What to see in Rhodes. Interesting places, monuments and tourist attractions


Rhodes Island advertised as the Island of the Sun is still among the top three most visited Greek islands. This place can boast not only of almost 300 sunny days a year, but also a multitude of monuments, interesting places and other attractions prepared for tourists that are worth seeing and visiting.

It was on this island in ancient times one of the seven wonders of the world Colossus of Rhodes was to stand.

Rhodes also has numerous and diverse beaches, where everyone who loves sunbathing will find something for themselves. Beautiful landscapes, remnants of ancient times, picturesque mountain villages in conjunction with Greek hospitality and guaranteed weather make every year crowds of tourists draw to the island.

Tourist attractions on the island of Rhodes
Tourist attractions on the island of Rhodes


What sights, interesting places and tourist attractions await Rhodes and what to see – read below.

Before we get into the specifics at a glance at a short introductory video of attractions on Rhodes:

And now let’s get to our tourist guide on attractions in Rhodes:

Rhodes (City)

The island of Rhodes belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago and, as in the case of other Greek islands, its capital and largest city is the town bearing exactly its name. The whole city due to its unique monuments has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

See a map of the city of Rhodes and its location on the island:

One of the largest magnets in Rhodes is undoubtedly the Old Town surrounded by defensive walls. It is these 12-meter high walls that prove that the city of Rhodes was once the best fortified port in the Aegean Sea.

Within the Old Town, the most visited place is the Palace of the Grand Masters.

This building – a remnant of the reign of the Order of St. John on the island, towers over the entire city. The palace is open to visitors and currently there is a museum in it.

Take a closer look at the city of Rhodes:

Another must-see destination of the capital is Knights Street. Along it are fourteenth-century tenement houses that were once inhabited by various branches of the Order of St. John.

It is also worth seeing Hippocrates Square, where in the center stands a charming gothic fountain, as well as the clock tower from which there is an unforgettable panorama of the city.

One of the biggest attractions of the Old Town of Rhodes is also the Suleymaniye Mosque and the Islamic Library, with early Middle Ages copies of the Koran, located opposite it.

As for museums, you can visit the Archaeological Museum (former Joannite hospital), where we will see the remains of tombs and statues from prehistoric times. Another such interesting object is the Byzantine Museum with a collection of icons and frescoes from all over the island, created on the site of the former St. John’s Order’s Cathedral.

Interesting places on the island of Rhodes
Interesting places on the island of Rhodes

As for the New Town districts of Rhodes, here next to the buildings from the Ottoman period, an interesting place is definitely the port of Madraki. It was here that the famous Rhodes Colossus was to stand at the entrance to the port (currently two columns have been erected here: with a doe and a deer).

As of today, there is a marina with a stop for various cruise ships, as well as the tower of St. Nicholas and three Byzantine windmills.

The New Town is also a place of numerous bars and cafes where you can eat and drink (Cyprus Square) and a shopping center (New Market).

To shelter from the scorching sun, you can go to the Rodini Park in the suburbs, with lush vegetation and a water stream flowing there.

In turn, looking for ancient remains, it is worth going to Monte Smith Hill, where the ruins of the ancient Acropolis are located, with the ruins of the theater and fragments of the Temple of Apollo. Among the more modern attractions that can be included in the capital is the Sea Aquarium, interestingly placed in an underwater cave, from where we can admire the undersea world.

Lindos city

Lindos is number two in Rhodes when it comes to visiting the island. The most important monument of this small town are undoubtedly the ancient ruins of the Acropolis located on a hill.

Among them, the most important is the monument in the form of the remains of the Doric temple of Athena, which was once a holy place. Here you can also see the ruins of the ancient theater, where events in honor of Dionysus took place.

Another interesting place in Lindos is a small bay called the port of Saint Paul, who was said to have reached here during one of his journeys long ago.

A glance at the city of Lindos on the island of Rhodes:

In the city, it’s worth visiting the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary because of the frescoes painted by Gregory of Symi and the carved gilded altar and icons.

The captain’s quarter is also a tourist attraction, in which residential buildings of powerful ship owners from the 18th century still stand. One of them has restaurants, so you can go inside and look around.


This is one of the oldest towns on the island, currently serving as a holiday resort. However, in addition to lounging on the beach, you can also see the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, in which the iconostasis (1810) and the neo-baroque belfry are located.

Near the church is also the chapel of St. Nicholas with frescoes from the 15th century inside. In turn, on the Filerimos hill there is a church and monastery buildings built in the Joannine style.

At one time they performed defensive functions.


Kamiros was next to Ialyssos and Lindos a Doric city, one of the most important on the island. Today it is only an archaeological site, because in 142 BCE it was destroyed, probably by an earthquake. This city was dedicated to Athena and had a level construction.

At each level, specific objects were built, from the lowest residential houses, through public buildings, to temples built at the very top.

Currently, you can admire the remains of the agora, temple or baths.

From the highest level, there is also a picturesque panorama of the whole area.


This is another picturesque village on Rhodes, known for the ruins of the Castle of the Knights, embedded on the slope of a steep rock. In ancient times it served as a warning function against the invasion of enemies and as a place where the local people could take refuge. Only walls and a small chapel – Agios Pantelimon have survived to this day. The castle ruins offer picturesque landscapes.

What else is worth seeing in Rhodes?

Seven Springs

Epta Piges, or Seven Springs, is another place where you can take a break from the scorching sun. Its name comes from the stream built by the Italians for irrigation of the orange orchard, which is fed by seven springs.

In the middle of this area there is a small, artificial lake.

To get there, you have to go through the underground aqueduct, wading ankle deep in water.

An attraction here will also be free-living peacocks and various orchid species growing around. You just have to remember that in spring the springs can dry up.

Monuments on the island of Rhodes
Monuments on the island of Rhodes

Butterfly Valley

Another well-known attraction on the map of Rhodes. A place where butterflies (and actually a species of moth) stay for a certain time (several weeks) during the year, sitting in the shade on rocks and trees attracted by the smell of ambergris.

If they are still, it is hard to see them, it is better seen when they rise to flight.

However, in this valley there is a strict ban on scaring away insects, under pain of financial penalty. After all, it is worth doing this almost two-kilometer walk, among the lush greenery.

Cape Prasonissi

This is the most advanced part of the island, where the wind is blowing strongly. For this reason, Cape Prasonissi is a Mecca for wind- and kite-surfers.

At its end there is a hill, the rest is a sandy beach, which is often flooded by the sea in winter, and then the cape turns into an island.

It is worth visiting this place because of the unique climate.

Rhodes beaches

Staying on the island’s beaches, several are worth seeing.

Tsambika beach

Tsambika is one of the prettiest beaches in Rhodes. Sandy, protected from the wind by rocks, with a gentle entry into the sea. Besieged by families with children, it has full beach infrastructure.

Aghati Beach

Another noteworthy beach is Aghati, sandy, located in a quiet cove at the foot of Feraklos Castle. The gentle entrance to the sea makes it another place ideal for families with children.

Anthony Quinn Bay took its name from a famous actor, because the Greek government, in gratitude for making this place famous, gave it to him (it later took it away, but the name remained). The reason is that in Rhodes, scenes for the famous movie ‘The Guns of Navarone’ where one of the main roles was played by Anthony Quinn were recorded.

Rhodes Aquapark

One of the biggest and water attractions is the water park in Faliraki. Yes, this town is known for parties until dawn and drunken young people rolling along the town’s main street.

Faliraki Aquapark is one of the largest facilities of this type in Greece, if not in Europe.

Numerous slides and swimming pools, as well as areas for kids, are waiting for tourists, all under the watchful eye of local lifeguards. A day ticket for an adult costs 24 euros. This year the opening will take place on May 6.

Optional tours in Rhodes

While on vacation in Rhodes, you can take advantage of optional trips, not only around the island itself.

You can also go sailing and visit the nearby islands: Simi, Kos or Chalki.

Ferry connections allow crossing from e.g. the port of Rhodes (capital).

It is worth using them and see what the island life of the Greeks looks like on smaller islands. For less organized optional trips are available for purchase from a resident of a given travel agency, but this will always come out a bit more expensive than organizing such a trip yourself. Local (Greek) travel agencies will certainly have slightly lower prices for this type of trip.

You can find out more about the island of Rhodes and its attractions and interesting places on the official website of the island or on the website of the tourist organization of Rhodes.

For our part, we encourage you to publish comments, reviews and to present your opinions on what to see, visit and in general on the monuments and tourist attractions on the island of Rhodes.


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