Fuel and vignette prices in Slovakia


In Slovakia, tolls on motorways and express roads are paid. For this purpose, a vignette should be purchased, which has been in electronic form since the beginning of 2015. This means that our vehicle registration number is assigned to the purchased vignette. This makes life easier for drivers because, first of all, you do not need to stick anything on the car window. Secondly, it’s easy to pay for the chosen vignette simply over the internet.

Vignette prices in Slovakia

An interesting fact, or rather good news, is that vignette prices in Slovakia have not increased compared to the previous year. The novelty is vignettes valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. The prices of vignettes for cars up to 3.5 tonnes are as follows:

  •     A 10-day vignette in Slovakia costs 10 euro
  •     A 30-day vignette in Slovakia costs 14 euro
  •     an annual vignette in Slovakia costs 50 euro
Prices of vignettes in Slovakia
Prices of vignettes in Slovakia

Motorcyclists in Slovakia are exempt from tolls on motorways and expressways. In addition, if we pass through this country pulling a trailer, unless we exceed 3.5 tonnes with it, we do not have to buy another type of vignette intended for larger vehicles. It is also worth adding that when buying an annual vignette, it is valid from the day of purchase until January 31 of the following year.

The easiest way to buy vignettes in Slovenia is through https://eznamka.sk. Otherwise, we will purchase them, for example, at Slovak gas stations.

Fuel prices in Slovakia

Average fuel prices in Slovenia are currently at this level:

  •     petrol 95 1.34 euro per liter
  •     gasoline 98 1.52 euro per liter
  •     diesel 1.23 euro per liter
  •     LPG 0.59 euro per liter

It is also worth noting that not all stations in Slovakia will refuel high-octane gasoline 98. In addition, the obvious fact is that prices vary depending on whether we are refueling on the highway (rather more expensive) or outside (rather cheaper). Differences can also be seen between the largest cities in Slovakia and the province.

It is also worth remembering that gas stations in smaller cities of Slovakia are open from 8.00 to 18.00. 24-hour can be found only on the most important roads leading through this country or in the case of stations known oil companies.

Fuel prices in Slovakia
Fuel prices in Slovakia


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