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Stockholm’s attractions are so numerous that only a weekend will not be enough to visit them all. The capital of Sweden, just by its location on 14 islands connected by more than 50 bridges, is intriguing enough to want to spend a little more time here. Tourists can visit numerous museums, an interesting old town with its tangle of narrow streets, and magnificent mansions belonging to the royal family.
Stockholm is a city that combines historic buildings with modern districts. There is no shortage of old monuments, interesting places worth seeing, or green areas where you can relax. The attractions in the capital of Sweden include cruises between the islands, as well as lively promenades and fantastic parks. The entire Stockholm archipelago consists of tens of thousands of smaller and larger islands, thanks to which the city has gained the title of the Venice of the North.

Stockholm attractions

Fans of sightseeing and learning about history will be delighted with the local museums, while tourists who spend their holidays actively will find themselves here perfectly. The city is a great place for walks, bike rides or boat trips. Stockholm is a good idea for a weekend getaway for both young people who like to go crazy in the evenings, and for families with children. A number of attractions have been prepared for the youngest in the capital of Sweden, including interesting playgrounds. So what is worth seeing in Stockholm?

Stockholm tourist attractions / Interesting places, monuments - what is worth seeing and visiting.
Stockholm tourist attractions / Interesting places, monuments – what is worth seeing and visiting.

Sightseeing in Stockholm

Visiting the biggest attractions of Stockholm is not a problem, as most of them are within a few walks. The most important monuments in the capital of Sweden are located relatively close to each other. However, if we want to see a bit more then we have to use local public transport. In Stockholm, it is possible thanks to bus and tram connections, as well as city ferries and metro lines.
The best time to visit Stockholm is during the summer months, roughly from early June to mid-August. After this date, it begins to rain more and more, although it is not uncommon even in the warmer half of the year. After all, there is a typical Scandinavian climate here. In summer, you also have to reckon with more tourists, so if someone wants to avoid the crowds, it would be better to choose May or September to visit the capital of Sweden. The winter here also has its charm, when the whole city is covered with snow. An additional attraction will be the Christmas market, organized from the end of November.
It is also worth noting that people in wheelchairs can easily visit Stockholm, as most of the city is perfectly adapted to their needs. Including public transport and attractions. It is only a bit worse in the area of ​​the old town and its adjacent streets.

Sights in Stockholm

Let’s start our tour of Stockholm by checking the most important sights.

Stockholm monuments / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments in Stockholm.
Stockholm monuments / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments in Stockholm.

Gamla Stan

The oldest part of Stockholm is the old town, simply called Gamla Stan. It is full of narrow streets, colorful houses and of course shops and restaurants. The heart of Stockholm’s old town is the local cathedral.


It is also here that the Christmas market is organized every year (on Stortorget square). Within Gamla Stan, there are also the most important attractions of Stockholm, such as the Nobel Museum and the Royal Castle. The history of the old town itself dates back to the 13th century.

Open-air museum

Another place to learn about Stockholm’s history is the local Open Air Museum. Visiting this park is the perfect pastime for the whole family. On site, you can admire the traditional architecture of Scandinavia over the centuries, including the characteristic huts of the Northern Peoples.

There are over 150 buildings to which you can visit. These include an old pharmacy, grocery store, bakery, glass factory, post office, school and church. There is also a petting zoo as well as several old-fashioned carousels for children. You need several hours to visit this unique open-air museum.

Royal Castle

A monument in the capital of Sweden that cannot be missed is the Royal Castle. It is located, as we have already mentioned, in the local old town, and its history dates back to the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. Today it is the official seat of the King of Sweden, some of the interior has been made available to tourists. You can visit the Royal Apartments and the Three Crowns Museum. However, in the local vaults, royal treasures have been collected, among which you can see, among others: crowns, royal swords and other symbols of power.

The Royal Castle in Stockholm is one of the largest buildings of this type in Europe. In addition, it is worth seeing the local changing of the Royal Guard, which takes place in the castle courtyard. During it, accompanied by a military orchestra, a ceremonial parade of the Swedish Guard takes place from the Army Museum directly to the square of the royal seat.

St. Nicholas in Stockholm

Another noteworthy monument in Stockholm is the local Lutheran cathedral. St. Nicholas is the oldest temple in this city. The building itself was erected in the gothic style in the 13th century, but over the years it was rebuilt many times and is now an example of baroque architecture.

It is in the Church of St. Nicholas in Stockholm, all coronations of Swedish kings took place. It is worth paying attention to the tower with four bells, one of which weighs over 6 tons. In the middle of the cathedral, you can admire the oak sculpture of Saint George with the Dragon by Brent Notke, as well as the 17th century painting of the Last Judgment.

Tourist attractions in Stockholm

The next stage of the tour is the tourist attractions of Stockholm.

Vasa Museum

One of the biggest attractions in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum. In the middle there is a nearly 95% restored Vasa sailing ship, which had been laying on the seabed for over 330 years. It sank in 1628, just after having only traveled one nautical mile. It was built on the order of Gustav II Adolf, who, as rumors say, demanded too many guns on board, which was the cause of its sinking.

Today, after many years of restoration of the ship, it can be fully admired at the Vasa Museum. This is made possible by several floors of this building, thanks to which you can see the craftsmanship of its execution with numerous ornaments carved in wood. In addition, it is also possible to look at the upper deck and the admiral’s cabin.

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Another attraction in Stockholm is the royal residence of Drottningholm, located in the suburbs. The entire property is strongly associated with the French Versailles and is the first property in Sweden entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Drottningholm and its surrounding gardens were built in the 17th century in a baroque style.

Currently, the Swedish royal family lives in it, but some rooms have been made available to tourists. On site, in addition to richly decorated chambers, you can visit the eighteenth-century theater, which now houses a museum and the Chinese Pavilion. However, perhaps the most popular are the local gardens, where you can relax after a day trip around the capital of Sweden.

Grona Lund

The Grona Lund amusement park is also a big attraction in Stockholm. There are over 30 different attractions on site, including seven roller coasters. In addition, in the warmer season, numerous concerts and other events are organized here.

In addition to various carousels and houses of fear, there are also shooting ranges and various types of raffles, as well as six restaurants. Lund ranks is an ideal place for lovers of crazy rides, as well as for whole families with children (those a bit older).


Another attraction of Stockholm are also cruises, thanks to which you can admire the city from the water. These include routes under Stockholm’s bridges or the royal canals, as well as those around specific islands. They last from less than an hour to more than two, depending on the specific route we choose.

Interesting places in Stockholm

What interesting places should you visit in Stockholm? Let’s check!

Stockholm interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting? Attractions and interesting places
Stockholm interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting? Attractions and interesting places

Abba Museum

One of the most interesting, but unfortunately expensive places in Stockholm is the Abba Museum. It is entirely devoted to the famous Swedish band that performed pop songs. Inside, you can get to know the whole story of Abba, from the very beginning. Inside is a collection of memorabilia of the band, including their tour and performance costumes and records.

In addition, visitors have the opportunity to perform together with the famous Abba, thanks to holographic characters, in a specially prepared show.

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Another extremely interesting place in Stockholm, especially for younger tourists, is Junibacken. This museum is entirely dedicated to characters from Swedish children’s literature. An ideal place for fans of Astrid Lindgren and Tove Jansson’s work. Inside there is a large bookstore, filled to the brim with children’s literature.

However, the most popular here is the so-called Book Tales Square, with houses dedicated to famous characters from the novels. In one of them you can meet the world-famous Moomins. In addition, there is a mini-train running through Junibacken, which takes the youngest on a journey, where on the way they can see characteristic places known from books, for example the Houses of Bullerbyn Children or the villa of Pipi Longstocking.

Globen Sky View

An interesting place in Stockholm is also the Sky View viewpoint, located outside the Ericsson Globen hall. It is simply a kind of external elevator whose track is embedded in the building of this arena. The Ericsson Globen hall itself stands out significantly with its round shape, compared to the local architecture. It is on it that two spherical lifts that go to the roof are mounted.

From the top you can admire the panorama of the entire city, but probably the rolling ball ride itself is the biggest attraction here.
What else is worth seeing and visiting in Stockholm?

Stockholm what to see
Stockholm what to see

Nobel Museum

In Stockholm, it is also worth seeing the Nobel Museum, which is located in the building of the former stock exchange. It is entirely devoted to the person of Alfred Nobel himself, as well as the famous award granted every year to the most outstanding individuals. Visiting this museum, we get to know the history of the founder and all the winners and their achievements.

For this you can also see a small part with inventions such as an umbrella or a wheelchair and an exhibition devoted to creativity.

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Another place worth seeing in Stockholm is the art museum and the sculpture garden, located next to the house of sculptor Carl Milles, or Millesgarden. The villa is situated on the island of Lidingö, just outside the town. It was here that the artist gathered his works and a collection of other art masterpieces.

Here you can admire numerous sculptures, among them it is worth paying attention to the most famous ones – the Hand of God, Man and Pegasus and Musical Angels.

Swedish Museum of Photography – Fotografiska

During a trip to Stockholm, it is also worth seeing the Swedish Museum of Photography – Fotografiska. It is one of the most praised museum objects in the Swedish capital. You can see an exhibition of contemporary photography there. Some of the collections are permanent and others change over time. The Swedish Museum of Photography is located in a building right next to the water, so the upstairs cafe offers nice views.
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Stockholm tourist attractions map

On the map of Stockholm’s tourist attractions you will find the most important monuments and interesting places that are worth seeing and visiting:

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