Prices of food, cigarettes and alcohol in stores and supermarkets in Slovenia


Slovenia is a tiny country on the map of Europe which is not one of the most popular tourist destinations. However, every year more and more people visit it, due to the numerous attractions that await visitors. For this reason, it is worth getting acquainted with prices in Slovenia to prepare your budget needed for the trip.

Prices of food products in Slovenia are particularly popular, after all, food is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Even on vacation. In Slovenia, we will do shopping like in our large chain stores (Merkator, Tus, Lidl) or smaller stores (SPAR). At the same time, it is known that the latter will be slightly more expensive. In addition, you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables at local markets. On the other hand, bread is worth buying at local bakeries.

Prices in stores in Slovenia / Food, drink, cigarettes, alcohol. sweets, snacks, bread, milk, bread rolls, fruit, vegetables
Prices in stores in Slovenia / Food, drink, cigarettes, alcohol. sweets, snacks, bread, milk, bread rolls, fruit, vegetables

Food prices in stores / supermarkets in Slovenia

  •     bread (regular) 1-2 euro for a loaf
  •     toast bread 0.90-1.90 euro per packet
  •     bread roll 0.15 euro a piece
  •     baguette 0.40-0.60 euro per piece
  •     milk approx. 1 euro per liter
  •     butter approx. 2.60 euro per 250 g cube
  •     eggs 1.50-1.70 euro for 10
  •     yogurt 0.20 -0.90 euro for a cup of 150 g
  •     cheese 6.50-10.50 euro per kilo
  •     cheese sandwich 1.75 euro per pack
  •     processed cheese 1.50 euro per pack
  •     prsut ham 4 euro for 100 g
  •     pork ham (for sandwiches) approx. 10 euro per kilo
  •     sausage 11-22 euro per kilo
  •     chicken breast fillet approx. 5.50-8.50 euro per kilo
  •     pork loin 3.90 euro per kilo
  •     beef 8-13 euro per kilo
  •     sea ​​bass 11 euro per kilo
  •     salmon fillet around 20 euro per kilo
  •     rice 1.10-2.90 euro per kilo
  •     pasta 1-1.50 euro for 500 g
  •     oil 1.50-1.80 euro for 1 liter
  •     ketchup 2 euro per pack
  •     sugar 0.90-1.10 euro per kilo

Prices of sweets and snacks in Slovenia

  •     milk candy 2 euro per pack
  •     biscuits with jelly 0.50 euro per packaging
  •     chocolate bar 0.50-1 euro
  •     jelly beans 0.80-1 euro per package
  •     crisps 1.50-1.70 euro for 150 g
  •     peanuts 2.50-3.50 euro per packet

Fruit prices in Slovenia

  •     strawberries 4 euro per kilo
  •     oranges 1-2 euro per kilo
  •     apples 0.60 – 1.50 euro per kilo
  •     bananas 1.10-1.70 euro per kilo
  •     lemons 2 euro per kilo

Vegetable prices in stores in Slovenia

  •     potatoes 0.55-1.10 euro per kilo
  •     tomatoes 1.50-3.30 euro per kilo
  •     cucumbers 0.90-2.30 euro per kilo
  •     cauliflower 1.40 euro per head
  •     broccoli 1 euro per item
  •     pepper 2.60 euro per kilo
  •     onions 0.70-1.90 euro per kilo

Drink prices in a store / supermarket in Slovenia

  •     instant coffee 7-7.50 euro for 200 g
  •     mineral water 0.40-1.10 euro for 1.5l
  •     cola 1.15-1.25 euro for 1.5l
  •     ice tea 1 euro for 1.5l
  •     juice in a carton 1.20 euro per liter
  •     energy drink 1.30 euro for 250ml

How much for beer and alcohol in Slovenia?

Alcohol and cigarette prices in Slovenia

  •     Radler beer 0.75-1 euro for 500ml
  •     local beer 1-1.30 euro for 500ml
  •     cider 1.40 euro for 500ml
  •     wine from 2 euro per bottle
  •     fruit tincture 8-10 euro for 1l
  •     rum 11 euro for 500ml
  •     vodka 8 euro for 500ml
  •     martini 11.40 euro for 750ml
  •     whiskey 13-14 euro for 700ml
  •     a pack of cigarettes 4-4.20 euro

How much for tobacco and cigarettes in Slovenia?

Cigarette prices in Slovenia

  •     a pack of cigarettes 4-4.20 euro

More information can be found here. What do you think about current prices of food, drink, alcohol or cigarettes and tobacco in stores in Slovenia?


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