Tenerife for kids: Loro and Siam Park, Aqualand, Lago Martianez, Jungle Park

The Canary Islands, and especially Tenerife due to not only the excellent weather that prevails on the island practically throughout the year, but also because of the many attractions that await the youngest, are a frequent destination for families.

Tenerife is so diverse that nobody should be bored here on a family vacation

Amazing nature, extensive areas for walking and hiking and numerous bathing areas will allow you to spend time actively on the island. It houses several really attractive zoological parks and aquaparks, as well as go-cart tracks or bowling tracks and a large water sports base.

It is worth adding that in Tenerife there are mainly mountainous areas, despite this the island is perfectly adapted for families even with children in prams. Everywhere there are ramps, footbridges or places specially prepared for children. Toddlers are welcome in any restaurant or hotel, we will easily get here high chairs and separate cots, if needed.

Attractions for children in Tenerife
Attractions for children in Tenerife

Holidays in Tenerife with children

When it comes to the best place for holidays with children in Tenerife, resorts in the south of the island, such as Los Cristianos or Costa Adeje, as well as somewhat quieter places in the north – Puerto de Santiago will work. Accommodation in virtually every part of the island is perfectly prepared for families with children, the only thing in the north is a bit cooler, which in the summer is a godsend, while in winter it is better to bask in the southern towns.

Coastal attractions for children in Tenerife

One of the obvious attractions for children in Tenerife are the beaches. Broad, sandy and with an unusual color. Most of the beaches in Tenerife also boast excellent infrastructure. Sun loungers with umbrellas, adapted toilets, showers, changing rooms and even footbridges are waiting for families with children to make it easier to ride a pram on the sand. Usually, there are also gastronomic establishments, shops (in case of running out of milk or diapers) and playgrounds not far away.

Some of the beaches in Tenerife also have a large offer of water sports (e.g. canoe trips) and attractions prepared for the youngest (inflatable water parks)

The best beaches for families with children in Tenerife are Playa Las Vistas and Playa El Camisón, due to the shallow entrance to the water and a wide strip of sand. In addition, breakwaters here protect the bathing beach against too high waves. In turn, in search of a truly paradise beach with golden sand and palm trees, you have to go to Playa de las Terasitas. Surrounded by high mountains and a breakwater, it is also a good place for families with children. However, the biggest impression on everyone will make a visit to the beach with real black sand – for example, Playa Jardin.

Here, surrounded by lush vegetation, kids can have fun on the volcanic beach.

Tourist cruises in Tenerife with children

Another attraction for children in Tenerife are also various types of cruises. Some set off to see the beauty of the island from the deck of the boat. The second is a trip along the Los Gigantes cliffs combined with the search for whales and dolphins living in their natural habitat. Still another type of entertainment are cruises with a glass bottom, thanks to which children can enjoy underwater life just below the surface. However, the most popular among tourists are expeditions with a real submarine, which dives deep into the ocean for 30 meters.

This unusual attraction in Tenerife will certainly remain in the memory of small travelers for a long time.

Nature attractions for children in Tenerife

It is also worth taking the kids to Teide National Park, where local rock formations create a somewhat lunar landscape. For older children, the experience will definitely be a cable car ride to a height of over 3500 meters above sea level. There is also an observatory in the park, with giant telescopes that can see distant planets, stars or even sunspots.

Another interesting place on the island are the pyramids in Guimar. It is six (originally there were as many as 9) erected, or rather intricately arranged buildings made of stones. Nobody knows when or why they were put here. In addition to a walk in this created ethnographic park, it is also worth visiting the botanical garden, with many species of exotic plants, and the museum, with quite a large exposure.

A very nice attraction for children in Tenerife is a walk in the mountains of Anaga, Trail of the Senses (Sendero de Sentidos). This is a specially prepared route among the preglacial forest, which aims to learn how to take nature with all senses. Appropriate information boards have been set up on the trail for this purpose. The first part of the route can be taken even with a child in a pram, because it leads through a boarded path. The rest of the route later stretches over forest paths with elevations and is not suitable for such small children.

However, older children (i.e. over 5 years of age) can be taken to the Cave of the Winds – Cueva del Viento. It is one of the largest grottoes in the world, which owes its name to the winds blowing inside. The entire tunnel is over 18 kilometers long and consists of three levels, which most interestingly are inhabited by animals that have settled here. Caves of the Winds are visited in the company of a guide for about two hours. So it is worth dressing properly, because the caves are cold!

Tourist attractions for children in Tenerife
Tourist attractions for children in Tenerife

Tenerife amusement parks for children

We go to the most favorite children’s attractions in Tenerife. The island is simply dotted with amusement parks, including those with animals and with swimming pools and slides.

Siam Park – the award-winning water park with lots of attractions for children. There is no shortage of slides providing adrenaline, a pool with artificial waves or a water playground. An artificial beach, slow flowing river and plenty of bars and restaurants as well as shops await children here. A whole day of fantastic fun is guaranteed here.

Loro Park – next to Siam Park is the second biggest attraction for children on the island. This park has the form of a zoo with paddocks for animals, combined with training shows at specific times. You can see the performances of sea lions, dolphins, parrots and giant killer whales. In addition, in the Loro Park you can admire aquariums with sea creatures, a penguinarium where different flightless species live and a large tank through which a glazed tunnel with sharks and rays.

Aqualand – another water park, this time combined with animal training shows, and more specifically dolphins. Apparently, the show is even more exciting than the one from Loro Park. In addition, the aquapark has plenty of slides, swimming pools including heated water and waves, playgrounds for younger children, a lazy river and hydromassage for the elderly.

Jungle Park – is an alternative zoo, located in the south of Tenerife. Here, on an area of ​​75 thousand square meters, you can admire over 100 species of animals. Among other things, penguins, marabou, jaguars, flamingos and toucans. Park paths lead through suspended bridges and tunnels. Here, just like in Loro Park, at certain time there are animal shows: parrots, birds of prey (including eagles, falcons) and sea lions.

Lago Martianez – in turn, is more a swimming pool complex than an aquapark. The whole was designed by the chief architect of the Canary Islands – Cesar Manrique. Here, there are eight pools filled with sea water waiting for the youngest. Everything is integrated with local vegetation, terraces with deckchairs and dining options.

Monkey Park – a real treat for monkey fans. A small, intimate object, whose main advantage is that we enter the area surrounded by grates, where primates move freely. You can see here lemurs, chimpanzees and other animals such as parrots and crocodiles. In the park you can feed its inhabitants, but only specially purchased food. Great entertainment for kids.

Hotels with attractions for children in Tenerife

It is also worth taking advantage of the offer of hotels that organize attractions for children as part of their stay. Let us know what child-friendly hotels in Tenerife you like best.

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