Prices on Zakynthos / Food, drink in stores, lunches in restaurants and pubs as well as cigarettes, alcohol, attractions and trip prices


Is it expensive to vacation in Greece? It depends on how we look at it …

For example, prices in Zakynthos are rather moderate compared to other European countries. Of all the most-chosen Mediterranean countries for holidays, Greece is relatively cheap. It is known that it also depends on the specific place where we want to relax, because prices on Santorini or Mykonos may surprise us negatively.

However, just prices on the island of Zakynthos should not drain our wallets.

Let’s check what costs on the island of Zakynthos.

Prices in Zakynthos
Prices in Zakynthos

Prices in Zakynthos

On the island of Zakynthos the currency is the euro, and when shopping in small shops or at hotels nearby we will definitely overpay. Fortunately, Zakynthos also has larger chain stores and supermarkets, and small taverns where it is not expensive. It is worth going to the local market for local products, where we will get home-made products at slightly lower prices.

You can always try to haggle.

What and how to pay in Zakynthos?

As for payments, like in most stores and restaurants, we will be able to pay by credit card. However, in smaller shops or stalls, it is better to have cash with you. ATMs are widely available in Greece, especially in resorts and tourist spots, so there is no problem with withdrawing money.

Accommodation prices in Zakynthos

The cross-section of accommodation in Zakynthos is wide, just like on any other known Greek island. We can choose from hostels, apartments for rent, holiday homes and of course hotels. Accommodation prices in a hostel in Zakynthos start from 25 euro. Renting a two-bedroom apartment costs around 100 euro per night, while the price of a holiday home, also with two bedrooms, starts from 140 euro.

These types of facilities are very often pet-friendly.

As for hotels in Zakynthos, we pay an average of 64 euro per night in a two-star room. However, the price of accommodation in a four-star facility will already amount to over 160 euro per night. The cheapest months when it comes to rental prices are February, while the most expensive is August. We have the most hotel facilities in the island’s capital – the city of Zakynthos and in Laganas (the most party place on the whole island).

Prices of transport in Zakynthos

We can travel around the island by public transport in the form of buses. In this case, we will pay the driver 1.80 euro for a single trip. However, keep in mind that the bus network on Zakynthos does not reach all places on the island. For this reason, a better idea for sightseeing is renting a car. The cost of renting a small car starts from 30 euro per night. The longer the rental period, the lower the price per day.

Attraction prices

In Zakynthos you can also rent a quad at a price of around 20 euro per night or a scooter for 15 euro per day. A helmet for this type of travel is a must. It is also good to choose the engine capacity if two people are going to drive the vehicle. The cost of gasoline is EUR 1.60 – 1.80 per liter.

Another means of transport for rent on the island can be a bicycle at a price of 5 euro per night. However, with the heat in the middle of the holidays, hardly anyone will decide to ride it. You can use the services of local taxi drivers. For an kilometer driven, we will pay an average of 1.70 euro, and for just getting into a taxi about 3-4 euro.

Food prices in shops in Zakynthos

In smaller stores it can be slightly more expensive than in supermarkets. There is also only one Lidl store on Zakynthos, and until recently there was also a single Carrefour, but for now it is closed until further notice. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, as well as local products or souvenirs, we can buy them cheaper at bazaars.

  1.     bread from 0.70 euro for a loaf
  2.     milk 1.25 euro per liter
  3.     eggs from 2 euro for 12
  4.     white cheese 4-5 euro per kilo
  5.     local cheese 7-8 euro per kilo
  6.     yellow cheese from 8 euro per kilo
  7.     feta from 9 euro per kilo
  8.     cold cuts from 1.50 euro for 100 grams
  9.     sausage 18 euro per kilo
  10.     chicken fillet 9 euro per kilo
  11.     beef 13 euro per kilo
  12.     rice from 1.60 euro per kilo
  13.     potatoes 2.50 euro per kilo
  14.     tomatoes 1 -1.50 euro per kilo
  15.     cucumbers 0.80 euro per kilo
  16.     lettuce 1.50 euro
  17.     oranges 1-2 euro per kilo
  18.     bananas from 1.30 euro per kilo
  19.     pears from 2 euro per kilo
  20.     watermelon from 0.80-0.90 euro per kilo
  21.     olives in marinade 1.80 euro for a large jar
  22.     honey from oranges 4 euro for a small jar
  23.     sugar 0.80 euro per kilo
  24.     lokumi 2.50 euro per packaging
  25.     ice cream from 0.60 euro per piece
  26.     chips 1.50 euro for a large package
Prices in stores in Zakynthos
Prices in stores in Zakynthos

Prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in Zakynthos

  1.      water 0.50-0.70 euro for 1.5 liters
  2.      cola 3-4 euro for 6 cans of 0.33 liters
  3.      orange juice 2.50 euro for 1.5 liters
  4.      a bottle of imported beer 4 euro for 0.33 liters
  5.      decent wine 8 euro per bottle
  6.      rum – 19 euro per bottle
  7.      whiskey – 20 euro per bottle
  8.      vodka – 17 euro for a bottle
  9.      pack of decent cigarettes 4-5 euro
Prices at restaurants in Zakynthos
Prices at restaurants in Zakynthos

Food, drink and alcohol prices at restaurants in Zakynthos

As elsewhere in the world in restaurants located right on the seafront, or near tourist attractions, meal prices will be overstated. However, in Zakynthos you can eat for quite decent money. Delicacies of Greek cuisine are not expensive, and for a meal in a cheap restaurant we will pay about 15 euro per person.

In the tavern these prices will be even lower.

Let’s check specific prices:

  1.     tzatziki from 3 euro per serving
  2.     Greek salad from 4-5 euro per serving
  3.     gyros in pita from 2-3 euro
  4.     dolmades (wine leaf rolls) from 4 euro per serving
  5.     sagnaki (fried cheese) from 4-5 euro per serving
  6.     moussaka from 6 euro per serving
  7.     pasta with sauce from 5 euro per serving
  8.     stifado (beef goulash) from 7-8 euro per serving
  9.     fast food set from 6.50 euro
  10.     cheeseburger from 1.90 euro
  11.     ice cream dessert in a bowl of 6 euro

Drinks and alcohol at gastronomic establishments in Zakynthos

  1.     water 0.50 euro for a bottle of 0.33 liters
  2.     cola 2.50 euro for 0.33 liters
  3.     cappuccino 2-4 euro
  4.     espresso 1.80-2.80 euro
  5.     frappe 2-3 euro
  6.     local beer 3-4 euro for 0.5 liters
  7.     imported beer 3-5 euro for a 0.33 liter bottle
  8.     drinks from 4-5 euro
  9.     local wine from 5 euro for a carafe
Prices of attractions in Zakynthos
Prices of attractions in Zakynthos

Prices for optional trips and attractions in Zakynthos

  1.     Zakynthos city at night 20 euro
  2.     caretta turtle photosafari voyage 29 euro
  3.     pirate cruise 34 euro
  4.     submarine cruise 30 Euro
  5.     Zante Water Village 20 euro for entry
  6.     entrance to Cameo Island in Agios Sostis 5 euro
  7.     entrance to the fortress of Bohali in the island’s capital 4 euro
  8.     full-day trip to the north of the island, including the Wreck Bay and Blue Grotto 40 euro
  9.     “Flavours of Zakhyntos” trip + cooking course 55 euro
  10.     Greek evening 35 euro
  11.     beach chairs + umbrella 6-10 euro per day
  12.     trip to Cephalonia 45 euro
  13.     trip to Olimpia 59 euro

A glance at the island of Zakynthos:

Souvenir prices from Zakynthos

  1.     postcard from Zante from 0.40 euro
  2.     soap with olive oil from 1 euro
  3.     souvenir magnet from 1-2 euro
  4.     bookmark from 1 euro
  5.     key rings with turtles from 2 euro
  6.     mix of Greek spices from 1.50-2 euro per packet
  7.     natural sponges from 2-3 euro (depending on size)
  8.     dish cloth with the island motif from 2-3 euro
  9.     uozo (anise liqueur) from 2-3 euro for a small bottle
  10.     Kitchen glove from Zakynthos from 3 euro
  11.     hand-painted ceramics from 3 euro
  12.     plush turtles from 3 euro
  13.     olive oil from 5 euro for 0.5 liters
  14.     sun hat from 6 euro
  15.     beach towel from 6 euro
  16.     beach bag from 8 euro
  17.     air mattress from 10 euro
  18.     olive balm and cream 10 euro

Let us know what your opinions are regarding Zakynthos prices. We mean the prices of food and drink in shops, dishes and dinners in restaurants and pubs, and the prices of products such as cigarettes or alcohol on the island of Zakynthos.

Map of Zakynthos island

See on the map where the island of Zakynthos is located with its cities, attractions and restaurants:


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