International Space Station / Live webcams!

The most unusual webcams (i.e. cameras transmitting live view to the internet) are undoubtedly the ones that are not on Earth at all! The International Space Station (ISS for short) is probably known to you – its launch in 1998 was a great event, and due to its research and prestige, it often appears in the media. Thanks to the development of technology in recent years it has also become possible to place a camera transmitting live image to the Internet on the space station! Actually, it is about several cameras placed on the station’s shell, thanks to which we can, without leaving our home, observe the breathtaking view of the Earth moving as if under our feet, as well as watch the cosmic walks of astronauts performing various works outside the station. This is undoubtedly a great attraction not only for space lovers – who is not curious what the Earth looks like from orbit? Since you cannot connect to the ISS for approx. 45 minutes a day, sometimes you are unlucky to watch pre-recorded footage. But is it really bad luck? Check out the cameras below!

ISS Live Camera

ISS – space station camera

ISS Space Walk – ISS Live Camera

Earth visible from the ISS

Can you see your native country from the ISS?

International Space Station (NASA photo) / ISS live camera online.
International Space Station (NASA photo) / ISS live camera online.

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