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Tenerife as the largest of the Canary Islands has two airports. The one located in the north of the island is an airport mainly serving domestic flights, both from the continent and from other islands. However, the airport located in the south of the island is an international airport that accepts almost all the tourist traffic in Tenerife. So if we are going on vacation to this island, then we will definitely land in the southern port.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Tenerife Reina Sofia Airport (south)

Reina Sofia Airport (IATA: TSF, ICAO: GCTS) – is an airport located in the southern part of the island, within the limits of the town of Granadilla de Abona. The second airport is more than 70 kilometers away, which can be quickly overcome by local highways.

The airport on the southern part of the island was established in 1978, when it was given the name of the Spanish Queen Sofia. So it is younger and larger than its counterpart in the north. The first flight that landed here was a national connection from the neighboring island of Lanzarote.

Information and contact details at the airport:

Address: 38610, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Code: TFS

Phone: (+34) 913 211 000

Website: aena.es

See on the map where the Tenerife Reina Sofia airport is located

Reina Sofia airport handles over 11 million passengers annually and is therefore called the busiest airport in Tenerife. Almost 70,000 air operations carried out prove that this port is constantly occupied throughout the whole year.

Its Spanish name is Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur Reina Sofía, which is often shortened to the name Tenerife Sur. From the very beginning, this airport was in demand, as in the first year of its operation it exceeded the magic number of one million passengers served.

Facilities at Rina Sofia airport in Tenerife

Facilities at Reina Sofia airport are primarily car rentals (including Cicar, Autoreisen, Goldcar, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt), which tourists use very often. In addition, you can find ATMs, currency exchange offices and a tourist information point. There is of course also a shopping and dining area with restaurants (which serve local dishes from Tenerife), bars, duty-free shops and press corners.

Interestingly, at the Reina Sofia airport there is also a post office and two chapels (one Catholic, the other multi-faith), located on the first floor. Free wifi is available throughout the entire area and the airport itself is adapted for disabled people who can also use the assistance of special assistants. However, lost items should be sought in a special office, which is located together with a passenger information point.

Tenerife Sur Airport is a one-story building with one terminal.

Parking at the airport

When it comes to parking, the one located directly at the airport can accommodate up to 800 cars, but if we want to avoid a parking fee, we cannot exceed a 15-minute stop here. The long and short term parking is opposite the road to the port. On the other hand, we’ll find a taxi stand just after leaving the arrivals terminal, which is located directly opposite the exit.

It is also worth adding that the southern part of the island is an ideal place for further travel, especially if our accommodation is located in one of the three most popular cities: Los Cristianos, Plata de las Americas or Costa Adeje. There you will also have the opportunity to visit the Tenerife that you do not know.

Journey to one of them should not take more than 20-25 minutes.

Travel to Tenerife Reina Sofia Airport

Access to Reina Sofia Airport is possible thanks to local bus connections. We have four lines to choose from: 111, 343, 415 and the newest with the number 40. And so:

  1. Line No. 40 – connects the airport with the stop / station in Costa Adeje.
  2. Line No. 111 – connects the airport with the capital in Santa Cruz, on the way stopping at stops at the main beaches of Tenerife.
  3. Line No. 343 – connects the airport in the south with Tenerife Norte airport.
  4. Line No. 415 – connects the airport with towns in the south of the island, including e.g. Granadilla de Abona or Golf del Sur.

The exact timetable of individual lines can be found here.

It is also worth adding that at night all lines are replaced by bus No. 711. Its route runs to the capital Santa Cruz, and on the way it stops at all major and popular beaches on the island of Tenerife.

Sample prices of bus tickets from the airport to a given city:

  1. Granadilla – 2.45 euro
  2. Los Cristianos – 3.20 euro
  3. Costa Adeje – 3.70 euro
  4. Santa Cruz – 9.35 euro
  5. Puerto de la Cruz – 13.55 euro
  6. Tenerife Norte Airport – 9.70 euro

In addition to bus connections, you can also use the services of taxi drivers. The daily tariff (6.00-22.00) is 0.55 euro for each kilometer driven. However, at night (22.00-6.00) the same distance will cost us 0.63 euro.

If you travel by your own transport, then getting to Reina Sofia airport is quite simple. Just take the TF-1 highway and take exit 23, then follow the signs for the airport.

Airlines served by Reina Sofia airport

Tenerife Sur airport is the second largest number of passengers served in the whole of the Canary Islands, right after the airport in Gran Canaria. It serves many international airlines, including those economical (cheap), examples of them are: Air Europa, Austrian Airlines, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Binter Canarias, Condor, easyJet, Enter Air, Finnair, Iberia, Jet2.com, Luxair, Ryanair, SAS, Small Planet Airlines, Smartwings Poland, Thomsonfly, TUIfly and Wizzair.

Tenerife Airport: Tenerife Norte Aeropuerto in Tenerife (North) and Reina Sofia in Tenerife (South)
Tenerife Airport: Tenerife Norte Aeropuerto in Tenerife (North) and Reina Sofia in Tenerife (South)

Tenerife Norte Aeropuerto Airport in Tenerife (north)

Aeropuerto de Tenerife Norte Airport (IATA: TFN, ICAO: GCXO) – also known as Los Rodeos Airport. This airport is located in the north of Tenerife, in the city of La Laguna (full name is San Cristóbal de La Laguna). It is located just about 10 kilometers from the island’s capital in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Until the ’70s of the last century, this airport was called Los Rodeos.

Information and contact details at the airport:

Address: 38297 San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Code: TFN

Phone: (+34) 913 211 000

Website: aena.es

See on the map of Tenerife where the airport is located:

Tenerife Norte airport mainly serves air traffic between the islands of the Canary archipelago, as well as flights from the continent (Spain). Annually generating passenger traffic at almost 5.5 million, which is exactly half of what the airport in the south of the island has.

Airport History

The history of Los Rodeos airport dates back to the 1930s. However, the airport with hangars, a terminal for passengers and the runway was not established until 1946. Unfortunately, history did not spare this place and in 1977, one of the most tragic accidents in the history of civil aviation in the world took place on the tarmac at Tenerife Norte airport when the launching KLM Boeing 747 collided with the taxiing Boeing 747 PanAm. The disaster was caused by many factors, including dense fog and pilot neglect, as well as ground handling errors. 583 people were killed then, only 61 managed to survive.

You can read more about the disaster in this article.

Facilities at Tenerife Norte airport

Passengers have at their disposal a four-storey terminal, which has gastronomy points and stores, where we will buy not only custom products in the duty-free zone, but also souvenirs from the island. There are also ATMs, currency exchange offices and an information point.

Car rentals at Tenerife Norte Aeropuerto Airport

You can also take advantage of the wide offer of car rental companies, such as: Hertz, Cicar, Avis, AutoReisen, Goldcar or Europcar.

Free wifi for passengers is available at the Tenerife Norte airport. In addition, there is a three-storey car park, opposite the terminal building. It can accommodate 876 cars. It is also worth knowing that only the first half hour of parking is free.

Tenerife Norte airport is a good place to land if you are going on vacation to the northern resorts of the island, such as Puerto de la Cruz or La Orotava. It is also an ideal node connecting the other islands by air: Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or La Palma.

Access to the airport Aeropuerto de Tenerife Norte

When it comes to access to the airport, we can again choose taxis, whose fees are exactly as much as in the south of Tenerife (i.e. a daily fee of 0.55 euros per kilometer, night tax 0.63 euros). However, with our own car we will get to the Tenerife Norte airport thanks to the TF-5 highway, where we have to take exit no. 11 and continue driving almost three kilometers via a dual carriageway towards the airport.

There is also bus transport in this part of the island and so you can choose lines 20, 30 and 343. They connect different cities on the island:

  1. Line 20 connects the airport with La Laguna (north of the island) and Santa Cruz.
  2. Line 30 connects the airport with the resort of Puerto de la Cruz.
  3. Line 343 connects north airport with the one located in the south.

The prices of bus tickets from the airport to the city are as follows:

  • Santa Cruz – 2.65 euro
  • La Laguna – 2.45 euro
  • Taroconte – 2.45 euro
  • Puerto de la Cruz – 4.75 euro
  • Tenrife Sur airport – 9.70 euro
  • Costa Adeje – 12.40 euro

Check the timetables of these bus lines and the current ticket prices here.

You can fly from Tenerife Norte airport, as we have already mentioned, to the neighboring Canary Islands (with Binter Canarias, Canary Fly), as well as to the largest cities in Spain – Madrid and Barcelona (with Air Europa, Iberia Express, Ryanair, Vueling). The airport also serves several international connections (permanent and seasonal) such carriers as: Alitalia, Bulgaria Air, Finnair, Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas and Royal Air Maroc.

For more information on how to find cheap flights to Tenerife and how to use our cheap flights search engine, please read this article. See also other prices in Tenerife.

Cheap flights to Tenerife: prices and offer
Cheap flights to Tenerife: prices and offer

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