Prices in Spain

Prices in Spain are certainly not the highest – of course, everything depends on a specific region or even city. The most expensive holiday destinations are definitely Barcelona, ​​Madrid and one of the Balearic Islands – Ibiza. On the other side of this barricade are the CanariesFuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote, and the Spanish coast of Costa Almeria.

So, what are the prices in Spain, regarding holiday accommodation, costs of food and dishes in restaurants, transport, attractions and souvenirs – all the necessary elements of a successful holiday abroad?

Prices in Spain / Food in shops and lunch in a restaurant, pizza, fast food
Prices in Spain / Food in shops and lunch in a restaurant, pizza, fast food

Accommodation prices in Spain

Accommodation prices in Spain depend on the date when we intend to come and the specific location. It is known that in the high season, i.e. from May to September, the cost of accommodation here will be higher than in the rest of the year. Christmas and New Year’s Eve will also be exceptions.

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As for the regions of Spain and accommodation prices, the most expensive will be in Ibiza, Majorca and the Costa Verde. Of course, also in the most expensive Spanish cities in general, i.e. Barcelona, ​​Seville and in the popular, although slightly exclusive seaside town of Marabella. On the other hand, relatively the lowest prices for accommodation are offered by resorts in Tenerife and on the Costa Almeria and Costa Calida. Among them, you can also mention Madrid and Granada.

Average accommodation prices in Spain are at this level:

  • we will pay 36 euro per night in a hostel
  • an overnight stay in a two-star hotel will cost around 60 euro
  • we will pay 90 euro for a room in a three-star hotel facility
  • per night in a four-star hotel we have to spend about 120 euro
  • while accommodation in the most luxurious establishments costs 235 euro per night

See also prices on the Costa Brava. (To be added soon!)

Prices of means of transport in Spain

Urban transport in Spain is not very expensive. Of course, ticket prices depend on a specific city and region. In addition, if we buy city cards authorizing to visit tourist attractions, they will usually also include a package for public transport. When it comes to moving from city to city, the prices in this case are no longer the lowest.

So in this situation it is definitely better to rent a car.

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Average transport prices in Spain:

  • single ticket for public transport 1-2 euro
  • bus from the airport to the center of Madrid 5 euro
  • ticket for 10 journeys 10 euro
  • intercity train ticket 20-30 euro
  • intercity bus ticket 15-25 euro
  • Barcelona-Madrid train ticket from 60 euro upwards

In Spain, you can also get around with a rented bike. The cost of such pleasure is from 20 to 45 euro per night. The means of transport are sometimes also cable cars. Tickets for this type of attractions are quite expensive, as they cost from 15 to 30 euro (sometimes even for a one-way trip).

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Price of taxis, fuel and car rental in Spain

In Spain, taxis are operated by both licensed and private operators. Ride prices are rather similar, regardless of the region. They are as follows:

  • 2 to 5 euro for the start of the course and entry to the taxi
  • 1 to 2 euro for each kilometer driven
  • hourly waiting for a taxi driver from 17 to 30 euro

As we have already mentioned, car rental prices in Spain are rather inexpensive. Depending on the specific rental company and car model, rental date and insurance package – for one day of renting an economy class car we will pay from 10 to 25 euro (with full insurance).

To this, of course, we must add the cost of fuel.

Average fuel prices in Spain:

  • 95 gasoline 1.19 euro per liter
  • 98 gasoline  1.5 euro per liter
  • diesel 1.08 euro per liter
  • LPG 0.66 per liter

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Prices in restaurants in Spain / Dinner for the whole family, fast food, pizza
Prices in restaurants in Spain / Dinner for the whole family, fast food, pizza

Food prices in grocery stores in Spain

Food prices in Spain are rather moderate, and we can do cheaper shopping in supermarkets such as Dia, Lidl, Carrefour, Caprabo, Mercadona, Aldi and Iceland.

The first two are the best in terms of food. In Spain you can also find smaller shops and bakeries. However, the prices in them will be much higher. However, the quality of products and their wide selection will be greater.

Overall, prices for dairy products, meat, vegetables and fruit are higher in Spain. Among them there are also exceptions, such as Spanish cheeses, which are, for example, twice cheaper than those imported from France. However, sweets, drinks and all ready-made dishes will be cheaper here, not forgetting about Spanish wine.

Average prices of basic groceries in shops in Spain:

  • bread roll 0.40 euro
  • baguette 0.75 euro
  • bread 1 euro for a loaf
  • toast bread 1.75 euro
  • croissant 0.65 euro each
  • butter 1.75 euro per cube
  • milk 0.80 euro per liter
  • fruit yoghurt 1 euro for 4 small packages
  • eggs 1.70 euro for 12
  • yellow cheese 1.60 euro for 200 grams
  • sandwich cheese 1.20 euro per pack
  • processed cheese 1.20 euro per pack
  • sliced ​​ham 1.90 euro per pack
  • chorizo ​​1.60 euro for 100 grams
  • sausage 13 euro per kilo
  • minced meat from 6 euro per kilogram
  • beef 11 euro per kilogram
  • chicken fillet 6 euro per kilo
  • rice 1 euro per kilogram
  • pasta 0.90 euro for 500 grams
  • olive oil 6 euro per liter
  • instant coffee 5.50 euro for 200 grams
  • ground coffee 4.70 euro for 500 grams
  • tea 1.30 euro for a pack of 20 bags
  • chocolate 2.45 euro for a plate
  • chocolate bar 1 euro each
  • cookies 3 euro per pack
  • chips 1.85 euro for a large package
  • chips in a tube of 2 euro

Current prices in Gran Canaria.

Fruit and vegetable prices in stores in Spain:

  • lemons 2.15 euro per kilo
  • pineapple 1.20 euro per kilo
  • tangerines 2.40 euro per kilogram
  • grape 2.50 euro per kilogram
  • oranges 1.30 euro per kilo
  • bananas 1.60 euro per kilo
  • apples 1.70 euro per kilogram
  • kiwi fruit 0.50 euro each
  • melon 1.20 euro per kilogram
  • mango 4.60 euro per kilo
  • peaches 1.95 euro per kilo
  • potatoes 1.10 euro per kilo
  • cucumbers 0.90 euro per kilogram
  • onion 1.10 euro per kilogram
  • tomatoes 1.60 euro per kilo
  • lettuce 0.95 euro each
  • pepper 2 euro per kilogram
  • zucchini 1.20 euro per kilo
  • cauliflower 2.40 euro per kilogram
  • carrots 0.70 euro per kilogram
Food prices in Spain / Food and drinks in shops.
Food prices in Spain / Food and drinks in shops.

Prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in shops in Spain:

  • water 0.60 euro for 1.5 liters
  • energy drink 1.50 euro a can
  • cola 1.30 euro for 2 liters
  • ice tea 1.50 euro for 1.5 liters
  • orange juice 1.20 euro per liter
  • decent wine 5 euro
  • local beer 0.80 euro for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer 1.50 euro for 0.33 liters
  • vermouth 8.40 euro per liter
  • vodka 7.80 euro for 0.7 liters
  • whiskey 15 euro for 0.7 liters
  • rum 13 euro for a bottle
  • gin 9.50 euro per bottle
  • a pack of cigarettes 5 euro

Current prices in La Palma.

Meal prices in bars and restaurants in Spain

The prices of restaurant food in Spain are rather moderate. It all depends on where we are going to eat – the further from the city center or attractions, the cheaper. The cost of meals also depends on the specific location, for example, we will eat the cheapest in Lanzarote and Tenerife and on the Costa de la Luz.

The most expensive is Mallorca, on the Costa Azahar and Costa Tropical.

On average, for a dinner in a cheap restaurant in Spain we will pay from 7 to 15 euro. However, for a meal in a slightly better restaurant you have to pay from 13 to 30 euro (for three courses). The seemingly cheapest option in Spain is ordering tapas, which cost around 2 euro per portion. However, it is a small (literally) snack that we will definitely not fill ourselves with. The solution to the situation is, as always, fast food and meals served with the so-called menu of the day.

Average prices of fast food and street food in Spain:

  • hamburger with cheese 2.10 euro
  • hamburger with fries 6.50 euro
  • slice of pizza 3 euro
  • fast food set 7 euro
  • kebab 5 euro
  • tortilla from 5 euro upwards
  • sandwiches from 3.50 euro

Average meal prices in restaurants in Spain:

  • scrambled eggs 6 euro
  • coffee + baguette + juice 6.50 euro
  • breakfast set from 5 euro
  • salad from 4 euro
  • gazpacho 3.50 euro
  • patatas bravas from 4.50 euro
  • fried calamari 6.50 euro
  • paella 13.50 euro
  • grilled octopus 10 euro
  • fried prawns 11 euro
  • grilled chicken with additions 8 euro
  • pizza from 9 euro
  • fish + fries 15 euro
  • grilled salmon 15 euro

Average prices in cafes and bars in Spain:

  • churros 2 euro
  • a scoop of ice cream from 2 euro
  • desserts from 2.50 euro
  • hot chocolate 2.25 euro
  • 4 euro smoothie
  • pancakes 4 euro
  • biscuits 2 to 4 euro
  • piece of cake from 4 euro
  • coffee 1.10 euro
  • cappuccino 1.60 euro
  • latte 2.50 euro
  • tea 1.40 euro
  • water 1.20 euro for 0.33 liters
  • cola 1.70 euro for 0.33 liters
  • drink from 1.40 euro
  • local beer 2.0 euro for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer 3 euro for 0.33 liters
  • a glass of wine from 2 euro
  • local sherry from 1.70 euro per glass
  • cider 2.50 euro
  • drinks from 4-5 euro
  • liqueurs from 5 euro
Current prices in Spain / Public transport, accommodation, fuel
Current prices in Spain / Public transport, accommodation, fuel

Prices for attractions in Spain

There are many attractions in Spain. The ticket prices vary considerably. Entry to Barcelona’s top attractions costs less than 10 euro upwards. And in the region of Andalusia, all state-run museums are free.

Sample prices of attractions in Spain:

  • Park Güell in Barcelona € 7.50
  • Sagrada Familia from 15 euro
  • The Silk Exchange in Valencia 2 euro
  • Jardín Botánico in Valencia 2.50 euro
  • La Seu Cathedral 3 euro
  • Royal Palace of Madrid 10 euro
  • Cerralbo Museum in Madrid 3 euro
  • Prado Museum 15 euro
  • Real Alcazar in Seville 11.50 euro
  • Flamenco Dance Museum in Seville 26 euro
  • Picasso Museum in Malaga 9 euro

Prices for souvenirs from Spain

  • sangria (wine) 1-2 euro per liter in a cardboard box
  • olive oil from 15 euro per liter
  • turron (a type of nougat) from 15 euro per kilogram
  • chorizo ​​(sausage) from 20 euro per kilo
  • allioli sauce (garlic) from 1.50 euro per jar
  • Iberian ham from 40 euro per kilogram
  • cava (wine) from 4 euro per bottle
  • saffron from 4 euro per pack
  • dried peppers from 2 euro for a 75 gram package

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