Prices in Vienna / Art History Museum, Prater, Zoo, National Library

Vienna is by far the most expensive city in Austria, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting the Austrian capital!

Current prices in Vienna – accommodation prices in Vienna

In Vienna, the farther from the center or major attractions, the cheaper it is. The date when we are going to Vienna is also important.

Prices in Vienna / Prices of accommodation, parking lots, public transport in Vienna
Prices in Vienna / Prices of accommodation, parking lots, public transport in Vienna

The most expensive prices do not occur in the middle of summer holidays, but at the beginning of spring – in April. Then they can be even a third higher. On the other hand, the cheapest accommodation in Vienna can be booked at the beginning of the year, i.e. in January.

Accommodation prices in Vienna are at the following level:

  •     we have to pay at least 12 euro for a night in a multi-bed room
  •     a night in a hostel costs an average of 28 euro
  •     the cost of a two-star hotel is less than 50 euro
  •     for a three-star hotel we will pay about 80 euro
  •     a night in a four-star facility will cost an average of 90 euro
  •     while accommodation in the most luxurious hotels costs at least 210 euro

Prices for transport and communication in Vienna

You can easily get around Vienna by public transport. The prices for such transport are at the following level (

  •     a single ticket costs 2.40 euro
  •     a daily ticket costs 8 euro
  •     a 48-hour ticket costs 14.10 euro
  •     72-hour ticket 17.10 euro
  •     weekly ticket 17.10 euro

The purchased tickets are valid in Vienna for trams, metro and buses. They can be purchased from vending machines, designated points of sale, tobacco shops and online. Single tickets can also be purchased from vending machines, located in trams, but then you have to pay more for them – 2.60 euro. It is also worth remembering that children under 6 travel in Vienna for free.

Yet another way to get public transport in Vienna is to buy the Vienna City Card, which in addition to discounts to various attractions also offers free travel by public transport.

When it comes to taxis in Vienna, the cost of the entry itself is about 4-7 euro and from 1.10 to 2.50 euro for each kilometer traveled. However, each hour of a taxi driver’s stop will cost us from 28 to 45 euro.

When we come to the capital of Austria with our own car, it is known that we must also take into account the fees for refueling. We will pay for fuel in Vienna:

  •     diesel 0.95 euro per liter
  •     gasoline 95 1.01 euro per liter
  •     gas 1.08 euro per m3

In addition, you have to take into account additional parking fees in Vienna. For example, an hour of stopover in the city center will cost around 2.10 euro. It is also worth being careful where you leave your car, as the fine for wrong parking in the center of Vienna will be from 36 euro upwards.

Prices in shops and restaurants in Vienna / Price of pizza or family dinner in Vienna
Prices in shops and restaurants in Vienna / Price of pizza or family dinner in Vienna

Prices of food and drink in shops in Vienna

Cheaper shopping can be done in chain stores such as: Merkur, Billa, Spar, Lidl, Penny and Hofer. The former is best stocked (but the prices are the highest), while the latter (one of the cheapest) mainly has products under its own brand.

When it comes to payments in shops in Vienna, they can be made almost anywhere by card. The exceptions may be stalls and smaller shops. There, it is worth having some cash with you, which will facilitate transactions.

Average prices of basic groceries in shops in Vienna:

  •     bread roll 0.25 euro
  •     baguette 0.50 euro
  •     toast bread 0.70 euro for a loaf
  •     mixed bread 1.40 euro for a loaf
  •     sweet yeast bun 1 euro apiece
  •     butter 1.5 euro per pack
  •     eggs 2.60 euro for 12
  •     milk 1.10 euro per liter
  •     sandwich cheese 1.70 euro
  •     white cheese 4.50 euro per kilogram
  •     sliced ​​yellow cheese 1.50 euro for a package of 100 grams
  •     drinking yoghurt 1 euro for 400ml
  •     sliced ​​ham 2 euro for 100 grams
  •     sausage 20 euro per kilo
  •     chicken fillet 9.20 euro per kilogram
  •     beef 15 euro per kilo
  •     minced meat 5 euro per kilogram
  •     pasta 0.80 euro for 500 grams
  •     rice 1.30 euro per kilogram
  •     flour 0.90 euro per kilogram
  •     tomato sauce 2.30 euro for a jar
  •     breakfast cereals 3 euro per package
  •     a packet of biscuits 1.50 euro
  •     chocolate bar 1 euro
  •     a bar of chocolate 1.20 euro per bar

Fruit and vegetable prices in Vienna:

  •     lemons 1.80 per mesh
  •     oranges 2.20 euro per kilo
  •     bananas 1.70 euro per kilo
  •     pears 2.50 euro per kilogram
  •     apples 2.10 euro per kilogram
  •     mushrooms 1 euro for 100 grams
  •     potatoes 1.30 euro per kilo
  •     cucumbers 1.30 euro per kilo
  •     zucchini 2.50 euro per kilogram
  •     tomatoes 2.40 euro per kilo
  •     peppers 1.30 euro each
  •     onion 1.30 euro per kilo
  •     lettuce 1.20 euro each
  •     broccoli 2 euro apiece

Prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in Vienna:

  •     tea 1.30 euro per pack
  •     water 0.60 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     fruit juice 0.90 euro per liter
  •     smoothie 1 euro for 250 ml
  •     energy drink 1.30 euro for 250 ml
  •     ice tea 1.30 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     canned soda 0.80 euro
  •     decent cigarettes 5.50 euro per package
  •     local beer 0.85 euro for 0.5 liter
  •     imported beer 1.05 euro for 0.5 liters
  •     cider 1.80 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     decent wine 5-10 euro per bottle
  •     vodka 13 euro for a bottle
  •     gin 14 euro per bottle
  •     whiskey 16 euro per bottle
  •     rum 15 euro for a bottle

Prices in restaurants in Vienna

The prices of meals and dinners in restaurants in Vienna are not the cheapest. The best, but also the most expensive restaurants and cafes are located in the Old Town of Vienna.

It is here that you can enjoy the famous confectionery products and coffee in famous establishments such as Plachutta, Figlmueller or Sacher’s. Unfortunately, the bill for this type of pleasure will not be so sweet.

In Vienna you can also eat reasonably priced in a cheap restaurant or bar. There, the meal will not cost more than 8-15 euro. On the other hand, dinner in a slightly better place will be more expensive and will cost from 15 to 30 euro per person. Fastfood is of course the cheapest form of food.

Prices of fast food and street food in Vienna:

  •     set in a well-known chain store 7-9 euro
  •     hamburger 2.20 euro
  •     meatballs with rice and salad 6.90 euro
  •     pita stuffed 5-7 euro depending on the toppings
  •     savory / sweet dumplings from 3-4 euro (a piece)
  •     cod with salad 6.50 euro
  •     sausage with mustard and horseradish 4 euro for portions

Dinner prices in restaurants in Vienna:

  •     salad from 4.50 to 9.50 euro per serving
  •     soup from 4.80 to 5.50 euro per serving
  •     hamburger and fries 10 euro
  •     Viennese schnitzel 17-20 euro
  •     pizza 12 euro
  •     pasta 13.50 euro
  •     roast pork, noodles and cabbage 8.50 euro
  •     turkey with rice 9.60 euro
  •     mutton cevapcici with additions of 12.50 euro
  •     Austrian dumplings with onion and salad 10.90 euro
  •     tyrolean pot (potatoes, egg, sausage) with sauerkraut 11.90 euro
  •     cordon bleu with baked apples and salad 14 euro
  •     tartare for a starter 14 euro
  •     risotto with mushrooms 14 euro
  •     ribs in honey 18.50 euro
  •     stew with dumplings 14.50 euro
  •     chicken breast with garlic and spinach 21.50 euro
  •     steak with potatoes and spinach 32 euro
Ticket prices in Vienna / Schoenbrunn Zoo, Prater, Art History Museum, Natural History Museum, Belvedere Palace, National Library
Ticket prices in Vienna / Schoenbrunn Zoo, Prater, Art History Museum, Natural History Museum, Belvedere Palace, National Library

Prices of tourist attractions in Vienna

The prices of attractions for tourists in Vienna are also not the cheapest.

  •     Albertina Gallery 16.90 euro
  •     Charles Borromeo Church 8 euro
  •     Schönbrunn (22 room version) 18 euro
  •     Schönbrunn (40 room version) 22 euro
  •     Sisi Hofburg Museum 15 euro
  •     Imperial Crypt 7.50 euro
  •     Tour of the State Opera in Vienna 9 euro
  •     Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna € 16
  •     Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna – Habsburg treasures 22 euro
  •     Belvedere from 4 to 9 euro
  •     House of Music 14 euro
  •     Museum in the National Library 8 euro
  •     Technical Museum 37 euro
  •     Army Museum 7 euro
  •     Natural History Museum 9 euro
  •     Oceanarium and Vivarium 19.90 euro
  •     Butterfly house 7 euro
  •     Vienna Zoo 22 euro
  •     Leopold Museum 14 euro
  •     Donauturm Tower 14.50 euro
  •     Ferris wheel on Prater 12 euro

Map of Vienna

Locate all interesting restaurants, clubs, museums on the map of Vienna below:

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