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Pomorie is a small town on the Black Sea coast. Not as known as nearby Sunny Beach, but also less crowded in the season.

This resort is located on a small peninsula that goes over three kilometers deep into the sea. On one side it is surrounded by the waters of the Burgas Bay, and on the other by Lake Pomorie.

The town is only 20 kilometers away from Burgas, so the transfer from the airport does not take more than half an hour. Pomorie is a well-known health resort, where you can find the benefits of nature that occur here.

A few words about the city itself

The history of Pomorie goes back to the fifth century BC.

The turbulent fate marked this area, including plunder and the 1906 fire that consumed most of the local buildings. Only a few of them survived to this day. However, this type of traditional construction can be admired in all its glory in nearby Sozopol or Nesbyrze.

At one time Pomorie was also the only center producing salt in Bulgaria.

Vacation in Pomorie
Vacation in Pomorie

Holidays in Pomorie

Pomorie is a great place for holidays for the elderly and those struggling with various diseases, especially when it comes to skin, heart and musculoskeletal disorders, as well as women’s ailments.

The local microclimate is conducive to treatment, and the properties of mud from a nearby lake have a beneficial effect on the body. This resort is also a good direction for family holidays.

There is no shortage of attractions for children, and the sandy beach gently slopes towards the sea. Pomorie is also an ideal place to relax for people who like to spend their holidays in luxury hotels, equipped with all amenities.

As an encouragement, we present a video about Pomorie:

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Accommodation in Pomorie

As we have already mentioned – the accommodation base, or actually the hotel base is very well developed here: we have a choice of five- and four-star all inclusive hotels with all luxuries, but also two- and three-star lodging houses.

Accommodation in Pomorie. Hotels, apartments, private accommodation. Check offers and prices!
Accommodation in Pomorie. Hotels, apartments, private accommodation. Check offers and prices!

You can rent a fully equipped and air-conditioned apartment, a holiday home or a private lodging, while there are no campsites.

As you can see, finding the right accommodation in Pomorie will not be difficult.

Let’s go further then.

Prices in Pomorie

Prices in Pomorie are relatively low compared to other towns on the Black Sea coast, sometimes by up to 30% compared to more popular holiday resorts, especially when it comes to souvenirs. For example, a set of cosmetics with rose oil can be bought on the main street in Pomorie for about 7 levs, where for the same set in Burgas or Nesebar we have to pay from 10 to 15 levs.

When it comes to meals in restaurants and bars, in Pomorie we will pay for the same dish half of what in Sunny Beach or Nessebar, and the portions will usually be larger.

It is worth looking for stalls with fresh fruit that come from local farmers.

Prices of fruit and nuts in Pomorie:

  1.     cherries 2-4 lev per kilo
  2.     watermelon from 0.50 lev per kilo
  3.     peaches from 0.80 lev per kilo
  4.     grape lev 1-2 per kilo
  5.     figs from 2 lev per kilo
  6.     fresh almonds 12 lev per kilo

Food prices in restaurants:

  1.     Shopska salad lev 4
  2.     Greek salad lev 5
  3.     fried cheese 5 lev for portion
  4.     pork or chicken kebab 6 lev for 250 g
  5.     chorizo ​​pizza 8 lev
  6.     fried squid 6.50 lev for 200 g
  7.     dorada 2 lev for 50 g
  8.     salmon 15 lev for 250 g
  9.     stuffed pepper 3 lev
  10.     moussaka 4.40 lev
  11.     pork knuckle in mushroom sauce 4.40 lev for 400 g
  12.     rotisserie chicken 10 lev for the whole
  13.     chicken with rice 4 lev for 400 g

Souvenir prices from Pomorie:

  1.     5 magnets 2 lev
  2.     souvenir plate from Pomorie from 6 lev
  3.     local wine 4 lev for the bottle
  4.     Bulgarian spices 0.85 lev per packet
  5.     silver jewelry from 10 lev per gram
  6.     Bulgarian drum 30 lev

Prices of transfer from the airport (taxi), accommodation and trips from Pomorie:

  1.     Route Pomorie-Burgas airport 25 euro
  2.     route Pomorie-Varna airport 72 euro
  3.     generally around 2 lev per kilometer by taxi
  4.     two-room flat / apartment 35 euro per day (for rent for 2 weeks)
  5.     Istanbul one-day trip of 65 euro
  6.     Cruise to Sozopol with a tour of 35 euro

If it was about prices in Pomorie, it is also worth mentioning a few words about monuments and interesting places that are worth visiting and seeing. Tourist attractions may not be the most here but there is something to do.

See for yourself!

Tourist attractions in Pomorie

There are no beaches or a multitude of nightclubs in Pomorie. You come here for rest and for spa purposes.

The local mud from a nearby lake has healing properties that come from the decomposition of the millions of crustaceans living in this reservoir.

Mud is used for some skin diseases, infertility, prostate trouble, joint, heart and liver problems. It also helps with rheumatoid diseases.

In turn, in the northern part of the lake, salt is produced, because the geological reservoir is ultra brine. This mineral has been produced here since the dawn of time, which culminates in the tiny Salt Museum. Here you can see the old methods of obtaining salt, tools and the place where this salt is produced (saline).

There is another attraction at Lake Pomorie – a bird observatory with a small museum. In this protected area you can observe more than 200 species of birds (through special binoculars), because the migration route of birds – Via Potnica runs through the lake. Special breeding sites for endangered species have also been set up here. You can see here cormorants, pelicans, terns and avocets.

Healthy sand rich in iron

An interesting fact is also that this gray-brown sand on the beaches of Pomorie also has beneficial properties, because it is rich in iron.

Beaches in Pomorie

The beaches are quite wide, the entrance to the sea is gentle, so it is not too deep at the shore. These are ideal conditions for families with children. Along the shore you can walk along the promenade, especially in the evenings, when the sun is already setting.

For the youngest, there is also a small amusement park and Sunset Aquapark, with lots of slides for kids of all ages, and of course gastronomic points.

There are also SPA centers on site offering treatments using local mud and other leisure activities, such as billiards, bowling, and plenty of pubs and bars that are open late.

What to see in Pomorie?

Noteworthy is the monastery of St. George – a medieval monastery, where you can see a collection of icons from the 18th and 19th centuries and two small churches – the Transfiguration and the Mother of God. The perfect place to wind down.

An interesting monument is undoubtedly Thracian Tomb, the oldest in Bulgaria. The interior is pleasantly cool. The tomb itself consists of a corridor and a circular room, in the center of which stands a column / chimney with walled stairs and several smaller rooms. The whole was built of stone, brick and plaster. The tomb is hidden in an earth mound.

It is also worth visiting the small Historical Museum in Pomorie. The whole history of this town has been presented here to this day. You can also admire the paintings of Bulgarian artists. While walking around the city you can come across the old architecture of houses that survived the great fire in 1906.

From nearby towns it is worth going to Burgas with a Seaside Park and three lagoon lakes or to Nessebar, whose old city has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Those looking for entertainment and madness until dawn, will certainly be interested in Bulgarian Las Vegas – Sunny Beach.

What to buy and bring souvenirs from Pomorie

In addition to typical souvenirs imported from Bulgaria, in the form of rose oil products or magnets, t-shirts and mugs with the inscription Pomorie, it is worth taking a look at the local alcoholic products. Local factory – Black Sea Gold is famous for wines, rakija and excellent cognac and brandy.

In addition, from Pomorie you can bring skincare cosmetics based on local salt (including toothpastes, bath powders) and the salt itself, which we will use for food purposes.

See a short video showing how Pomorie looks in Bulgaria from the inside:

Weather in Pomorie and city map

See on the map how Pomorie is located. You will also find here the most interesting places and tourist attractions as well as beaches:

The holiday season in Pomorie begins in June, but already in May thermometers in Pomorie show almost 20 degrees.

Then it only gets warmer and warmer!

The warmest and the most sunny are the two summer months – July and August, then the temperature reaches 27 degrees and the number of sunny hours per day equals 10.

The risk of precipitation is low and the water temperature is 23-24 degrees.

If you do not like hot weather, a better time for holidays in Pomorie may be September, when the temperature is slightly lower – 23 degrees, and swimming in a warm sea is still guaranteed (23 degrees).

October is a typical autumn month and at night the temperature can drop to 9 degrees, and the number of sunny hours during the day shrinks to just five.

Holiday reviews in Pomorie

We are waiting with a great deal of impatience for your opinions regarding the holidays spent in Pomorie. Let me know how you liked the accommodation, what the prices, beaches and tourist attractions look like at the moment.

Check out also the website of the official travel agency in Bulgaria, where Pomorie also has its place.


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