Prices in Slovenia

Prices in Slovenia / Dinner in a restaurant for the family, accommodation, drink and food in shops

Prices in Slovenia are slightly lower than in other western countries, and they also vary depending on the specific region. It is known that in areas more eagerly visited by tourists will always be more expensive. In this case, it is definitely the vicinity of Lake Bled and the Triglav National Park, as well as … Read more

Ljubljana / What is worth seeing and visiting? Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places

Capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana is one of the smallest European capitals. Although it is not the most popular place compared to other cities, it has a unique charm and quite a lot of monuments. Opinions about Ljubljana are quite extreme, from votes that the capital of Slovenia is boring and there is nothing to do here, to words … Read more

Flights to Slovenia: Cheap tickets and airports in Slovenia: Ljubljana, Maribor, Portoroz / Prices and reviews

Even though Slovenia is a small and often transit country on the way to Croatia, it also has many attractions to offer, including Lake Bled, so it is worth considering a longer stay in this charming country. This time we will focus on airports in Slovenia and traveling to this country by plane. Slovenia by … Read more

Weather in Koper: Long-term forecast: May, June, July, August, September

The Slovenian coast may not be the longest, but the climate there is exceptionally pleasant and mild. Koper is the most famous city of the Slovenian Riviera. It is the largest commercial port in Slovenia, as well as a place with a rich history. Weather in Koper encurages rest and holiday relaxation. Weather in Koper: … Read more

Prices in Slovenia / Fuel at gas stations, lunch in a restaurant, food in shops or accommodation

Prices in Slovenia are rather high and you have to be aware of this, especially in the attractive region, where there are a bit more tourists. Every place that attracts visitors has slightly higher prices than the rest of the country. In Slovenia, it will definitely be the coast, the capital of Ljubljana, and of … Read more

Motorways in Slovenia / Vignettes, tolls, toll roads (how to avoid!), Border crossings and fuel prices

Slovenia is a small country, often a transit one for tourists going on vacation and holidays to Croatia. For this reason, the network of Slovenian roads, and more specifically highways, is a topic that interests us. Highways in Slovenia In Slovenia, we have five highways with a total length of over 550 kilometers and six … Read more

Bled Lake / Attractions, monuments, accommodation, interesting places and weather

Lake Bled is undoubtedly a tourist postcard of Slovenia, most recognized attraction of the country. Pictures of Lake Bled are decorating almost all guides to Slovenia. And no wonder, finally a picturesque combination of turquoise water, lush greenery surrounding the lake, and a charming island located in the middle of the reservoir with the church … Read more