Seville / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places

The attractions of Seville are mainly remnants of the Arab and colonial past. Historical geographic discoveries definitely helped in the development of this city, as well as directly in the creation of amazing monuments that can be admired here today. This is why the number of attractions and interesting places to see in Seville is so large. In addition, the local cuisine, culture and customs are so interesting that they attract crowds of tourists to the capital of Andalusia every year.
Seville is one of the Spanish cities with the most monuments. Both those remaining after the Arab rule, and objects whose origin dates back to the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. There are many former royal estates and numerous sacred buildings. While visiting the attractions of Seville, you can often come across various accents made of azulejo tiles. In addition, in the city, in many pubs and eateries, you can try local dishes that have seduced many tourists.

Attractions in Seville

Seville is also the capital of Spanish flamenco dance. So it’s a good place to go to even one such show. Impressions and memories will last a lifetime. The local holidays and various cultural events are also very popular. They are also the ones that largely attract visitors to Seville, especially in the spring.

Sevilla attractions / Interesting places, the most important monuments and interesting places / Sightseeing in Seville
Sevilla attractions / Interesting places, the most important monuments and interesting places / Sightseeing in Seville

One of them is undoubtedly the time of Holy Week – Semana Santa, when solemn processions take place in the city every day. The second event that attracts tourists to Seville is the April festival – Feria de Abril. Then, the inhabitants dressed in colorful costumes go out to the streets and bullfights are organized.

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Attractions in Seville are a special treat for lovers of sightseeing and historic architecture. There will also be fans of weekend trips abroad and all those who just like to explore new cities and places. Thanks to numerous charming nooks and romantic squares, Seville is also an ideal destination for couples in love or traveling after marriage. Many families with children also choose this city for holiday trips and usually it is a bull’s eye. In addition, in recent years Seville has become a destination for many fans of “Game of Thrones”, as some of the scenes for this series were filmed in this city.

Sightseeing in Seville

Seville can be visited simply on foot, like many other European cities. Despite the fact that the metropolis is not the smallest one. However, most of the biggest attractions and monuments here are located in relatively close proximity to each other, within the range of shorter or longer walks. We can get to all other places of interest to us without any problems using public transport. In Seville, these will most often be bus lines, or the only tram line. However, the least useful means of communication here is by far the metro.
These two or three days are, in theory, enough to visit Seville. However, it should be noted at once that we will not be able to see everything in such a short time. Just to include most of these most popular attractions and monuments. To explore the capital of Andalusia more thoroughly, you will need at least a few days or you will simply have to come back here for further exploration.
The best time to visit Seville is not summer at all. The city is called the warmest place in Spain for a reason. Summer heat can take its toll on every tourist. The bars on the thermometers in Seville then average 40 degrees in the shade. Certainly, such a high temperature is not conducive to discovering new places. It is much better to plan a trip to Seville in spring or autumn, when the weather is much more pleasant. Then it is warm, but not hot. In addition, hotel prices are slightly lower.

Sights in Seville

Let’s start our tour of Seville from the biggest and most important monuments.

Sevilla monuments / The biggest and the most important / Interesting places and tourist attractions
Sevilla monuments / The biggest and the most important / Interesting places and tourist attractions

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Cathedral of the Virgin Mary

The greatest monument in Seville is the famous Cathedral of Our Lady – Catedral de Sevilla. Built on the ruins of a former mosque in the 16th century, it is the largest Gothic building in the world. In addition, the third largest cathedral, right after the Roman Basilica of St. Peter and the London Cathedral of St. Paul. So it’s hard to overlook it.



Inside, you can admire five aisles, a gold-plated 28-meter high altar and an exquisitely decorated tomb of Christopher Columbus (who is actually buried in it). In addition, in the middle of the Cathedral of Our Lady, you can see works of famous artists such as Murillo and Goya. An interesting part of this temple is also the orangery Patio de los Naranjos with orange trees and the no less famous bell tower Giralda. The Cathedral of Seville has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The Giralda bell tower is an integral part of the Cathedral of Seville. Interestingly, it was transformed from the minaret previously standing here. The whole thing is 100 meters high and you can climb to the top via a sloping pavement, not regular stairs. It all has to do with the fact that it was possible to enter here on horseback. From the very top there is a panoramic view of the entire city.
The Giralda is also one of the indispensable symbols of this city.

Golden Tower – Torre del Oro

Another monument in Seville is also the Golden Tower – Torre del Oro. It is a remnant of the thirteenth century fortifications that were to protect the city from invaders. Apparently, there were 166 towers of all, and they were tiled with azulejos, and glistening like gold reflecting off the waters of the Guadalquivir River.

Hence the name – Golden Tower. Currently, unfortunately, tiles no longer cover Torre del Oro. Today there is a Maritime Museum here and another viewpoint for tourists.

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Main Archive of India

An interesting monument on the tourist map of Seville is also the Central Archives of the Indies. It was located in the former building of the commercial exchange. The main goal of its creation was to gather in one place all documents relating to the Spanish colonies.

In total, over 80 million pages of materials describing Spain’s activities in America and the Philippines have been stored here. Among them there are also extremely valuable manuscripts of Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan.

For this reason, the Central Archives of India has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visiting it is free, and you can also see various maps, travelers’ diaries, and interesting engravings.

Tourist attractions in Seville

The next step in visiting Seville, apart from the monuments, are numerous tourist attractions.

Sevilla tourist attractions / What is worth seeing and visiting? Monuments and interesting places worth seeing Real Alcazar
Sevilla tourist attractions / What is worth seeing and visiting? Monuments and interesting places worth seeing
Real Alcazar

Real Alcazar

One of the greatest attractions of Seville is undoubtedly the Real Alcazar – a palace and park complex, which is referred to as the most beautiful royal complex in Spain. Its construction began in the 11th century, and in the following years it was rebuilt and further beautified. Today, it is an ideal example of Mudejar architecture, which is a peculiar mix of Moorish and Baroque or Romanesque styles.

In the Real Alcazar you can admire the richly decorated (including the famous azulejos tiles) baths, lounges and numerous courtyards. However, the local gardens make the greatest impression here. Among the orange, apple, cherry and palm trees planted here, there are numerous paths and porches that you can stroll through. Fountains, pavilions and patios located throughout the area also add charm to the gardens. They were the scenery for the TV series “Game of Thrones”. The entire Real Alcazar with its gardens has also been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Spanish Square

Another tourist attraction that should not be missed when visiting Seville is the Plaza de Espana. It is a really large semicircular square, built in 1929 for the Iberian-American Exhibition. At its end there is a palace, which partly encloses the entire Spanish Square with its galleries. Its architecture refers to the Mudejar style and is separated directly from the square by a water canal. Above it there are small bridges, which in turn symbolize the four kingdoms: Castile, León, Navarra and Aragon.

In addition, the benches placed in the square, decorated with colorful azulejos tiles, are to represent all 48 Spanish provinces. Plaza de Espana is quite a crowded and lively place in the season. However, a visit here is more of a must, after all, it is one of the symbolic places in Seville. It is also worth adding that the scenes on the planet Naboo from the movie “Star Wars” were filmed here.

Metropol Parasol

A famous attraction in Seville is also the Metropol Parasol, a modern structure invented by the German architect Jürgen Mayer. Established in 2011, it immediately became a popular destination for all trips. The whole structure is made of thin vertical wooden discs joined together in the shape of a giant mushroom.

The whole thing is really impressive, especially as it is located in the center of the city, on a 16th-century square. You can enter the Metropol Parasol, because the entire structure has an observation deck and a restaurant. However, in the basement of this unusual building there is an archaeological site – Antiquarium.

What’s worth seeing in Seville?

In addition to monuments and tourist attractions, is there anything else worth seeing and visiting in Seville? Of course!

Sevilla what is worth seeing? Monuments, attractions and interesting places
Sevilla what is worth seeing? Monuments, attractions and interesting places

Jewish Quarter – Barrio de Santa Cruz

When visiting Seville, it is definitely worth seeing the former Jewish district – Barrio de Santa Cruz. This part of the city is considered to be one of the most charming places thanks to its narrow and winding streets, the buildings of which are often covered with vines and ivy. It is worth paying attention to the bright architecture of the buildings, the main decoration of which are cast-iron balconies, often covered with flower pots.

In addition, in the Barrio de Santa Cruz district, we can see the historic Fuente de la Calle Juderías fountain, a square filled with orange trees, a historic hospital from the 17th century or a small museum dedicated to the Jews who used to live here. A short distance away is another place worth seeing in Seville, which is the House of Pilate.

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Pilate’s House – Casa de Pilatos

Casa de Pilatos is in fact a small palace and garden complex, built in the Mudejar style. The house of Pilate takes its name from the fact that the distance from it to the Church of Cruz del Campo is exactly the same as from Golgotha ​​to the house of Pontius Pilate. This fact was taken advantage of and exactly fourteen stations of the Way of the Cross were placed here.

However, it is worth paying attention to the Casa de Pilatos itself, whose courtyard is surrounded by arcades and there is a fountain in the middle. Interestingly, you can also visit the House of Pilate inside, along with the surrounding gardens (of course for a fee).

Bullfight Arena – Plaza de Toros

In Seville, it is also worth seeing Plaza de Toros, one of the oldest arenas used for bullfighting. It was built in 1749 in the Baroque style, with partial roofing in the stands. Over 12 and a half thousand viewers can watch the Corrida here, and the performances last from March to October.

In addition, there is a small museum where you can see, among others, bullfighters’ costumes, old posters or sculptures related to bullfighting. While visiting the entire facility, it is also worth seeing the royal box, stables for bulls and a chapel where bullfighters pray before the performance.

Interesting places in Seville

What other interesting places will you find in Seville once you have visited the greatest monuments and tourist attractions?

Seville interesting places / Tourist attractions, interesting places and the most important monuments Maria Luisa Park
Seville interesting places / Tourist attractions, interesting places and the most important monuments
Maria Luisa Park

Maria Louisa Park

An interesting place in Seville is Maria Luisa Park – Parque de María Luisa, considered to be one of the prettiest in the city. Above all, it is the perfect place to shelter from the sun and relax a bit while sightseeing. In Maria Luisa Park, amidst lush vegetation with ponds and fountains, it is worth strolling along charming alleys or simply sitting on one of the benches.

You can also rent a boat and swim on the river adjacent to it, or jog or ride a bicycle, or pay for a carriage. The most famous part of it is, of course, the adjacent Spanish Square, but in Maria Luisa Park you can also visit the American Square, where the former exhibition pavilions now house: the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Popular and Custom Arts.

Seville Aquarium

An interesting place in Seville is also the local aquarium – Acuario de Sevilla. Especially popular among families with children, but not only. More than 400 species of different animals can be seen in the aquarium. They were placed in 35 aquariums, one of them is more than 9 meters deep and of course the largest creatures, including sharks, swim in it.

The whole was divided in such a way as to reflect Ferdinand Magellan’s journey and in turn each ecosystem he encountered during his trip around the world.

Isla Magica

Another interesting place in Seville, mainly for younger tourists, is the amusement park – Isla Magica. The whole thing is divided into six parts: Port India, America, Amazon, El Dorado, Pirate’s Lair and the Fountain of Youth. The entire park is surrounded by a lake, around which various carousels and roller coasters are placed, as well as a water zone with slides and a beach.

On the territory of Isla Magica there are of course eateries, toilets, shops and storage rooms. Read more here. Additionally, see the official website of the city of Seville.

Tourist map of Seville attractions

See all the monuments and interesting places on the tourist map of attractions in Seville:

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