What currency is in Tenerife, with what to pay and how to withdraw money and how much money to take to Tenerife?

The currency in Tenerife is the euro: the Canary Islands belong to Spain, despite the geographical location in Africa, so the currency is the same as on the mainland. So before you go, get enough of it. It is not possible to pay in currencies other than euro on the spot.

Currency of Tenerife

Of course, after arriving in Tenerife, you will find banks, ATMs and exchange offices where you can exchange money. It is worth knowing that in exchange offices they charge a lower commission on currency exchange than in local banks.

In Tenerife, there are also no problems with card payments, only in smaller towns it is worth to ask about this possibility before shopping. Some premises may also have a minimum limit on such payments.

When it comes to price levels, they are at a moderate level in Tenerife and all over Spain, of course compared to other popular holiday countries in Europe. Shopping pays off in larger stores and supermarkets, because they come out cheaper than small commercial premises. In places that attract tourists it will also be more expensive. It is therefore worth shopping away from popular spots. This applies to both dining outlets and restaurants where you can eat local dishes from Tenerife, as well as shops. At the airport, it’s not too cheap either.

What currency in Tenerife? How much money to take to Tenerife for a week? What to pay with?
What currency in Tenerife? How much money to take to Tenerife for a week? What to pay with?

How much money to take to Tenerife per week?

This is one of the harder questions. Tenerife is not expensive, but how much money you take with you for a week’s stay depends on many factors, primarily the holiday offer you bought. If you go on an all inclusive holiday, you won’t spend too much on additional meals. Otherwise you can cook or dine in pubs yourself, which will be more expensive.

Another aspect is whether we are going to sit by the hotel pool or visit something. Tenerife is not extensive and by renting a car even for two days, you can drive around it. In addition, all admission tickets to the facilities that we want to visit are paid. You can also buy a trip from a resident travel agency with whom you came here. Then the cost is higher, but we do not have to worry about transport, the care of a guide and paid entries. Usually all this is included in the price.

Our purchases are a separate part of the cash to spend. Souvenirs, gifts for family and friends from Tenerife, or any unforeseen expenses and bargains, which you can not pass by indifferently. All this is a separate part of the money we are going to take to Tenerife.

See also what are the prices in Tenerife.

So it’s best to bring these 100-200 euro per person and, if necessary, an additional payment card. Other expenses will be borne by the couple, other family with two children. It’s difficult to determine how much euro should take for a week’s stay in Tenerife. Some save money and stick to the minimum budget, others want to have fun and spend good amounts on the nightlife going on this island.

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