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Primorsko is a fairly well-known but small resort on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. It’s located on a small peninsula between the Devil’s Bay and Stampol’s Bay.

Primorsko is about 50 kilometers from the Burgas airport and 85 kilometers from the most famous holiday resort in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach.

During the tourist season, this small town receives ten times as many tourists as it has residents!

A few words about the history of Primorsko

The history of the local settlement dates back to ancient times, and the town itself was founded in 1879. Primorsko as a resort began to develop from around 1953. Then the town was chosen as the seat of the International Youth Center, to which activists from all corners of the world came. Initially, they slept in collective tents on the beach, but over time hotels and other accommodation began to arise.

In the following, we present our opinions about prices, accommodation and attractions related to this holiday resort.

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Holidays in Primorsko

Primorsko is the perfect holiday destination for everyone.

Its main advantage is the fact that even at the peak of the season it is not as crowded as, for example, Sunny Beach.

It’s a good place to relax for families with children, because the sea is quite calm here, the beaches are guarded by lifeguards, and the entrance to the water gently slopes.

For warm-up, we suggest watching this video presenting the most interesting places and attractions of Primorsko:

There is a place to walk, like the promenade (1.5 km) running along the promontory, which is illuminated in the evenings. Youths shouldn’t be bored here either, because the town is teeming with life even after dark. It is not a continuous party like the Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, but there are plenty of pubs, bars and nightclubs where you can go to the disco.

Shortly before the season – in June and a while after – in September, it is a pretty nice place for a quiet holiday for seniors.

And here it is a bit cheaper than in the more popular Bulgarian resorts.

Accommodation in Primorsko

Accommodation in Primorsko is not lacking. The hotel base is quite developed and everyone will find something for themselves.

Nearby lodging houses offer not only two-, three-, four- or even five-star hotels, but also the rental of entire holiday homes, apartments and private accommodation.

However, there is no camping site in the immediate area, so caravan enthusiasts must also go somewhere else.

Prices in Primorsko

Prices in Primorsko compared to the more popular resorts – Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, or even Sozopol are, by design, lower. However, in the middle of the holiday season it is different.

Here are the current prices, which most often interest potential vacationers:

  1.     optic sunglasses lev 45
  2.     sunglasses at the bazaar 10-12 lev
  3.     scooter 10 minutes – 50 lev
  4.     Banana Ride 15 lev
  5.     water bike 1h – 20 lev
  6.     two deckchairs plus an umbrella for the whole day 21 lev
  7.     a visit to the fish SPA 20 min – 15 lev
  8.     adult ticket to aquapark 35 lev
  9.     commemorative cup 5 lev
  10.     large shell 35 lev
  11.     fridge magnet 1-2 lev
  12.     cosmetics with rose oil from 2-3 lev

Food prices in Primorsko:

  1.     donut 3-4 lev
  2.     hot dog 2 lev
  3.     bun 1.50 lev
  4.     pork chop 6 lev
  5.     fried chicken  8 lev
  6.     beer in the store 1.30-2.30 lev for half a liter
  7.     lunch for a family of 4 with drinks lev 40
  8.     Bulgarian wine approx. 7 lev
  9.     half a liter of rakija 6 lev

Prices are prices but what is worth seeing and visiting in Primorsk?

Tourist attractions Primorsko

In Primorsko, there are no sights to visit as such. It is a typical holiday resort and the attractions are closely related to tourists. The largest of them is undoubtedly the sandy beach, which is divided into two parts: northern and southern.

The southern part has a warmer and, above all, calmer sea.

The water here is less salty due to the fact that the Diavolska River flows into the sea here. In turn, the northern part of the beach is larger, less peaceful and more developed in terms of water sports and bars.

Beach in Primorsko / See the weather and sea temperature.
Beach in Primorsko / See the weather and sea temperature.

You can rent scooters and pedalos, play volleyball, go water skiing and try diving or kite surfing.

On both beaches there are of course sunbeds with umbrellas for rent, also full catering facilities and lifeguards guarding safety.

The resort also received the Blue Flag award due to the cleanliness of the bathing areas and high ecological standards.

A small local aquapark – Akva Planet Primorsko will also be a big attraction for families with children. There is everything you can expect from this type of facility – water slides adapted to people of different ages, as well as catering facilities and an appropriate number of sunbeds.

In Primorsko there are other attractions for children, such as an amusement park and a playground with inflatable objects. It is also worth taking a walk on the promenade, where on the stones artist Stoyko Gagamov painted portraits of famous people.

For active people, tennis courts and playing fields have been prepared, and tourists interested in local culture can recommend a visit to the Archaeological Museum in Primorsko, where you can see the old everyday objects of local residents, their traditional costumes, as well as a collection of coins or even golden elements of horse harness. the king of Bulgaria.

What esle is worth seeing in and around Primorsko?

Certainly one of the obligatory points is a visit to the Ropotamo Reserve. It was created to protect the delta of the Ropotamo River to the Black Sea. In its area you can admire not only wetlands and swamps, but also unusual rock formations (in the shape of a lion’s head or dragon’s house), a water lily reserve and numerous birds and turtles. And all this during a boat trip.

Another interesting place in the area is the Bulgarian Stonehenge – Beglik Tash. This is an archaeological site, considered a Thracian megalithic temple – they are simply several-meter-high boulders that have been arranged in characteristic formations – stone circles. This ancient sanctuary was supposedly dedicated to the sun god. On site we will receive a map explaining what each boulder symbolizes. Sometimes, stagings are organized here, with the performance of offering gifts to the gods.

While in Priomorsko on vacation, you can also go to Sozopol (to which we will devote a separate entry) to see the old town, characteristic stone and wooden construction, archaeological museum and church.

Going even further to Burgas, it is worth walking around the Sea Garden, look into one of the museums – historical, ethnographic or natural or enter one of the historic churches.

What gifts and souvenirs are worth buying while in Primorsko?

Souvenirs from Primorsko

As everywhere there are many typical souvenirs for tourists, which are full everywhere in the world. You will easily get postcards, magnets, mugs, t-shirts and other hats with the words Primorsko or Bulgaria.

It is definitely worth getting interested in products based on rose oil, in the form of cosmetics or sweets and jars.

Leather products, textiles and wooden toys are also popular. When it comes to local alcohol, you will get Bulgarian wines, Sunny Beach cognac and various kinds of rakija in numerous liquor stores in Primorsko.

Learn more about souvenirs from Bulgaria.

Weather and transport to Primorsko

The fastest way to fly is either by low cost airlines or by charter to Burgas. From the airport to Primorsko is about 50 kilometers, so the transfer should not take more than 1.5 hours to the farthest lodging houses. On average, it takes less than an hour. If you are going all the way by your own car, it’s better to avoid Romania due to its low quality roads.

You can’t hide that the warmest months are June, July, August and September.

This is the best time to come to Primorsko.

Then the temperatures reach almost 30 degrees and the sun shines for 10 hours a day. It is cooler in May (19 degrees) and in October (18 degrees), so it’s perfect weather for people who can’t stand too much heat. However, then you should be prepared for rainfall, which can occur with high probability.

As for bathing in the Black Sea, the sea water around Primorsko warms up to over 20 degrees in June and stays that way until September, after which it gradually begins to cool down.

Water temperature in Primorsko in the summer.
Water temperature in Primorsko in the summer.

Current tourist map of Primorsko

Check the Primorsko map below and locate your accommodation, beaches and other interesting places that are worth seeing and visiting while you are on the spot:

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on your vacation in Primorsko.

Finally, one more video presenting the place:

We invite you to add comments and opinions about prices, accommodation and attractions, which are worth including while on site!

See also the Bulgarian tourism website where Primorsko also is described.


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