Zaragoza’s attractions / What is worth seeing? Monuments, interesting places

Zaragoza / Tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments / What is worth visiting?

Zaragoza’s attractions are mainly local architecture with visible Roman and Arabic influences. It is a remnant of the former Roman and Mauritanian rule, which was victoriously seized by Catholic kings, also in the capital of Aragon. The city tempts tourists with wide, well-kept streets and vast squares, as well as numerous monuments, both sacred and … Read more

Canary Islands / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments

Canary Islands tourist attractions / Interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing and visiting?

The attractions of the Canary Islands are mainly the local nature and favorable climate. The greatest magnet of this archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean are its varied beaches, interesting landscapes and lush vegetation. In the Canary Islands, there are also charming towns with historic architecture that still remember the colonial times. The entire archipelago … Read more

Madrid / Live Webcams!

Interesting places in Madrid / What places are worth seeing and visiting in Madrid?

Madrid is one of the largest cities in Europe and a popular holiday destination. It is a matter of the perfect climate of the city, but also the diversity of its tourist attractions – so we have a lot of galleries and museums devoted to every field of culture, many monuments created over hundreds of … Read more

Barcelona / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Tibidabo Hill

Barcelona’s attractions are the main magnet for tourists in this city. There are so many of them that even a two-week vacation may not be enough to explore them all. The list of interesting places to see in Barcelona really makes you dizzy. However, during a short trip, it’s impossible to uncheck everything. Visiting Barcelona’s … Read more

Weather in Barcelona

Weather in Barcelona / Long term weather forecast in Barcelona

The weather in Barcelona invites you to go on excursions all year round. Undoubtedly, it can be considered a great asset of this beautiful Spanish city. The multitude of monuments, the location on the Mediterranean Sea and the proximity of the Pyrenees ridge make tourists eagerly visit this city. In our article, we present the … Read more

Seville / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places

Sevilla attractions / Interesting places, the most important monuments and interesting places / Sightseeing in Seville

The attractions of Seville are mainly remnants of the Arab and colonial past. Historical geographic discoveries definitely helped in the development of this city, as well as directly in the creation of amazing monuments that can be admired here today. This is why the number of attractions and interesting places to see in Seville is … Read more

Valencia / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places

Tourist attractions of Valencia / Monuments and interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

The attractions of Valencia are a combination of two contrasts – on the one hand, ancient monuments, on the other, modern architecture and ingenious solutions. All this together makes visiting the third largest city in Spain extremely interesting. Valencia is a perfect example of a place with its characteristic climate and atmosphere. Despite many attractions … Read more

Spanish phrasebook for every tourist and visitor!

Phrasebook in Spanish / Basic phrases and words in Spanish

Spain is, next to Italy, Greece and Portugal, the holiday center of Europe – the combination of hot and dry climate with a long coastline makes this country the perfect place for sunbathing, partying and water sports. What’s more, Spain has an extremely long history, and while traveling around the country, we can see monuments … Read more

Prices in Spain

Prices in Spain / Food in shops and lunch in a restaurant, pizza, fast food

Prices in Spain are certainly not the highest – of course, everything depends on a specific region or even city. The most expensive holiday destinations are definitely Barcelona, ​​Madrid and one of the Balearic Islands – Ibiza. On the other side of this barricade are the Canaries – Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote, and the Spanish … Read more

Tenerife for kids: Loro and Siam Park, Aqualand, Lago Martianez, Jungle Park

AttraThe best attractions for children in Krakow

The Canary Islands, and especially Tenerife due to not only the excellent weather that prevails on the island practically throughout the year, but also because of the many attractions that await the youngest, are a frequent destination for families. Tenerife is so diverse that nobody should be bored here on a family vacation Amazing nature, … Read more

What is worth eating in Tenerife? Delicacies, dishes, sweets and desserts

Sweets and desserts in Tenerife or what is good to eat in Tenerife.

Canarian cuisine is slightly different from continental – yes, we will get here all the best in Spanish cuisine, i.e. immortal paella, churros with liquid chocolate or mini appetizers – tapas, but Canaries offer much more. An example would be Tenerife – the largest of the islands and what you can eat on it. Fruit … Read more

What is worth buying in Tenerife? Gifts and souvenirs from Tenerife

Souvenirs from Tenerife

What is worth buying in Tenerife? What souvenirs and gifts to buy while spending the holidays there? Souvenirs are to remind us of pleasant moments spent on vacation in Tenerife. However, it is worth choosing those that will actually be produced in Tenerife. Unfortunately, nowadays there is a flood of all kinds of mass-produced souvenirs … Read more

Tenerife: cheap flights and airports

Tenerife Airport: Tenerife Norte Aeropuerto in Tenerife (North) and Reina Sofia in Tenerife (South)

Tenerife as the largest of the Canary Islands has two airports. The one located in the north of the island is an airport mainly serving domestic flights, both from the continent and from other islands. However, the airport located in the south of the island is an international airport that accepts almost all the tourist … Read more

What currency is in Tenerife, with what to pay and how to withdraw money and how much money to take to Tenerife?

What currency in Tenerife? How much money to take to Tenerife for a week? What to pay with?

The currency in Tenerife is the euro: the Canary Islands belong to Spain, despite the geographical location in Africa, so the currency is the same as on the mainland. So before you go, get enough of it. It is not possible to pay in currencies other than euro on the spot. Currency of Tenerife Of … Read more

First Minute Holidays in Tenerife / When and where is the best to buy? What price and offer at travel agencies?

Where to buy first minute holidays in Tenerife?

Holidays in Tenerife are one of the most frequently chosen offers in travel agencies because there are direct flights from many airports across Europe and North America, the climate is stable and pleasant all year round and the extensive tourist accommodation base on the island causes competition among hoteliers and other entrepreneurs associated with this … Read more

Accommodation in Tenerife: Apartments, hotels, hostels / Reviews and prices!

Accommodation in Tenerife / Reviews, reviews, offers. Which to choose and where to book?

Accommodation in Tenerife is a topic that you can write a lot about: numerous hotels, apartments, hostels and private accommodation that local entrepreneurs make available to tourists are an important topic when choosing a holiday in Tenerife. In this article you will learn where and how to book accommodation in Tenerife and what reviews they … Read more

Optional excursions in Tenerife: Teide, Masca, Garachico, Icod de Los Vinos, Los Gigantes

Tenerife and optional trips

Tenerife is one of the most visited Canary Islands. Its indisputable charm is influenced not only by its location in the Atlantic Ocean, but also by many attractions that await tourists here. Black beaches, Teide volcano, amazing vegetation – from the desert to lush forests in the northern part of the island and numerous amusement … Read more

Long-term weather forecast for Tenerife: Spring, summer, autumn, winter

Weather in Tenerife: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Forecast.

Tenerife – the largest island of Spain can boast of really great weather and practically all year round. The mild climate means that the place is often visited every season of the year, especially since the temperature fluctuations are not too great here. Tenerife is often called the island of eternal spring and there is … Read more

The best and most beautiful beaches of Tenerife – Playa de las Terasitas and others

The most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

Tourists arrive in Tenerife usually for leisure and sightseeing purposes. The main magnet of the largest Canary Island are undoubted natural conditions, including an extremely diverse beautiful beaches … including black beaches, which make the impression on tourists staying in Tenerife for the first time. It is on these beautiful beaches that you can warm … Read more

Optional trips in Fuerteventura: Ajuy, Mirador Morro Velosa, Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario, Cofete, Gustav Winter’s Villa, Faro de Jandia

Optional trips in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura boasts the longest coastline of the Canary Islands, which in turn means the largest number of beaches, making it ideal for families with children. The turquoise sea, wide beaches and excellent weather in Fuerteventura throughout the year also make it a great place for fans of all water sports. Especially that Fuertaventura has excellent … Read more

Prices in La Palma / Dinners in restaurants, food in shops

Prices in La Palma

La Palma is one of the youngest of the Canary Islands. It differs from the others mainly due to the lack of strongly developed tourist infrastructure. On the island of La Palma you can still feel and see the untouched wildlife. Volcanoes, salins, natural pools, black beaches and picturesque towns, where there are still well-preserved … Read more

Optional trips from Lanzarote: Timanfaya, Jameos Del Aqua, El Golfo and Charco Verde, Los Hervideros

Optional tours on the island of Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the most interesting Canary Islands. It is a place where you can see almost lunar, volcanic landscape and many unique fauna and flora. The island also offers tourists a typical rest on sandy beaches and a fairly extensive accommodation and catering infrastructure. What more do people on vacation need? Definitely interesting … Read more

Gran Canaria Prices

Gran Canaria is neighboring Tenerife and Fuerteventura, and although it is Africa geographically, the Canary Islands administratively belong to Spain. The currency is the euro here. Prices are at a similar level as on the other islands of the Canary archipelago and on the mainland. Although most of the goods have to be imported here, … Read more

Tourist attractions on Lanzarote: Interesting places and monuments

Lanzarote is an island that owes a lot to Cesar Manrique – the artist and environmentalist who defended this area against trampling and commercialization. Lanzarote is an island of volcanic, lunar landscapes and low, bright buildings. Out of Canary Islands it’s located the closest to Europe and has retained a somewhat wild character. With its … Read more

Costa Brava, beautiful weather, beaches and tourist attractions

There is no shortage of tourist attractions on the Costa Brava, for either singles, couples and whole families with children!

Costa Brava is one of the most popular travel destinations when it comes to holiday trips. Miles of picturesque beaches, historic cities and resorts prepared for the arrival of guests from all over the world attract millions of tourists every year. This part of Catalonia offers not only rich night life and attractions for the … Read more

Lanzarote Prices

Prices in restaurants on Lanzarote

Are you going on holiday to the Canary Islands? Have you chosen the island of Lanzarote for your holidays? It’s great! Below we present current prices on Lanzarote. You will find information about the price of food, cigarettes, alcohol, prices in restaurants and how much does gasoline cost, entrances to theme parks and other useful … Read more

Prices in Fuerteventura

Prices of accommodation and flights to Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura – one of the Canary Islands, known mainly for its endless beaches. The second largest in the entire Canary archipelago. Located barely 100 km from the Sahara, it attracts especially fans of water sports and families with children looking for peaceful rest. When it comes to prices on Fuerteventura, the island is a little … Read more

Tourist attractions of Tenerife

Towns of Tenerife

Among all the Canary Islands, Tenerife is the one most attractive in terms of touristic potential. Virtually every corner of it has something interesting to see and explore. Though to be blunt, most attractions have been created just to attract as many tourists as possible. However, the island will satisfy even those looking for something … Read more

What to see on Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is located only 100 kilometers from Africa and is the flattest island of the Canary archipelago. It is known primarily for its endless beaches and strong winds, which allows you to practice various types of water sports, making it popular among sailors, surfers and kite surfers from around the world. Fuerteventura, thanks to its … Read more