Solar powerbank: a solar charger for your phone

Even the most ardent admirers of nature cannot go on expeditions without their mobile phones. If the trip lasts one or two days, usually the battery of your phone should be enough. What, however, when your trip – walking or cycling – is planned for a few days or more and you have no guarantee that you will have access to the electrical outlet along the way?

Fortunately, this is not a problem anymore. The solar charger is a device that will be irreplaceable in this case. Let’s look at them!

Solar chargers for the phone

The operation of solar chargers does not differ from the operation of solar batteries installed, for example, on the roofs of houses. Their most important part is a panel that converts incoming solar rays into electricity. This, in turn, accumulates in a lithium-ion battery, from where it is passed to a telephone or a music player connected.

A solar charger for a telephone, i.e. a so-called solar power bank, will charge your phone everywhere where there's sunlight!
A solar charger for a telephone, i.e. a so-called solar power bank, will charge your phone everywhere where there’s sunlight!

As it is nowadays in case of most gadgets used for electronic equipment, in stores you will find a huge selection of solar chargers, so let’s think about what solar charger to choose and buy.

Before buying it is definitely worth checking the technical parameters of the solar charger: power and capacity of the battery.

Even the cheapest power solar banks can have the power of 1 W and a capacity of 5000 mAh. It is also worth checking how much time it takes to fully charge in the sun, especially in comparison to charging from the electrical outlet. Many manufacturers provide in the set with a solar charger for the phone, adapters for various terminals, although the standard is the USB input.

What else to look for when choosing?

Solar charger tests

Solar bank power tests show that the size of the solar panel affects directly the current intensity and the speed of charging the phone or other equipment. Small loaders usually produce 500 mAh of electricity, and larger ones – up to 5000 mAh. Of course, the amount of electricity produced will depend on the weather – during a cloudy weather, the power bank will be charging much longer than in full sun.

See a short test of solar chargers:

Is a power bank with a solar panel the only option left for us when we do not have access to an electrical outlet? Absolutely not!

A tourist’s power bank – solar, rechargeable or mechanical?

If you intend to take a charger other than the standard one for your trip, we have three options: power bank for solar, rechargeable or mechanical batteries. As for the last of these types, it has an undeniable advantage: the source of his energy is always at hand (literally!).

A three-minute twisting with a crank will give us 8 minutes of talking on the phone. In turn, the battery charger is heavier and of course you must remember to charge it fully before leaving.

Solar power bank is light, handy and provides us with a source of energy in virtually every place, as long as you have access to sunlight.

Where will a power bank with a solar panel come in handy?

A power bank charged by solar batteries is an excellent gadget for all trips to the nature – especially where you will not have access to electricity but do have constant access to sunlight: off-road, in the woods, in the mountains, but also on the beach! Usually a few hours of charging the bank power allows one – two full charges of the phone.

The charger for solar batteries will allow you to charge the smartphone wherever it is needed, on the beach by the sea or in the mountains.
The charger for solar batteries will allow you to charge the smartphone wherever it is needed, on the beach by the sea or in the mountains.

It is also worth knowing that a power bank with a solar panel can also be simply charged from an electrical outlet – such charging, depending on the model, can take from one to three hours.

Solar chargers for phones are usually small, have a solid casing (even one could say “armored“), are waterproof and light. You can easily attach them to your backpack or bike. An interesting solution are also backpacks with a built-in solar battery.

What devices are charging the solar chargers?

Power bank is a device that will charge phones, portable music players, a digital camera, as well as navigation (including some models of tourist navigation described by us). In order to recharge the laptop, you have to make a battery specifically designed for it.

Solar energy still requires many adjustments as Malinowski and Helbik prove in their work (in Polish). This also applies to the power banks powered by solar energy.

Manufacturers and prices of solar chargers

Solar battery chargers have, among others, such manufacturers as Sunen, Power Traveler, XP, Bresser and Xsories. The cheapest charger can be purchased for just PLN 20, the most expensive price can reach even 1000 zlotys.

Share your thoughts on solar chargers in the comments. The choice is big so you have to make a lot of effort to choose the best one. We hope that our ranking helped you in this!

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