The best and most beautiful beaches of Tenerife – Playa de las Terasitas and others

Tourists arrive in Tenerife usually for leisure and sightseeing purposes. The main magnet of the largest Canary Island are undoubted natural conditions, including an extremely diverse beautiful beaches … including black beaches, which make the impression on tourists staying in Tenerife for the first time.

It is on these beautiful beaches that you can warm up in the sun, relax and soak in the ocean. It is also worth knowing that the beaches of Tenerife are largely prepared and equipped with various amenities for tourists. On the other hand, there are many more wild ones, completely devoid of the typical beach infrastructure, located away from large crowds.

Everyone will surely find beaches just for themselves.

The most beautiful beaches in Tenerife
The most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

What are the beaches of Tenerife?

Tenerife is a large island, so there are almost 400 kilometers of varied coastline. This, in turn, means that there are not only long and extensive beaches, but also small romantic bays, as well as rocky cliffs and high cliffs.

Black beach in Tenerife

The beaches of Tenerife were sometimes a wide stretch of gray or golden sand, and sometimes stones or a rocky fault. It is also worth pointing out at the beginning that in Tenerife, most beaches have naturally dark volcanic sand, which sometimes turns black.

On the other hand, if you come across a golden shade, you probably have artificially created it by bringing sand from Sahara, for example. The beaches of Tenerife are clean and cleaned every day, at leats the well developed ones.

Some of them are also adapted for the disabled.

Who are the beaches in Tenerife for?

Among the many beaches in Tenerife, you can definitely choose one for yourself. The beaches in the south are a good place for families with children as well as beach lovers. They are characterized by gentle entry into the water and well-developed infrastructure. There is no shortage of changing rooms, toilets, showers and of course sunbeds with umbrellas for rent. In addition, along the beaches there are children’s playgrounds and all dining facilities with restaurants and bars, as well as shops.

In turn, the beaches in the north are also perfectly prepared for tourists, with full beach facilities, but unlike the south there are more natural and wild places here. Black sand makes an amazing impression, that’s why the beaches in the north will delight lovers of nature and unusual places

However, when it comes to water sports, there are plenty of places to practice them and they are spread all over the island. On most of the most popular beaches you can rent various types of equipment. The most famous place for fans of water sports, strongly associated with the wind is the town of El Medano, where surfers and kite surfers come in large numbers. However, when it comes to diving, small, wild and often rocky beaches are usually chosen, where the ocean is exceptionally clear and you can enjoy a rich underwater life.

Beaches in Tenerife / Sandy with black sand / Which is the best?
Beaches in Tenerife / Sandy with black sand / Which is the best?

The best and most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

Let’s start exploring the best and most beautiful beaches in Tenerife.

Playa de las Terasitas beach

Playa de las Terasitas – is one of the most famous beaches in Tenerife, whose photo is often found on the covers of guides. It is located in the northern part of the island, and it is distinguished by golden sand and the surroundings, which are picturesque high mountain hills.

Terasitas Beach is less than 10 kilometers from the capital in Santa de la Cruz. Because of this, it can be crowded when both islanders and tourists want to relax by the ocean. Unfortunately, its attractive golden sand was artificially brought here from the Sahara. Just like planted palm trees, which did not grow here naturally. Still, Terasitas beach is charming, wide and made for relaxation. In addition to umbrellas and sunbeds, full beach infrastructure awaits tourists here. There are parking, pubs and bars, as well as a place to play volleyball. In addition, the beach is protected from high waves and sea currents by a breakwater. For this reason, it is a favorite place for sunbathing families with small children.

See on the map of Tenerife where this beach is located:

Playa de las Americas beach

Playa de las Americas – is a beach located in one of the most party cities on the island of the same name. Located in the south of Tenerife is full of sun and crowds of tourists.

The sand has a golden color here, because like the Playa de las Terasitas beach it was artificially brought. There is a promenade along which is full of bars, restaurants and shops. On the Playa de las Americas beach you can also take advantage of the wide range of water sports.

Playa de los Cristianos beach

Playa de los Cristianos – is another beach of the southern coast of Tenerife, located in the typical tourist town of Los Cristianos. In addition to the fine sand in a rather gray color, the fact that it is located in a small bay deserves a plus, which protects the local bathing beach against strong winds and tides.

Another advantage of this beach is the proximity of the town and all its infrastructure. Along the promenade there are numerous restaurants, bars and shops, which are popular with sunbathers. The Los Cristianos beach also offers the option of renting sunbeds and sunshades. There are also showers, so you can rinse after an ocean bath.

Playa del Duque beach

Playa del Duque – in turn, is a beach located in the city of Costa Adeje in the south of Tenerife, which connects, among others, with the promenade with the other two tourist resorts such as Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. Considered by many to be one of the prettiest on the island.

The beach del Duque is located in a small cove and separated from the others in this part of the coast by a low rocky hill. The sand is partly artificial, partly the remains of small shells polished by water. As a result, the water in this place takes on different shades of blue. There are luxury hotels and shopping centers in the area, while the beach promenade with restaurants and bars runs. When it comes to beach infrastructure, there are showers, toilets and changing rooms.

Sun loungers with umbrellas can be rented on the beach, and parking is available nearby. This place has been awarded the Blue Flag award for the cleanliness and quality of water.

Playa de las Vistas beach

Playa de las Vistas – is another very popular beach in the south of Tenerife. Located in the middle of holiday resorts – Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. The beach is large, sandy and prepared for vacationers. However, it may be crowded in the season.

Breakwaters made of stones protect against waves, while the team of lifeguards watches over safety. Las Vistas beach is neat and clean, which is why it is awarded the Blue Flag award. There are toilets and showers on site, and you can also rent deckchairs and water equipment. Interestingly, the beach is fully adapted for the disabled, from toilets, through changing rooms, showers and a team of lifeguards that helps to enter the water (using a special vehicle). The promenade with eateries and shops is also nearby.

Playa Fanabe beach

Playa Fanabe – another popular beach on the southern part of the island. It is also another place that boasts the Blue Flag award for its cleanliness. On the Fanabe beach you can rent deckchairs with sunshades and take advantage of the local watersports offer, just like on the others in this band.

A promenade runs along it, where local shops and restaurants are located. It is also a good place for a romantic walk for two, at sunset.

Playa de El Medano beach

Playa de El Medano – this beach is considered the best on the island by water sports enthusiasts. There is no wonder, after all, here are some of the best conditions for them in Tenerife. Especially when it comes to wind- and kite-surfing, whose competitions have been organized here for years. A characteristic place that blends into the beach landscape is the volcanic cone of Montana Roja (Red Mountain), which interestingly can be climbed.

This is another place on the map of Tenerife decorated as a beach worthy of the Blue Flag. On the beach there are changing rooms, showers and deckchairs with umbrellas for rent. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and of course water equipment rentals for obvious reasons. El Medano beach is also adapted for the disabled and those with reduced mobility.

These are not all the beaches of Tenerife that we have prepared for you.

Playa Jardin beach

Playa Jardin – in turn, is the star of the north coast of Tenerife, located in Puerto de la Cruz. A beach with typical volcanic sand, black. Picturesquely surrounded by exotic vegetation, rock caves and water cascades, which supposedly designed by Cesar Manrique himself.

Along the beach runs a promenade with cafes and restaurants open until late at night. On one hand, it is protected by a breakwater, which overlooks the volcano El Teide. On the beach, you can use toilets, changing rooms, showers and deckchairs with umbrellas. This place is also adapted to the needs of the disabled.

Playa de la Arena beach

Playa de la Arena – is a small beach located in the small resort of Santiago, in the north of the island. Here you will also find volcanic black sand. The beach is surrounded by two on rocky hills, where daredevils are happy to dive.

On site, lifeguards watch over the safety of sunbathers. There is no shortage of showers, footbridges and ramps that help people with disabilities to fully enjoy the charms of an ocean holiday. Sun loungers with umbrellas can be rented at La Arena beach. Nearby, on the promenade, there are shops and gastronomic establishments.

Playa Benijo beach

Playa Benijo – in turn, is an offer for people who hate crowds. Benijo Beach is located in Anaga Park, in the northeast of the island. It is a picturesque place with rocks protruding from the ocean, ideal for photographing. The beach has dark volcanic sand, and is often visited by water sports enthusiasts. There is not much parking space here, and after leaving the car you have to go down the stairs.

Playa El Bollullo beach

Playa El Bollullo – is a natural beach located in the Valley of La Orotova, in the north of Tenerife. Located 9 kilometers from the resort of Puerto de la Cruz. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs, with black volcanic sand and photogenic rocks protruding from the ocean’s waters. This is a little-known place, which is used mainly by local residents. Interestingly, there is a lifeguard and small sanitary facilities. You can reach the beach of El Bollullo by walking through a banana plantation or simply by car.

See at the end a ranking of the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife:

And finally, something for nudists going on holiday to Tenerife:

Nudist beaches in Tenerife

There are also beaches in Tenerife, and most often separate sections of beaches where people who are disturbed by clothing in the form of a swimsuit sunbathe.

Let me know what are your favorite beaches in Tenerife.

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