for the ocean water temperature, it is still warmed to these 23 degrees.

Winter weather in Tenerife

The weather in winter in Tenerife is excellent: it rains a little more, but it is still relatively low rainfall and the wind blows harder. It’s a good time to travel around the island.

The south of Tenerife keeps temperatures at 20-22 degrees, only at night it can be a little cooler (about 18 degrees). Sometimes there are rainfall, but it also blows harder. The number of sunny hours drops to 9 during the day and the ocean cools down to 19 degrees.

As for the northern part of the island, the daytime temperatures also stay at a decent level (18-21 degrees). In the evenings and nights are cooler, because thermometers can show 15-16 degrees. Winter is the time when it rains the most in this part of Tenerife, compared to the whole year. The temperature in the ocean drops to 19 degrees, and in addition to rain, apart from rain, strong wind bothers. The number of sunny hours drops to nine.

For people who want to plan their holidays in Tenerife on a specific date, we also present a weather picture broken down by month.

January in Tenerife – weather

This is one of the least favorable months for tourism, even though temperatures are moderate at the time. Thermometers show 17 to 21 degrees, depending on which part of the island you are in. At night the temperature drops to 15 or even 10 degrees Celsius. Usually 4 to 7 days is rainy throughout the month. Swimming in the ocean is more for those who tolerate cold.

February in Tenerife – weather

February is a month very similar to January. The weather is good because the thermometers show 18-20 degrees, only at night it can be much cooler. The number of rainy days in a month can be extended from 4 to 9. In contrast, sunny hours are still not too many (only 6 a day). The ocean temperature doesn’t rise either.

March in Tenerife – weather

In March, the weather in Tenerife is slowly beginning to head towards good: temperatures fluctuate around 18-21 degrees, and at night it is a bit warmer than in February (16-19 degrees). The water in the ocean is still insensitive to slow warming and thermometers show 19 degrees. Rainy days should not be more than 8 throughout the month. Instead, the number of sunny hours increases to 7 per day.

April in Tenerife – weather

In April, Tenerife is getting noticeably warmer. Rainy days are fewer (about 6 throughout the month), while the temperature can rise from 19 to even 23 degrees during the day. In the evenings it can be cold sometimes, and sometimes it is quite pleasant. It is still not enough to heat the ocean water a little. On the other hand, in April the number of sunny hours per day increases to 8 on the island.

May in Tenerife – weather

In May in Tenerife we ​​can feel like summer in Europe. Temperatures can reach as high as 25-26 degrees, and evenings are definitely pleasant. Precipitation is rare – up to 3 days throughout the month. And finally, the water temperature in the ocean increases by a degree or two and reaches 20-21.

June in Tenerife – weather

Since June, Tenerife has really summer, holiday weather. Temperatures do not fall below 20 degrees, and most often reach 26-27 degrees. The number of sunny hours reaches 9 per day. Rainy days are almost gone, or there are literally single days. However, the water in the ocean is almost perfectly heated for bathing.

July in Tenerife – weather

July in Tenerife is the high season. Thermometers show 28 to 30 degrees Celsius, and at night they do not fall too much. In the south it is not raining, while in the north there may be episodes of showers. The ocean temperature invites you to swim, while the number of sunny hours is still high.

August in Tenerife – weather

August in Tenerife is practically no different from July, only the temperature during the day is slightly higher, just like the one in the ocean. It’s a good time to come for all beach fans. There is no rainfall, days are long but not too hot. In case of emergency, you can always escape to the slightly cooler north or mountains, or simply enter the ocean to cool down.

September in Tenerife – weather

In September, Tenerife is still summer. It’s warm, but not hot. Temperatures reach 27 degrees and there is no reason to worry about heavy rains. The ocean is still warm and the number of sunny hours is 8 per day. In places where there are no clouds, it is worth remembering a cream with a filter, because the sun here shines twice as hard.

October in Tenerife – weather

October weather is very similar to that of September. It is warm and pleasant – temperatures reach 26 degrees, and at night it is only 5 degrees less. Cloudy days can happen, but you will not find rain because it rains no more than three times a month. The water in the ocean is still 23 degrees, while the number of sunny hours is reduced to seven per day.

November in Tenerife – weather

There is slightly less sunshine in Tenerife in November. Rainy days can happen, but sooner in the north than in the south. Mornings can be cloudy and thermometers show 24-26 degrees during the day. The evenings can be cooler (19 degrees). Swimming in the ocean is still possible, as the water temperature is around 22 degrees.

December in Tenerife – weather

December in Tenerife is the second of those slightly colder months, looking at the annual level. However, daytime temperatures still reach 20-24 degrees here. Nights can be cool (15 degrees), while the number of sunny hours drops to 6 per day. The ocean also cools down to 19 degrees. In December it rains about 5 days, there may also be more clouds obscuring the sun.

Let us know what weather you came across in Tenerife and whether the vacation spent there was pleasant!

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