Prices in Switzerland

Prices in Switzerland, next to the Scandinavian and Icelandic ones, are among the highest in Europe and around the world. Unfortunately, visiting this country is associated with high expenses. Both when it comes to accommodation, meals, transport or even tickets to the attractions themselves. Prices in Switzerland also vary by region. It is especially visible in big cities. It is most expensive in Geneva and Zurich, while slightly lower prices can be expected in Lausanne, Basel or Bern. One of the relatively cheapest cities in Switzerland is St. Gallen, Neuchatel and Aarau.

Prices in Switzerland

Interestingly, the residents themselves complain about the high prices in Switzerland. Research has shown that many of them cannot afford a holiday in this country at all, and for this reason they often go on holiday abroad. Inhabitants of border cantons eagerly go shopping in neighboring countries, and only a small percentage of the entire society owns a flat. So it follows that in Switzerland you earn a lot and you spend the same.
Therefore, there is no need to count on a budgetary trip to this country.
On the other hand, it does not mean that with a little effort it is not possible to spend a nice few days here without getting into debt for the rest of your life. For this, information about the most interesting prices in Switzerland, from a tourist point of view, will be useful.

Prices in Switzerland / Food, food in shops, beer, cigarettes, alcohol
Prices in Switzerland / Food, food in shops, beer, cigarettes, alcohol

Accommodation prices in Switzerland

Yes, accommodation prices in Switzerland are high and very high. This applies to both hotel facilities and hostels, which, by definition, should be the most affordable. Therefore, if we have to carefully watch the adopted, small budget, we are left with promotions on well-known accommodation websites or hospitality of friends or family.
The highest prices for accommodation in Switzerland are in small but extremely popular resorts, such as Grindelwald or Zermatt. Interestingly, in the largest cities, due to a lot of competition, sometimes it is possible to find accommodation at quite affordable prices. A night spent on a camping site will also be relatively inexpensive, where we will only pay about 15 francs. You just have to remember that wild camping is forbidden in Switzerland.

Average accommodation prices in Switzerland:

  • we have to pay over CHF 55 per night in a hostel
  • an overnight stay in a two-star hotel costs almost CHF 100
  • you have to spend almost CHF 120 per night in a three-star hotel
  • we will pay almost CHF 180 for a night in a four-star hotel
  • while for the most luxurious hotel facilities you have to pay at least CHF 500

Prices for transport and public transport in Switzerland

Prices for intercity transport and public transport in Switzerland are just as expensive. When it comes to public transport, the least advantageous is the purchase of a single one-way ticket, which costs from 2.80 to 5 CHF. Therefore, it is much more profitable to buy time tickets or tourist cards, which entitle you to many discounts, including discounts on public transport.
For example, a day ticket in one of the largest cities in Switzerland costs around CHF 9-10.
In turn, intercity transport in Switzerland is mainly based on rail. It is by train that we can get here to every place of interest to us. However, this type of pleasure costs a lot. It must be added that some of the railway routes have become a real tourist attraction in Switzerland.

Examples of train ticket prices in Switzerland:

  • Geneva – Bern from CHF 25.50
  • Zurich – Basel from 17 CHF
  • Zurich – Geneva from CHF 44
  • Visp – Zermatt from CHF 18.50

A method to save money, not only in this case, is to buy the Swiss Half Fare Card – For the price of CHF 120, we get a 50% discount on all lines bus, train and ferries. In addition, sometimes you can also catch price promotions for various trips or attractions.
The card is valid for 30 days, so you should consider buying it if you intend to travel more and more often in Switzerland during our trip.

Food prices in Switzerland / Dinner at a restaurant for the whole family, pizza, fast-food
Food prices in Switzerland / Dinner at a restaurant for the whole family, pizza, fast-food

Taxi and fuel prices in Switzerland

As for the cost of taxi driving in Switzerland, as you can already guess, it will be high. Just to get into a taxi, you have to pay from 6 to 11 CHF here, of course with the daily tariff. In addition, you need to add from 3 to 7 CHF for each kilometer traveled. If we need an hour’s taxi stop, it will cost us from 50 to even 120 CHF.

For many reasons, many people also choose to come to Switzerland by their own car. Looking through the prism of both intercity and public transport prices, this seems like a reasonable approach. However, there is one but – because fuel in Switzerland is expensive. That is why many people, even before entering the territory of this country, fill up with fuel at the border stations.

Average fuel prices in Switzerland:

  • 95 gasoline from 1.30 to 1.44 CHF per liter (depending on the specific location)
  • 98 gasoline from 1.49 CHF per liter upwards
  • diesel from 1.39 to 1.55 CHF per liter
  • LPG 0.90 CHF per liter

See also highways in Switzerland.

Food prices in shops in Switzerland

Food prices in shops and supermarkets in Switzerland are high. Meat is very expensive, as well as vegetables, fruit and dairy products. For this reason, many Swiss diets tend to be more vegan, and meat dishes are considered to be something more festive. On the other hand, the country attaches great importance to its quality. There are no farms here focused on the rapid growth of slaughter animals, which, however, strongly translates into high meat prices.
However, we will buy the famous Swiss chocolate at quite bearable costs.
In Switzerland, apart from normal shops and smaller shops and bakeries, we also have discounted food stores. It is in the latter ones that we will do the cheapest shopping when it comes to food. We can choose from chains such as Aldi, Lidl or Denner. The prices will be slightly more expensive in stores such as: SPAR, Coop or Migros.

Average basic food prices in Switzerland:

  • bread rolls 3 CHF for 6
  • Croissant CHF 0.95 each
  • pretzel CHF 1.50 apiece
  • bread CHF 3 for a loaf
  • sweet roll CHF 2.40
  • butter CHF 2.95 per cube
  • small yoghurt 0.95 CHF
  • sandwich cheese 2.30 CHF for 200 g
  • yellow cheese CHF 2.35 for 150 g
  • blue cheese 3.80 CHF for 200 g
  • white cheese CHF 8.90 per kilo
  • milk 1.60 CHF per liter
  • eggs CHF 5.50 for 12
  • sausage CHF 36 per kilo
  • chicken breast fillet CHF 25 per kilogram
  • beef 50 CHF per kilo
  • rice CHF 3 per kilogram
  • noodles CHF 2.10 for 500 g
  • breakfast cereals CHF 3.90 for 500 g
  • jam 2.30 CHF per jar
  • chocolate bar 1.30 CHF
  • chocolate CHF 2.30 for 100 g
  • biscuits 2.50 CHF for 150 g
  • large bag of crisps 7.80 CHF for 380g

Also check current prices in Germany.

Average fruit and vegetable prices in Switzerland:

  • mangos CHF 5.60 apiece
  • pineapples CHF 3.95 per kilogram
  • pears CHF 4.80 per kilogram
  • apples CHF 4 per kilogram
  • grapes CHF 7.60 per kilo
  • oranges CHF 3.70 per kilo
  • tangerines CHF 3.90 per kilo
  • bananas CHF 3 per kilo
  • lemons CHF 1.80 per kilo
  • raspberries CHF 18.50 per kilogram
  • cauliflowers CHF 3.90 per piece
  • potatoes CHF 2.80 per kilo
  • onions 2.70 CHF per kilo
  • cucumbers CHF 2.30 per kilo
  • tomatoes CHF 4.10 per kilogram
  • courgettes CHF 4.60 per kilogram
  • bell peppers CHF 3 per kilogram
  • broccoli CHF 2.30 apiece
  • mushrooms CHF 13.90 per kilo
  • carrots CHF 1.10 per kilogram
  • lettuce CHF 2.40 apiece
Food prices in Switzerland
Food prices in Switzerland

Average prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in Switzerland:

  1. water 0.90 CHF for 1.5 liters
  2. juice CHF 1.95 per liter
  3. cola 1.20 CHF for 500 ml
  4. ice tea CHF 1.90 for 1.5 liters
  5. energy drink 1.70 CHF for 250ml
  6. local beer CHF 1.90 for 500ml
  7. imported beer CHF 2.40 for 330 ml
  8. wine CHF 12 for a mid-range bottle
  9. vodka CHF 18.95 for 0.7 liters
  10. rum CHF 21
  11. gin CHF 19
  12. whiskey 20 CHF
  13. a pack of decent cigarettes CHF 8.50

Check also prices at Lake Constance.

Dinner prices in restaurants in Switzerland

Dining in restaurants in Switzerland is not the cheapest. This is a level where we have to spend at least CHF 25 for a meal in a cheap pub. And it certainly won’t be any fancy dishes. However, in a slightly better restaurant, we will pay an average of CHF 50 for a three-course dinner. Not to mention the fine dining restaurant, where we pay 190 CHF per person per entry. The solution is to cook on your own, if the conditions are right, or to eat typical fast food.

Average street food and fast food prices in Switzerland:

  • cheeseburger 4.20 CHF
  • fast food set 14 CHF
  • instant soup 5 CHF
  • bratwurst 10-12 CHF
  • kebab 5-7 CHF
  • rosti (fried grated potatoes + onion + bacon) 6-15 CHF
  • picnic box with cheese, ham and bread CHF 10
  • Asian rice dish CHF 19.50

Average meal prices in restaurants in Switzerland:

  • Breakfast muesli from CHF 4.90
  • pancakes from CHF 13.50
  • Eggs Benedict CHF 19.50
  • brunch 20-30 CHF
  • fondue 20-25 CHF
  • soup CHF 13.50
  • pizza from CHF 18
  • salad from 9 to 13 CHF
  • tacos chilli con carne CHF 16 for 3
  • pasta with sauce from 19 to 25 CHF
  • chicken curry 25.50 CHF
  • beef shashlik CHF 19.50
  • risotto 20-22 CHF
  • beef steak 50 CHF
  • mezze (plate of Middle Eastern starters) CHF 27.50
  • mutton shawarma CHF 35.50
  • schnitzel with cranberries 39 CHF
  • Roasted salmon medallion in a sauce with vegetables CHF 35

Average prices in cafes and bars in Switzerland:

  • piece of cake 13-14 CHF
  • espresso 3.20 CHF
  • cappuccino 4.60 CHF
  • latte 4-5 CHF
  • water CHF 3.40 for 0.33 liters
  • cola 4.10 CHF for 0.33 liters
  • local beer CHF 7 for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer CHF 6 for 0.33 liters
  • sparkling wine CHF 7.80 per glass
  • drink from 9-10 CHF

Prices of attractions in Switzerland

The prices of attractions in Switzerland are also quite high. Therefore, it is worth finding out if there are any tourist cards, which will not only reduce the cost of public transport, but also allow you to buy tickets at an attractive price.

Sample prices of Swiss attractions:

  • Basel Art Museum CHF 26
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Bern CHF 24 (for the whole amount)
  • National Museum of Zurich 10 CHF
  • Olympic Museum, Lausanne 18 CHF

When it comes to one of the biggest attractions in Switzerland, i.e. skiing in the local mountain areas, it is really expensive. Ski pass prices for one day range from CHF 28 (in Schwyz – Ibergeregg) to even CHF 68 (in Engelberg). In addition, you need to charge around CHF 60-70 for boots and skis rental, if you do not have them with you.

Souvenir prices and what to bring from Switzerland

  • Le Parfait (pate) CHF 3.30 for 200 gr
  • Swiss chocolate from CHF 2 per tablet
  • cheese mix for fondue CHF 7 for 250 gr
  • hot chocolate (powdered) 11 CHF for 750 gr
  • Cenovis paste (based on yeast extract) CHF 4 for 70gr
  • Rivella drink (with whey) CHF 2.50 for 1.5 liters

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