Prices in Switzerland

Prices in Switzerland / Food, food in shops, beer, cigarettes, alcohol

Prices in Switzerland, next to the Scandinavian and Icelandic ones, are among the highest in Europe and around the world. Unfortunately, visiting this country is associated with high expenses. Both when it comes to accommodation, meals, transport or even tickets to the attractions themselves. Prices in Switzerland also vary by region. It is especially visible … Read more

Prices at Lake Constance / Dinners in restaurants, drinks and food in shops

Lake Constance is one of the most interesting regions in terms of tourism in Central Europe. Unfortunately, this also translates into nearby prices for accommodation, meals and attractions alike. Of all the countries in which Lake Constance is located, Germany has the lowest prices and it is worth heading there if you want the best … Read more

Lake Constance: What is worth seeing? Tourist attractions, monuments, weather and beaches

Lake Constance is the third largest inland reservoir in the central part of Europe. Located on the northern edge of the Alps, within three countries – Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This large lake is called the Swabian Sea, due to its large area (538.5 sq km) and tides that create quite large waves. The reservoir … Read more