Pula / Long-term weather / Forecast for May, June, July, August and September

Pula is a Croatian city, located in the southern part of Istria. This is one of the most interesting places in the whole area, mainly due to ancient remains and monuments, but also a mild climate. The location of the city in a deep bay and proximity to the Adriatic Sea have an impact on the weather in Pula.

The climate of Pula is defined as moderately warm, sea-like with mild winters and warm summers. In addition, rainfall occurs here throughout the year, with varying levels. However, there is no typical dry season. Even during the summer months it often rains. Such weather means that you can come here to explore the city and the surrounding area throughout the year.

Pula long-term weather for May, June, July, August and September.
Pula long-term weather for May, June, July, August and September.

Weather in Pula

As for the weather in Pula, the end of April, when it is getting warmer and warmer here, can be a good time to arrive. Daytime temperatures reach 17 degrees and will increase day by day. The sightseeing weather is perfect. Only in the evenings will you have to dress warmer. For those more thermophilic, a better month to come to Pula will be May and June, then it is simply really nice. Temperatures reach over 20 or even 25 degrees, and in the evenings thermal comfort is provided. In May it often rains, which is worth keeping in mind when planning a May trip.

When it comes to summers and the hottest months, July and August definitely win here. Then you can expect up to 30 degrees in the shade. The advantage of visiting just at this time is the number of hours of sunlight per day, which reaches 14. July and August are also months in which rainfall is relatively the lowest, but it can happen, especially in the form of violent storms. In the evenings the temperature reaches 20 degrees.

Good weather persists in Pula until September, when the temperature bars reach 24 degrees and in the evenings it is quite pleasant. However, the number of rainy days increases significantly. In October we still have about 19 degrees during the day, while the evenings are already cool (12 degrees). The number of hours of sunlight also drops to eight per day.

Winter in Pula is relatively mild, because the temperature does not fall below 3-4 degrees, even at night. Both frost and snowfall are rare. The coldest months are January and February, when the average daytime temperature is around 10 degrees. The number of rainy days increases, while the number of hours of sunlight decreases. In winter months, Pula also has foggy days due to the humidity here. The wettest month of the year in Pula is February. The air temperature has been rising slowly since March.

Weather forecast Pula / Spring, summer, autumn!
Weather forecast Pula / Spring, summer, autumn!

Water temperature in Pula

The sea temperature in Pula is suitable for swimming around May. Then heats up to about 20 degrees. In June, however, you can expect even 25 degrees. The warmest sea is in July and August, when the water heats up to 28-29 degrees. This temperature is still good in September (24 degrees), and in October with good weather it will be possible to take a sea bath (22 degrees). Then gradually the sea begins to cool. However, even during the coldest months, its temperature does not fall below 10 degrees.

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