Prices in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most expensive countries in Europe and at the forefront of the world – this applies to the cost of accommodation and attractions, groceries in shops, public transport, and meals in restaurants.
The currency in this country is the Swedish Krona (SEK), which is worth around 10 euro cent. The costs of individual products may vary not only by region, but can also vary within one city. Usually, we will do cheaper shopping, for example, on the outskirts of a given town than in the very center. The highest prices can be expected in the capital of Sweden, i.e. in Stockholm, but will also be more expensive in Trelleborg and Sollentuna.

Accommodation prices in Sweden

The highest prices for accommodation can be expected above all in Stockholm. The amount of accommodation costs will also depend on the date of our arrival, the standard of the accommodation facility we choose and the distance of its location from the center, or from a specific tourist attraction.

Prices in Sweden / Dinner for family in a restaurant, pizza, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, food in shops
Prices in Sweden / Dinner for family in a restaurant, pizza, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, food in shops

Average accommodation prices in Sweden are as follows:

  • the price of accommodation in a hostel is about 476 SEK
  • we will have to pay over SEK 500 per night in a two-star hotel
  • an overnight stay in a three-star facility will cost us almost SEK 630
  • a night in a four-star hotel costs over SEK 875
  • and for a night in the most luxurious hotel facilities you have to pay at least SEK 1,440

If we want to find even cheaper accommodation in Sweden, then we have to look for multi-bed rooms for rent, the cost of which can be as low as 200-250 SEK. A solution to the situation may also be accommodation in a mobile home, where the night will cost us 150-200 SEK. You can also search for bargain offers on well-known accommodation portals.
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Prices for public transport and intercity transport in Sweden

Prices for public transport and travel within Sweden are also high. It will be hard to save on tickets. The case is as follows:

  • a single ticket costs from 25 to 45 SEK (depending on the city)
  • a single ticket, but bought e.g. on a tram, costs SEK 50
  • you have to pay SEK 155 for a daily ticket
  • a three-day ticket costs SEK 310
  • and a weekly pass will cost SEK 405

Therefore, if we are going to visit a lot or just move around the city, the best option is to buy a weekly ticket.
On the other hand, intercity transport is also expensive. Interestingly, traveling from city to city by trains is more expensive than buses. For example, a train ticket from the airport to central Stockholm costs SEK 100-120. A trip from the capital of Sweden to Malmo by train costs at least SEK 470. A train ticket on the Stockholm – Goteborg route costs from SEK 445 upwards. On the other hand, a bus ticket on the Goteborg-Malmo route costs only SEK 180, and a bus trip from Gothenburg to Stockholm will cost us only SEK 220.

Taxi and fuel prices in Sweden

Taxi prices in Sweden are very high – you have to count from 40 to 100 SEK for the start of the course, while each kilometer traveled here will cost from 14 to 30 SEK. In turn, an hourly taxi stop in Sweden will cost us from 450 to 600 SEK. For example, a taxi ride from the airport to the center of Stockholm will cost around SEK 400.
There are legends about fuel prices in Sweden. In fact, it is simply expensive. Fuel prices at stations in Sweden will naturally vary, depending on the specific company. Their height is also influenced by the location of the station, because on the main route it will certainly be more expensive than in a slightly more distant place.
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Average fuel prices in Sweden:

  • 95 gasoline costs SEK 13.7 per liter
  • 98 gasoline costs SEK 14.3 per liter
  • diesel costs SEK 13.8 per liter
  • LPG costs SEK 10.3 per liter
Food prices in Sweden / Drinking and eating in shops, cigarettes, bread, alcohol, beer Food prices in shops in Sweden
Food prices in Sweden / Drinking and eating in shops, cigarettes, bread, alcohol, beer

Food prices in shops in Sweden

Shopping in grocery stores in Sweden will certainly not be cheap. Food prices in this country are really high. Especially when it comes to meat and cold cuts, and alcohol. It is best to shop in chain stores such as Lidl, Spar, Willys or Netto. There the prices will be friendlier. In turn, it is better to avoid shops – ICA, Coop Forum, PrisXtra, Hemköp, or Pressbyran, because food prices in them are much higher. If we need something in the city, you can go to one of the smaller 7-eleven stores, where you can buy snacks or drinks, at moderate (for Sweden) prices.

Average prices of basic groceries in shops in Sweden:

  • bread roll 4.50 SEK
  • baguette 21 SEK
  • bread 23 SEK
  • toasted bread SEK 25.50
  • butter 23 SEK per ankle
  • milk 12 SEK per liter
  • eggs SEK 28 for 12
  • small fruit yoghurt 9 SEK
  • sliced ​​cheese 33 SEK for 400 grams
  • white cheese 49 SEK per kilo
  • blue cheese 18 SEK for 125 grams
  • salami SEK 131 per kilo
  • ham sandwich 185 SEK per kilo
  • sausage SEK 173 per kilo
  • sausages SEK 82 per kilo
  • minced meat SEK 85 per kilo
  • beef SEK 150 per kilo
  • chicken breast fillet 95 SEK per kilo
  • frozen prawns 110 SEK per kilo
  • frozen fish fillet SEK 80 for 400 grams
  • herring pickled SEK 21 for 240 grams
  • noodles SEK 12 for 500 grams
  • rice SEK 25 per kilo
  • vegetable oil SEK 20 per liter
  • ketchup SEK 20 for 500 ml
  • jam 25 SEK per jar
  • sugar SEK 17.50 per kilogram
  • coffee SEK 32 for 250 grams
  • tea 17 SEK for 20 teabags
  • chocolate SEK 16.50
  • pralines 30 SEK
  • chips 21 SEK per package

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Average prices of fruit and vegetables in shops in Sweden:

  • pineapple SEK 22 per kilo
  • tangerines SEK 26 per kilo
  • oranges SEK 25 per kilo
  • plums SEK 40 per kilo
  • bananas SEK 22 per kilo
  • apples SEK 26 per kilo
  • pears SEK 31 per kilo
  • potatoes 11 SEK per kilo
  • carrots SEK 15 per kilo
  • onion SEK 13 per kilo
  • mushrooms 35 SEK per kilo
  • pepper SEK 28 for 400 grams
  • tomatoes SEK 30 per kilo
  • lettuce 19 SEK each
  • cucumbers SEK 16 per kilo

Average prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in shops in Sweden:

  • water 14 SEK for 1.5 liters
  • fruit juice SEK 21 per liter
  • organic vegetable juice SEK 41 per liter
  • cola 21 SEK for 1.5 liters
  • energy drink SEK 15 for 0.25 liters
  • ice tea 17.50 SEK for 1.5 liters
  • local beer 17 SEK for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer SEK 19 for 0.33 liters
  • mid-range wine 90 SEK per bottle
  • whiskey SEK 240 per bottle
  • vodka SEK 250 per bottle
  • rum 235 SEK per bottle
  • gin 225 SEK per bottle
  • cigarettes SEK 65 per packet
Prices in restaurants in Sweden / Dinner for the whole family, pizza, fast-food
Prices in restaurants in Sweden / Dinner for the whole family, pizza, fast-food

Meal prices in restaurants in Sweden

From the prices of food products in Sweden alone, it can be concluded that the cost of eating in restaurants will not be cheap. The prices of meals in restaurants in Sweden are influenced by their specific location – the closer to the center or some attractions, the more expensive it will be. The highest prices can be expected in Stockholm.
If we want lower prices of meals, it is worth moving away from the center, looking for self-service eateries or smaller, more intimate pubs. A dinner in a cheap restaurant in Sweden will cost from 80 to 180 SEK. On the other hand, a meal in a better place, consisting of three courses, costs between 225 and 475 SEK per person.
Due to the high prices of dinners in Swedish restaurants for our budget, many people choose either to cook on their own (if it is possible), or street food or fast food. However, even in this case, there is no need to count on food for pennies. The most popular street meal in Sweden is herring sandwiches.
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Average street food and fast food prices in Sweden:

  • sandwich with herring from 45-55 SEK up
  • hamburger with cheese in a chain 24 SEK
  • chain fast food set 80 SEK
  • hot dog from 25 SEK for the small version
  • kebab from 70 SEK
  • pizza from 80 SEK
Prices in shops in Sweden
Prices in shops in Sweden

Average meal prices in restaurants in Sweden:

  • breakfast from 140 SEK
  • porridge 60 SEK
  • croissant with chocolate and fruit 55 SEK
  • pancakes from 110 SEK
  • salad 100 SEK
  • pizza from 90-100 SEK
  • lasagne 100 SEK
  • tapas from 70-80 SEK per portion
  • salmon with potatoes 210 SEK
  • Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes 165 SEK
  • steak with salad SEK 275
  • pork schnitzel with mashed potatoes 198 SEK
  • cod with additions 210 SEK
  • tortellini in sauce 165 SEK
  • eggplant casserole 175 SEK
  • sashimi 195 SEK
  • pasta with sea sheep sauce 230 SEK
  • risotto 215 SEK
  • grilled chicken with toppings 165 SEK
  • spicy prawns 255 SEK

Average prices in cafes and bars in Sweden:

  • fruit sorbet 65 SEK
  • panna cotta 83 SEK
  • apple pie with vanilla sauce 83 SEK
  • chocolate souffle 90 SEK
  • churros 90 SEK
  • fruit salad 90 SEK
  • brownie 99 SEK
  • espresso 26 SEC
  • cappuccino 37 SEK
  • latte 35 SEK
  • tea 35 SEK
  • water 18 SEK for 0.33 liters
  • cola SEK 21 for 0.33 liters
  • juice SEK 35 for 0.25 liters
  • table wine SEK 80 per glass
  • local beer 66 SEK for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer 65 for 0.33 liters
  • drinks from 90 SEK
  • a glass of liqueur 25 SEK
  • cider SEK 65 for 0.33 liters

Prices for attractions in Sweden

The prices of attractions in Sweden are not low. However, you can find many facilities that are free to enter.

  • Nobel Museum, Stockholm 130 SEK
  • VASA Museum in Stockholm 170 SEK
  • Royal Palace in Stockholm 160 SEK
  • SkyView in Stockholm 150 SEK
  • Stockholm Knight’s House 60 SEK
  • Stockholm Storkyrkan Cathedral 60 SEK
  • Drottningholm Palace 380 SEK
  • Treasury at Uppsala Cathedral SEK 50

Prices of souvenirs and things worth bringing from Sweden

  • Surströmming (famous fermented herring) SEK 50 per can
  • Pepparkakor (Swedish shortbread) SEK 18 per package
  • Chokladbollar (sweet balls) SEK 19 per package
  • Polkagris (famous Swedish candy) SEK 17 per packet
  • Knäckebröd Normalgraddat (round, crispy bread) SEK 28 per large package
  • Lingon (cranberry jam) SEK 70 for a large jar

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