Prices in the Netherlands

Prices in the Netherlands are not the lowest in Europe, and just like in every country, they depend on a specific region or city. The most expensive ones are, of course, the capital – Amsterdam, and typical tourist spots such as Delf. It is worth getting ready for higher expenses when it comes to accommodation, food prices in shops and restaurants, as well as transport. On the other hand, tickets to various attractions in the Netherlands are not very excessive. On average, you have to spend around 10 euro for one ticket, and around 20 euro for other tickets. However, the orientation in Dutch prices will certainly help you plan your travel budget better.

Prices in the Netherlands / Food and food prices in shops, lunch in a restaurant, pizza
Prices in the Netherlands / Food and food prices in shops, lunch in a restaurant, pizza

Accommodation prices in the Netherlands

As we wrote, the prices of accommodation in the Netherlands are not low. In addition, in tourist destinations, including Amsterdam, of course, the cost of accommodation will be high, or very high, if we are talking about the high season (most often summer months). Then even a night in a hostel will cost a lot. If someone cares about the lowest prices, he must follow the booking portals that bring together various accommodation facilities in advance.

Average accommodation prices in the Netherlands:

  • an overnight stay in a hostel or shared room will cost around 30 euro
  • accommodation in a slightly better hostel, but still in a room without a bathroom, costs 40 euro
  • a night in a two-star hotel costs over 65 euro
  • a night in a three-star hotel costs around 90 euro
  • in a 4-star facility, a night costs over 100 euro
  • the most expensive hotels offer their services from around 150 euro for one night

Prices for transport and public transport in the Netherlands

Public transport prices in the Netherlands are high. For example, for one journey by public transport, you have to pay an average of 3 euro. Of course, ticket prices vary depending on a specific city, but you can assume their cost in the range of 2 to 4 euro. For comparison, for a monthly pass for public transport in the Netherlands you have to pay an average of 90 euro.
However, when it comes to moving between different regions in the Netherlands, the cheapest option are railways and coach carriers. A train ticket, depending of course on the distance, will cost us from 5 to 30 euro. An example rail route from Amsterdam to Rotterdam will only be 15 euro. However, for a coach ticket (bought in advance) from The Hague to Amsterdam, we can pay up to 5 euro. So long distance communication in the Netherlands is not very expensive.
However, the cheapest way to get around the city and its surroundings in the Netherlands is to simply rent a bike. Such pleasure costs around 6 euro per night, and the vehicle will take us to every corner that interests us. For this you need to leave a deposit – from 25 to 100 euro, depending on the rental company, as well as an identity card. In the Netherlands, the paths for cyclists are perfectly prepared, so it is worth considering it when the season is right.

Taxi and fuel prices in the Netherlands

When it comes to taxi costs in the Netherlands, they are quite high. The very entrance to a taxi costs from 3 to even 7.50 euro. To this we have to add from 2 to over 3 euro for each kilometer traveled. However, an hour of waiting for a taxi driver in this country costs from 23 to even 49 euro.
When it comes to the cost of fuel, which is of greatest interest to those who come with their own car, there is unfortunately no good news. Fuel prices in the Netherlands are among the high. It is much more profitable to refuel to full in neighboring countries. Average fuel prices are as follows:

  • 95 gasoline costs 1.68 euro per liter
  • 98 gasoline costs 1.76 euro per liter
  • diesel costs 1.27 euro per liter
  • LPG gas costs EUR 0.58 per liter

It is also worth adding that shopping at gas stations is not a very good idea. All goods, just like ours, are highly overpriced there. It is better to look for some cheaper discounters or buy them as a last resort.

Food prices in the Netherlands / Alcohol, cigarettes, beer, drinking in shops in the Netherlands
Food prices in the Netherlands / Alcohol, cigarettes, beer, drinking in shops in the Netherlands

Food prices in shops in the Netherlands

Food prices in the Netherlands are high. Especially when it comes to meat, cold cuts, vegetables and fruit. Interestingly, local cheeses can be bought at decent prices – the cheapest one will cost you 8 euro per kilogram, while the most expensive one costs around 16 euro per kilogram in the supermarket.
When it comes to food, in the Netherlands it is best to buy them in cheap supermarkets or discount stores. We can choose here Coop, Dirk, Spar, Jumbo or Vomar. However, the cheapest ones include SuperCoop, as well as the well-known Aldi and Lidl. In turn, one of the most expensive supermarket chains in the Netherlands are Albert Heijn stores, as well as those small shops with basic assortment. If you want to save, it’s better to avoid them.

Average prices of basic food products:

  • bread roll 0.30 euro each
  • bread 1.20 euro for a loaf
  • sliced ​​dark bread 2.20 euro for a loaf
  • 2 euro butter for a cube
  • small fruit yoghurt 0.60 euro
  • milk 0.90 euro per liter
  • eggs 2.30 euro for 12
  • yellow cheese 11 euro per kilo
  • white cheese 6 euro per kilo
  • mozzarella cheese 1.10 euro per ball
  • ricotta cheese 1 euro per pack
  • ham 10 euro per kilo
  • sliced ​​ham sandwich 2 euro for 100 grams
  • sausage 18 euro per kilo
  • minced meat 7 euro per kilogram
  • pork 10 euro per kilo
  • beef 15 euro per kilo
  • chicken fillet 8.50 euro per kilogram
  • fish fillet 15 euro per kilo
  • herring 1.5 euro apiece
  • rice 1.90 euro per kilogram
  • pasta 1 euro for 0.4 kilograms
  • oil 1.50 euro per liter
  • ketchup 1.40 euro per bottle
  • coffee 3.50 euro for 0.5 kilogram
  • tea 1.50 euro per packet
  • sugar 0.90 euro per kilogram
  • chocolate 1 euro for a plate
  • chocolate dragees 2.10 euro per package
  • chips 1.35 euro per package

Average prices of vegetables and fruits in the Netherlands:

  • cucumbers 1.40 euro per kilo
  • onion 1.30 euro per kilo
  • tomatoes 2.60 euro per kilo
  • potatoes 1.40 euro per kilo
  • lettuce 1 euro apiece
  • sauerkraut 2 euro per kilogram
  • peppers 0.90 euro apiece
  • strawberries 6 euro per kilo
  • apples 2.30 euro per kilogram
  • oranges 1.60 euro per kilo
  • bananas 1.90 euro per kilo
  • mango 2 euro each
  • pears 2.70 euro per kilogram
Food prices in the Netherlands / Cigarettes, alcohol, beer, dinner in a restaurant, pizza
Food prices in the Netherlands / Cigarettes, alcohol, beer, dinner in a restaurant, pizza

Average prices of water, drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in the Netherlands:

  • juice 1.10 euro per liter
  • water 0.80 euro for 1.5 liters
  • cola 1.90 euro for 1.5 liters
  • local beer 1.10 euro for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer 1.70 euro for 0.33 liters
  • wine 6 euro per bottle
  • sherry 6 euro a bottle
  • vodka 16 euro for a bottle
  • rum 14 euro per bottle
  • whiskey 14 euro for a bottle
  • gin 12 euro per bottle
  • a pack of cigarettes 7 euro

Food prices in restaurants in the Netherlands

Meal prices in restaurants in the Netherlands are higher than in neighboring countries – Germany or Belgium. For a three-course dinner in Germany, we will pay only EUR 20, in Belgium around EUR 26, and in the Netherlands EUR 30. You can look for cheap restaurants here, where a meal will cost us only 15 euro on average, but for this purpose you definitely need to distance yourself from typical tourist places. It is with various attractions and in the very center that prices in restaurants can be even two or three times higher.
The way out of the situation to eat in the Netherlands for a bit more acceptable money is a network of self-service establishments, where we ourselves take what we want to eat from containers. Here you can try Dutch delicacies, such as frikadelas or croquettes, or put a traditional piece of meat and chips on your plate. The cost of a single serving of food here will be from 1.5 to 4 euro.
Of course, fast food and street delicacies are also a way to make an inexpensive meal. In the Netherlands, there is no shortage of stalls selling Dutch fries or kebabs, or cheap Asian dishes taken in take-away boxes. There are also network premises of well-known fast food companies. However, the choice of any of these options is left to our own consideration.

Average street food and fast food prices in the Netherlands:

  • hamburger 3 euro
  • croquette in a roll 1.50 euro
  • sandwich 5-6 euro
  • fast food set from 7 to 10 euro
  • Dutch fries with sauce 2.50 to 4 euro
  • kebab from 4 to 6 euro
  • fish in a roll from 3 to 5 euro
  • fried fish from 3 to 7.50 euro
  • fries + croquette + frikadel 6 euro
  • a slice of pizza 1.50-2 euro
  • Asian dish with noodles or rice 15 euro
  • pizza from 10 to 15 euro

See also prices in Amsterdam.

Average restaurant meal prices in the Netherlands:

  • Dutch trout 19.90 euro
  • Dutch mussels 18.90 euro
  • terrine with vegetables 18.90 euro
  • lamb with toppings 32 euro
  • rib eye steak 34 euro
  • Bolognese spaghetti 13 euro
  • chicken and bacon salad 16 euro
  • smoked eel on toast 11 euro
  • shrimp cocktail 10.50 euro
  • soups 5-7 euro
  • fried chicken fillet with peanuts 16 euro
  • salmon in lobster sauce 19 euro
  • cheese fondue 15 euro

Average prices in cafes and bars in the Netherlands:

  • ice cream 1.50 euro per serving
  • apple pie with whipped cream 7 euro
  • ice cream dessert 7 euro
  • dessert made of cookies and liqueur 8 euro
  • cheesecake portion 6 euro
  • brownie portion 7 euro
  • chocolate tart 13 euro
  • coffee 2 euro
  • cappuccino 3 euro
  • Dutch coffee 7 euro
  • Irish coffee 7.50 euro
  • tea 3 euro
  • water 2 euro for 0.33 liters
  • cola 2.40 euro for 0.33 liters
  • energy drink 4.50 euro
  • local beer 4.50 euro for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer 4 euro for 0.33 liters
  • a glass of wine 4-6 euro
  • drinks 7-10 euro

Prices for attractions in the Netherlands

  • Rotterdam Zoo 23.50 euro
  • Haage Toren 9 euro
  • Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam 19 euro
  • Prison Gate Museum in The Hague 15 euro
  • Rijks Museum in Amsterdam 19 euro
  • Pannenkoekenboot cruise in Rotterdam 19.50 euro
  • Louwman Museum in The Hague 16 euro
  • Amsterdam Maritime Museum 16.50 euro
  • Miniworld Rotterdam 12.95 euro

Check out other sights and attractions in Amsterdam too.

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