Prices in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest and most populated Canary Island, and as a part of Spain its currency is the euro.

Current prices in Tenerife do not differ too much from European averages. Some products can even  be purchased at a lower price, for example, alcohol, cigarettes, perfumes and selected electronics. For this reason staying on the island of eternal spring should not ruin your wallet, even if you intend to eat in bars and restaurants.

Current prices in Tenerife / Know the prices to better plan your holiday budget!
Current prices in Tenerife / Know the prices to better plan your holiday budget!

It all depends on what you will order, where and in what quantities. Spain – and with it Tenerife – is definitely not the most expensive country in Europe. However, it is always worth knowing the approximate prices to better plan the final budget.

So let’s start the price guide in Tenerife from the beginning:

Food prices in Tenerife

If you are going to buy food in Tenerife, take a look around the area and check if there are no chains in the vicinity: Mercadona, HiperDino, Lidl or Tu Trebol. These are some of the cheapest stores with a fairly large range.

The prices of food in shops in Tenerife are as follows:

  1. bread about 1 euro
  2. roll 0,2 euro
  3. butter (250 g) 1 – 1.15 euro
  4. milk (1 liter) 0.70 euro
  5. yogurt (150g) 0.60 euro
  6. yellow cheese 4 – 5 euro per kg
  7. mortadella 2 euro per kg
  8. local sausage 4 euro per kg
  9. poultry meat 4 euro per kg
  10. pork from 4 to 8 euro per kg
  11. pasta (500g) 0.35-0.40 euro
  12. rice 0.60 euro per kg
  13. potatoes 0.80 – 1 euro per kg
  14. local tomatoes about 1 euro per kg
  15. lettuce 0.60 – 1 euro a piece
  16. bananas 0.60 – 1 euro per kg
  17. oranges 1- 1.20 euro per kg
  18. olive oil jar (400g) 2 euro
  19. a water bottle of 0.30 – 0.60 euro for 1.5 liters
  20. juice 1 euro for 1 liter
  21. ice cream 1.80 euro per kg

Prices of alcohol and cigarettes in shops in Tenerife:

  1. local beer 0.5l 1 euro
  2. six pack 0.33l beer 3 euro
  3. wine from 1 euro up
  4. decent whiskey 12 – 13 euro per liter
  5. gin 4.50 euro per liter
  6. local rum 13 euro for 0.7l
  7. decent cigarettes 2 – 3 euro pack, local ones cheaper by half
Food prices in Tenerife / Both in the store and in the restaurant or bar depend on the location of the premises.
Food prices in Tenerife / Both in the store and in the restaurant or bar depend on the location of the premises.

Prices in restaurants in Tenerife

The price is proportional to the distance from the beach or tourist centers. The further away from beaches and resorts, the cheaper it is. For example, a margherita pizza in the center of the resort will cost about 7 euro, while outside the city you will eat it for 5 euro with a free drink. It can also be assumed that for a dinner you will pay, on average, around 10 euro in a good restaurant.

Other example prices of dinners in restaurants:

  1. lunch of the day (soup, main course plus a drink) 11-12 euro
  2. a dinner set with meat and French fries at the beach, approx. 8 euro
  3. a fast food set 6-7 euro
  4. tortilla 4 euro
  5. Canary potatoes approx. 5 euro
  6. a set of tapas 7 euro
  7. salad (with tuna, goat cheese) 6 – 8 euro
  8. squid 8,50 euro
  9. paella for two people 15 – 25 euro depending on the kind (vegetables, meat, seafood)
  10. a scoop of ice cream, 1-1.5 euro
  11. cake (piece) 3.5 euro
  12. churros + chocolate sauce + coffee for two people 6 euro
  13. freshly squeezed juice 2.5-3 euro
  14. coffee 1.5 – 2.5 euro depending on the type
  15. cola in a tin 1,2 – 1,5 euro
  16. water (0.33l) 0.90 euro
  17. a glass of wine 3.5 euro
  18. local beer (0.5l) 1 – 2 euro
  19. imported beer (0.33l) 1.50 – 2 euro

Accommodation prices in Tenerife

It all depends on the chosen town, standard, distance from the sea, the date of arrival and the equipment of the given night shelter. A well-stocked apartment with a kitchenette can cost for example 125 – 130 euro per week.

Accommodation prices in Tenerife in hotels, motels and hostels.
Accommodation prices in Tenerife in hotels, motels and hostels.

Transport and fuel prices in Tenerife

  1. one-time ticket approx. 1.3 euro
  2. ticket from one end of the island to the other 7 – 7.5 euro
  3. electronic ticket with a 50% discount on all trips for top-up of 12 euro
  4. taxi: entry approx. 2.5 euro, kilometer 0.6 euro
  5. petrol (1l) 1 euro

When choosing a holiday to Tenerife it is worth checking out what to take on holiday and to save some money to buy cosmetics for tanning already in our country!

Attractions in Tenerife and their prices

Loro Park 35 euro adult and 24 euro child

Siam Park 35 euro adult and 24 euro child

Double ticket (Loro and Siam Park) 60 euro adult and 41,50 euro child

Queue for Teide (round trip) 27 euro adult and 13.50 euro child

Guimar Pyramids 11 euro adults and 5.5 euro children (from 9 years old)

Lago Martianez 5 euro adult 2.5 euro child (up to 10 years old)

Current tourist information and maps of Tenerife

Current map of Tenerife

Current maps of Tenerife want to locate these most popular resorts – and consequently, the more expensive locations – and less crowded resorts that can be cheaper:

You can learn more about prices on Tenerife and attractions on the island as well as in interesting facts from this website about Canary Islands.

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