Prices in the Maldives

The Maldives are at the top of many travelers’ dream lists. Currently, a trip to the Maldives on your own is on average one thousand euros cheaper than what travel agencies offer … and what prices can be expected on the spot?

Prices in the Maldives

Generally speaking, prices in the Maldives are high. Mainly in relation to the tourist part, i.e. islands with resorts and luxury hotels. There, not only the prices of accommodation make you dizzy, but also restaurant meals are simply really expensive.

Prices in the Maldives / Food in shops, lunch in restaurants, cigarettes, alcohol.
Prices in the Maldives / Food in shops, lunch in restaurants, cigarettes, alcohol.

The situation is different in places where ordinary Maldives citizens live. Now that accommodation has been established in these parts, the prices of stay on the islands have fallen slightly. That is, it is still expensive at the resorts, but people who explore the world in an economy mode can finally come here and stay in cheap accommodation facilities.

Food prices in shops and restaurants in this part of the Maldives are also at a decent level. Therefore, it is only up to us whether the vacation in the Maldives will be expensive or at fairly bearable prices.

It is also worth adding that the prices given in hotels or restaurants usually do not include taxes. Therefore, you have to add an additional 12% to the price and about 11% for the service. Therefore, the price of accommodation or a meal increases significantly.

Therefore, it is best before booking or ordering food to see if the visible price is the final (gross) price.

The local currency is Maldivian Rupiah (MVR), which is divided into 100 lari. You’ll get about 17 MVR for one euro. In the Maldives, tourists often pay in dollars, to the extent that it happens, for example, that some restaurants do not accept local currency from guests!

Food prices in stores in the Maldives

Although the Maldives are an archipelago of islands, there is no shortage of convenience stores, local markets or even larger supermarkets, for example in the capital – Male. Prices of food products are actually higher than those in countries closer to continents. However, you need to be aware that with this and not another area at your disposal, most of your food must be imported.

It is impossible to produce everything on sandy islands – hence the prices.

When it comes to fresh fruit or vegetables and small snacks, it’s worth buying them at local markets. Rustic prices are always more pleasant for our portfolio. In contrast, prices of food products in stores are at the following level:

  •     milk – 20-30 MVR per liter
  •     eggs – 20-60 MVR for 12 pieces
  •     local cheese – 56 MVR per kilo
  •     white cheese – 31 MVR per kilo
  •     bread – 15-35 MVR for a loaf
  •     rice – 5-40 MVR per kilo
  •     sausage – 185-330 MVR per kilo
  •     beef – 60-90 MVR per kilo
  •     poultry (fillet) – 50-85 MVR per kilo

Vegetable prices in the Maldives:

  •     potatoes – 20-22 MVR per kilo
  •     Lettuce – 35 MVR per head
  •     onions – 30-55 MVR per kilo
  •     tomatoes – 35-40 MVR per kilo
  •     cucumbers – 20-22 MVR per kilo

Fruit prices in the Maldives:

  •     oranges – 30-60 MVR per kilo
  •     bananas – 30-80 MVR per kilo
  •     apples – 25 MVR per kilo
  •     pears – 30 MVR per kilo

Spice prices in the Maldives:

  •     local cakes – 5-10 MVR per package
  •     Imported cookies – 25 MVR per package
  •     spice mix – 13 MVR per packet

Prices of drinking and cigarettes in the Maldives (no alcohol in stores, only available in bars on departmental islands for tourists)

  •     water – 6-15 MVR for 1.5 liters
  •     energy drink – 13 MVR for 0.25 liters
  •     cola – 13 MVR for 0.25 liters
  •     juice – 40 MVR per liter
  •     cigarettes – 40-80 MVR for a pack of cigarettes
Cigarette prices in the Maldives.
Cigarette prices in the Maldives.

Food prices at pubs and restaurants in the Maldives

When it comes to restaurants in hotels, meal prices can reach several dozen dollars (!) For dinner. Payments in dollars can also be found in places outside resorts, but directed to tourists.

For a meal in a cheap restaurant we will pay on average 30-150 MVR, in a slightly better one already 150-400 MVR. You can also bypass restaurants and eat local fast-food, usually rice or fried noodles with toppings. Then the price of the meal will be only 50-70 MVR. Snacks bought at local markets are also not expensive, their prices start from 15 MVR.

Prices of dinners and dishes in the Maldives:

  •     Hedhikaa dumplings – 15 MVR (for 3 pieces)
  •     Fresh fruit cocktail – 25 MVR
  •     Maldivian breakfast – 25 MVR
  •     Chicken Salad – 40-45 MVR
  •     breakfast (e.g. eggs, toast, sausages + drink) – 50 MVR
  •     rice with tuna and vegetables – 50-70 MVR
  •     curry with fish or vegetables + rice or bread – 50-85 MVR
  •     fried noodles with fish and vegetables – 50 MVR
  •     pasta with beef – 60 MVR
  •     pasta with mushrooms – 80 MVR
  •     shrimps with garlic – from 85 MVR
  •     pasta with salmon – 115 MVR
  •     a plate of oysters, squids and chicken – 175 MVR
  •     roasted whole barramunda – 210 MVR

Prices of desserts, coffee and sweets in the Maldives:

  •     local dessert (from coconut, wrapped in leaves) – 30 MVR
  •     coffee – 10-30 MVR
  •     cappuccino – 25-65 MVR
  •     tea – 8 MVR
  •     cola – 25 MVR for 0.5 liters
  •     water – 3-14 MVR for 0.33 liters

Accommodation prices in the Maldives

It is worth knowing that the Maldivian tourist season lasts roughly from October to mid-February. Then the prices of accommodation increase by about 40%. Lower prices will be from March to September, when the monsoon season is underway on the islands.

Overnight at a hostel in the Maldives costs an average of $ 25-30. For a double room with bathroom and breakfast we will pay 40-45 dollars in a cheap hotel. A night at a 2-star hotel will be around $ 60 per night. A three-star facility costs $ 80 per night, while a four-star facility costs over $ 240.

Accommodation in the most luxurious facilities in the Maldives starts from almost $ 900 per night.

When it comes to accommodation on the islands, where resorts for wealthier tourists are located, prices are really high. A night at the most famous houses on the water costs at least $ 250. In the same place, except that it is not in the water house, but in the beach bungalow, the prices are already lower and we will pay “only” $ 100 per night.

It is also worth remembering that hotel staff in the Maldives expect tips. From luggage, through SPA employees to waiters in restaurants.

Prices of transport in the Maldives

The Maldives are an island archipelago, so shipment is usually done by water transport. There are several options to choose from. The most expensive of them is the transfer between islands by hydrofoil (plane with skids for landing on water). Such a flight costs from 250 to 450 dollars per person.

Another way is to use a private motorboat, where the course costs around $ 200, but for the whole. With more people, this amount will be divided into smaller amounts. It is cheaper to use the services of a public speedboat. The rate per person will be around $ 35 (depending on the route). However, these boats usually run twice a day at a set time.

Ferries are the cheapest way of traveling between the islands. These, in turn, swim several times a day, but the journey itself will last quite a long time. The biggest advantage of the ferry crossing is its price, because it is about $ 2.

Food prices in the Maldives
Food prices in the Maldives

Prices of tourist attractions in the Maldives

Man does not live by the sun, beach or swimming in the ocean alone. Spending your vacation in the Maldives is also worth taking advantage of the local offer of optional trips.

If you can’t afford a holiday in the water houses, you can always buy a one-day visit to one of the luxury resorts. The cost of such a trip is about $ 100, of which the stay itself is $ 75, while transport $ 25. The price includes a meal (usually lunch), unlimited soft drinks and the use of all conveniences for hotel guests.

The Maldives also offer a range of water activities from snorkeling ($ 30), scuba diving ($ 65) to sunset trips, combined with dolphin search ($ 35). Trips to uninhabited islands are also very popular, which are often the beaches themselves (a sandbar sticking out of the water) for $ 30 or cruises for the purpose of consumption of interest – so-called floating bars (which cleverly circumvent the ban on drinking alcohol – because on the water it does not apply) at $ 10, but for the transfer itself, no alcohol. Check out other attractions in the Maldives prepared for tourists.

Learn more at the Maldives tourism website.

Fishing enthusiasts have a choice of trips for large fish (including tuna or marlins) for $ 450 or an ordinary night fishing for $ 45. However, visiting the capital of the islands – Male costs about $ 40 per person.

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