What is worth buying in Tenerife? Gifts and souvenirs from Tenerife

What is worth buying in Tenerife? What souvenirs and gifts to buy while spending the holidays there? Souvenirs are to remind us of pleasant moments spent on vacation in Tenerife. However, it is worth choosing those that will actually be produced in Tenerife.

Unfortunately, nowadays there is a flood of all kinds of mass-produced souvenirs – such things are not worth bringing from travel regardless of where we are.

Gifts and souvenirs from Tenerife that are worth buying and bringing

As for Tenerife, the best souvenirs from this island will be utility souvenirs. We have a choice of various types of alcohol, delicacies, cosmetics or jewelry. In addition to slightly tacky magnets from Tenerife, it is also worth bringing handicrafts.

Interestingly, you can still buy some goods cheaper in the Canary Islands.

Although many people mistakenly regard this part of Spain as duty free. But you’ll learn about everything later in our post.

Souvenirs from Tenerife
Souvenirs from Tenerife

Souvenirs from Tenerife

It is known that the best souvenir from Tenerife will be nice memories of holidays. However, when it comes to material goods, it is worth bringing a few products from the island that are hard to get at home. Not only will they extend the holiday atmosphere afterwards at home, but they can also be a fantastic gift for friends and family instead of cluttering your home.


One of the best souvenirs you can bring from Tenerife is jewelry. Not only will it be original, but also a functional little thing. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are made on the island from processed and polished volcanic lava. We will get such jewelry in many colors, from natural graphite to artificial colored.

In addition, olivine, a mineral of juicy green color, will be a great souvenir from Tenerife. These stones are set in gold or silver, so that they can be found in earrings, rings or other bracelets and necklaces. Olivines are minerals quite often found in nearby rocks, so their price does not knock down. Jewelry with these semi-precious stones is on the available price shelf. However, you have to watch out for counterfeits, because they also happen, especially when the price of olivine jewelry is suspiciously low.

The third group of jewelry products that will be a great souvenir from Tenerife are pearls. Interestingly, you can choose a specific specimen and have it make a necklace, earrings or ring. Whether it is a profitable and qualitative purchase, we leave it to the buyer to evaluate. For sure, however, there will be jewelry with pearls from Tenerife a considerable souvenir.

It is also worth getting interested in local handicrafts.

You can buy not only jewelry made of lava, but also various types of reliefs, candlesticks or lanterns. Very often you come across the theme of the lizard in Tenerife. And it is with such a picture we get cups, towels, photo albums or slippers. The lizard motif itself is often immortalized in wooden carvings. Hand-painted ceramic tiles will also be a nice souvenir. With numbers and letters they can be a real decoration of the facade on our home.

An even better idea for a souvenir from Tenerife is to buy seedlings, e.g. exotic flowers, agaves or aloe. Small pots, already packed in a plastic housing, can be easily transported on the plane.

Then you can simply replant them and put into our window sill collection. In addition, you can also normally buy seeds for self-sowing these plants. However, then there is a greater risk that nothing will come out of this exemplary aloe vera.

What to bring from Tenerife
What to bring from Tenerife

What to bring from Tenerife?

Certainly an unusual thing that you can bring from Tenerife are the Canary knives. Their uniqueness lies not only in the tradition of their manufacture but also on the peculiar handle usually made of wood decorated with precious stones or from a horn. You just have to remember to put this unique item in the main luggage. Not only does it not go through the check-in, it can be unpleasant.

Tenerife also has a long tradition of embroidery and lace making. For this reason, you can get all kinds of napkins, tablecloths and table runners decorated with openwork embroidery a la Richelieu. In turn, lace made of thin threads, got its name – Tenerife.

In their case, individually created circles are sewn with a needle and thread. In this form, they create tablecloths and napkins that are worth paying attention to. A point where you can buy this type of handicraft is a store at Casa de los Balcones in La Orotava.

Many people bring local delicacies as a souvenir from Tenerife. The most popular are definitely the local sauces – mojo rojo and mojo verde. The first is a spicy dip made of hot peppers, vinegar, olive oil and garlic. The second is more mild and made on the basis of coriander or parsley. Sauces can be used not only for meat and potatoes, but also for sandwiches.

It is also a good idea to bring local jams and preserves from Tenerife. Especially those made from prickly pear or bananas. These are not very common flavors of sweet products. Another delicacy worth buying is also palm honey, which probably can now be found only under the name palm syrup (not to be confused with extremely unhealthy fat!). This is not real honey, only nectar obtained from cut trunks of palm trees, which are not lacking on the islands. Sweet, thick, perfect for sweetening drinks, desserts and ice cream.

For lovers of cooking and cuisine, gofio, i.e. flour obtained from roasted cereal seeds (rye, barley, wheat), will also be a good purchase in Tenerife. It is the basic ingredient of desserts from Tenerife – mousse and pella de gofio. This flour can also be used to thicken other dry dishes.

You can also bring local cheese, mainly goat, from Tenerife. As long as they are vacuum packed so that they survive these few hours of flight. In the smoked version, cheese from the island should easily reach Europe or America.

What to buy in Tenerife
What to buy in Tenerife

What to buy in Tenerife?

Of course, the most common purchase imported from Tenerife is local alcohol. And it’s not about sangria at all, even though any box of this wine caught even at a local market is six times better than what is sold in stores on the continent. It is more about rum with the addition of honey – ron miel. Dark, sweet is excellent for drinking solo and as a base for drinks.

Liqueurs are other interesting interest products to buy in Tenerife. First of all, banana, based on local fruit. Yellow, aromatic and not very strong (about 20%) tincture will sparkle during social gatherings. The second alcohol worth paying attention to in Tenerife is red dragon tree liqueur. Its color is the result of the resin flowing out of the cut dracaena trees, from which the distillate is made.

Wine fans will also not be disappointed, as there are also vineyards on the island offering their products. You can choose from red, rose and white wines, usually in a dry or table version. It is important not to keep them after being transported indefinitely, because these are fresh products, rather for immediate consumption. See what else, apart from wine, you will drink and eat in Tenerife.

Something that is definitely worth buying in Tenerife is cosmetics based on aloe vera growing here. Products such as face creams, lotions, hand creams, shower gels and soaps are made on the island. It is important to choose cosmetics with the most natural composition. The shorter the list of ingredients, the better. Pure 100% aloe vera gel is a great remedy for sunburn and any irritation. It is also worth mentioning that aloe vera cosmetics from Tenerife are cheaper than those we get at home. There are also different fragrance versions of these products, e.g. with bananas or pomegranate.

Staying a bit on the fruit theme, it is also worth buying local bananas in Tenerife. They differ not only in appearance (they are shorter and harder), but above all in taste. The bananas from Tenerife are sweeter and sometimes you can taste other fruits, such as papaya or mango. At one time, you could buy a bunch of the right size, packed on a tray, at the airport, just before departure.

What is best to buy in Tenerife?

A special tax zone applies to the Canary Islands. Goods such as electronics, alcohol, tobacco and perfumes are only subject to a 5% tax. In practice, this means slightly lower prices for these goods. However, before larger purchases, it is worth making sure that we have enough free space in our luggage and that we have money to possibly pay extra for extra kilos. It should also be made clear that the prices of the above-mentioned products are higher at the airport than in the stores on the island. And are they really lower than at the continent? You have to check and compare yourself.

Let us know in the comments what you brought from Tenerife as a souvenir.

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