Spanish phrasebook for every tourist and visitor!

Spain is, next to Italy, Greece and Portugal, the holiday center of Europe – the combination of hot and dry climate with a long coastline makes this country the perfect place for sunbathing, partying and water sports. What’s more, Spain has an extremely long history, and while traveling around the country, we can see monuments from many different cultures – the heritage of ancient Rome, medieval Muslim Andalusia, delicious baroque buildings, etc.

So it is also a perfect country for lovers of history and culture. In addition, even on lawns we come across plants that are extremely exotic to us: figs, prickly pears and olives. The same applies to animals – in Barcelona, ​​for example, we will see parrots.

In other words, there is something for everyone in Spain.

English-Spanish phrasebook

Although the English language is known among younger Spaniards, especially those working in holiday resorts, it is worth going beyond typical tourist locations during the holidays to just see what Spain looks like to Spaniards. When you want to buy fresh fruit or vegetables at the market, send a postcard to your friends or ask for directions to an attraction, it’s really worth knowing a little Spanish!

It will certainly be helpful, and the locals will look more favorably at the tourist who is trying. Below we present selected words and phrases that may be useful on vacation in Spain.

Phrasebook in Spanish / Basic phrases and words in Spanish
Phrasebook in Spanish / Basic phrases and words in Spanish

Basic Spanish phrases

Grammatical persons in Spanish

Me – Yo

You – Tú

He – Él

She – Ella

We – Nosotros (male) / Nosotras (female)

You – Vosotros (male) / Vosotras (female)

Oni – Ellos (male) / Ellas (female)

Numbers – cardinal and ordinal numbers in Spanish

0 cero

1 un / uno (m) una (f) primero

2 dos segundo

3 tres tercero

4 cuatro cuarto

5 cinco quinto

6 seis sexto

7 siete séptimo

8 ocho octavo

9 nueve noveno

10 diez décimo

11 once undécimo

12 doce duodécimo

13 trece decimotercero

14 catorce decimocuarto

15 quince decimoquinto

16 dieciséis decimosexto

17 diecisiete decimoséptimo

18 dieciocho decimoctavo

19 diecinueve decimonoveno

20 veinte vigésimo

21 veintiuno vigésimo primero etc.

30 treinta trigésimo

31 treinta y uno trigésimo primero etc.

40 cuarenta cuadragésimo

50 cincuenta quincuagésimo

60 sexagésimo sesenta

70 hundredth septuagésimo

80 ochenta octogésimo

90 noventa nonagésimo

100 centésimo thin

200 doscientos ducentésimo

300 trescientos tricentésimo

400 cuatrocientos cuadringentésimo

500 quinientos quingentésimo

600 seiscientos sexcentésimo

700 setecientos septingentésimo

800 ochocientos octingentésimo

900 novecientos noningentésimo

1000 milésimo miles

2000 dos mil dosmilésimo

1 million un millón millonésimo

2 million dos millones dosmillonésimo

Hello in Spanish

Good morning – Buenos días

Good evening – Buena noches

Hello – Hola

Goodbye – Adiós

See you later – Te veo pronto

Good night – Buenas noches

Have a nice day – Que tengas un buen día

How to introduce yourself in Spanish?

My name is … – Me llamo …

Spain – España

Polite phrases in Spanish

Yes – Si

No – No.

Thank you – Gracias

Please – Por favor

Sorry – Perdóneme

Bon appetit – Disfrute de su comida

Cheers – Salud

How do you do? – ¿Cómo lo haces?

(Very) Good – (Muy) Bien

Greetings – Saludos

Spanish phrasebook – in a shop, in a bar and in a restaurant

How much does it cost…? – Cuanto cuesta…?

X gram / x kilogram / half kilogram, please – Me gustaría x gramo / x kilogramo / medio kilogramo

How much do I pay? – ¿Cuánto pago?

A menu, please – Un menú, por favor

I’m a vegan / vegetarian / on a gluten-free diet – Soy vegano / vegetariano / sigo una diet sin gluten

Sugar Free – Sin azúcar

Dry wine – Vino seco

Sweet wine – Vino dulce

Semi-dry wine – Vino semiseco

Semi-sweet wine – Vino semidulce

Takeaway – Para llevar

Account – Cuenta

Can I pay by card? – ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta?

I liked it – Me gustó

Store – Tienda

Currency exchange – Oficina de cambio

Pharmacy – Farmacia

By the way, see what the prices in Spain are.

Days and time in Spanish

Monday – Lunes

Tuesday – Martes

Wednesday – Miércoles

Thursday – Jueves

Friday – Viernes

Saturday – Sábado

Sunday – Domingo

The day before yesterday – Anteayer

Yesterday – Ayer

Today – Hoy

Tomorrow – Mañana

The day after tomorrow – Pasado mañana

Last week – La semana pasada

This week – Esta semana

Next week – La Proxima semana

Month – Mes

Year – Año

Before noon – Antes del mediodía

In the afternoon – Por la tarde

Directions in Spanish

Straight – Recta

Right – Derecha

Left – Izquierda

Close – Cerca

Far – Lejos

North – Norte

South – Sur

East – Este

West – Oeste

Basic Spanish phrases / English-Spanish phrasebook
Basic Spanish phrases / English-Spanish phrasebook

Summer Spanish phrasebook

Sea – Mar

Beach – Playa

City – Ciudad

Center – Centro

Hotel – Hotel

Airport – Aeroporto

Hospital – Hospital

Consulate – Consulado

Ticket – Boleto

Highway – Autopista

No parking – No estacionar

House – Casa

Free rooms – Habitaciones libres

Bathroom – Baño

Shower – Spirit

Agreement – Acuerdo

This is just a small selection of words for the holidays. In our opinion, this is the necessary minimum for a tourist going on vacation to Spain. As you can see, there are no verbs here, for example. What other necessary words and phrases are missing here? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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