Prices in Split / Dinner for the family, food and drink in shops, cigarettes, alcohol

Split is a city mentioned in one breath right next to Dubrovnik and Trogir. A well-known place visited by tourists in Croatia. One of the most interesting issues that bother people going there – are the current prices in Split. Unfortunately, large and popular Croatian cities and resorts are considered simply expensive. Hence, such interest in various costs related to the stay, meals and sightseeing.

It is worth mentioning here that Split is not as expensive as the already legendary Dubrovnik, but it is also a bit more expensive than Trogir. People who travel on a budget are able to find accommodation here in a reasonable amount and eat for reasonable prices.

Current prices in Split / Prices in shops and restaurants
Current prices in Split / Prices in shops and restaurants

Current prices in Split

The prices in Split strongly depend also on the date when we want to visit this city. However, the season lasts for a good half a year there. Only late fall, winter or the beginning of spring is the time when you can save a bit.

How about the cost of staying in Split?

Prices of transport and communication in Split

When it comes to public transport in Split, only buses are available. However, more than 30 lines in existence are enough to fully service the entire city. In addition, several dozen others connect the entire suburban region of Split with other towns.

Tickets can be purchased both at kiosks and from the bus driver. Except that the driver of the vehicle only sells single tickets. After boarding the bus, they must be checked or presented to the driver for inspection. However, the ticket prices themselves in Split are at the following level:

  • a single ticket (at the kiosk) costs HRK 9
  • a single ticket (with the driver) costs 11-12 HRK
  • a two way ticket costs HRK 17
  • 5 double tickets HRK 75
  • monthly pass 290 HRK

Apart from buses, you can also travel around Split by taxis. Approximate prices for the journey are as follows:

  • starting the course from 9 to 20 kuna (at normal tariff)
  • for each kilometer traveled additionally from 6 to 10 kuna
  • an hourly taxi wait costs from 30 to 60 kuna

As everywhere in the world, it is worth setting the price for the course in advance before the course starts. Then you can do without unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings.

If we drive our own car in Split, then we are most interested in the price of fuel. In this city, we will pay 9-11 HRK for a liter of gasoline. On the other hand, we will buy diesel for 10-12 kuna per liter.

Accommodation prices in Split

Unfortunately, accommodation in Split is not the cheapest, almost three times as high as similar standard rooms in less popular towns and villages. The cheapest month here is January, the most expensive – almost as usual – July. When it comes to hotels, there are three and four-star facilities in Split. Almost all are air-conditioned and most of them are located in the heart of the city.

Accommodation prices in hostels and hotels in Split are as follows:

  • hostel, accommodation here costs an average of HRK 165
  • a two-star hotel costs an average of HRK 460 per night
  • a three-star hotel costs around 620 kuna per night
  • a four-star hotel is an expense of HRK 875 per room
  • a five-star hotel is a real luxury available for over 2600 kuna per night

Private apartments are also popular accommodation in Split.

The average rental cost is HRK 940 per night. It is approximately 52 square meters in size, and you can sleep a group of four. Renting houses is also popular, for which you have to pay an average of HRK 1,670 per night. Their area is about 80 square meters, so there is enough space for a large family or even two slightly smaller ones.

Among the most frequently available amenities, both in apartments and cottages in Split, we can mention: Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV and  slightly less commonly garage. Interestingly, it is in the houses and apartments that pets are most welcome.

Prices in shops in Split / Food, drink, snacks, sweets, cigarettes, alcohol
Prices in shops in Split / Food, drink, snacks, sweets, cigarettes, alcohol

Food prices in shops in Split

When it comes to grocery shopping in Split it is most profitable to do it in chain stores. Among them, you can mention: Lidl, Kaufland, Konzum or Tommy. The only problem with shopping is that they are usually far from the city center. For example, in the vicinity of Diocletian’s Palace (which is a large tourist facility), there is only one, 350 meters away (a Tommy).

Prices of basic groceries in shops in Split:

  • bread roll 1-1.10 kuna
  • bread 8.50 kuna for a loaf
  • butter 19 kuna per cube
  • milk 7 kuna per liter
  • eggs 16 kuna for 10
  • yellow cheese 11 kuna per 100 grams
  • local cheese 7 kuna for 100 grams
  • white cheese 4 kuna for 100 grams
  • ham 10 kuna per 100 grams
  • sausage HRK 130 per kilogram
  • minced meat HRK 50 per kilogram
  • chicken fillet 65 kuna per kilogram
  • beef 70 kuna per kilogram
  • fish 75 kuna per kilogram
  • rice 15 kuna per kilogram
  • noodles 7.50 kuna for 0.4 kilograms
  • potatoes 6 kuna per kilogram
  • cucumbers 5 kuna per kilogram
  • tomatoes 9 kuna per kilogram
  • onion HRK 5.50 per kilogram
  • lettuce 6 kuna apiece
  • bananas HRK 13 per kilo
  • pears 12 kuna per kilogram
  • apples 10 kuna per kilogram
  • an orange 10 kuna per kilogram
Food prices in Split / Fast food, pizza, dinner for the whole family
Food prices in Split / Fast food, pizza, dinner for the whole family

Prices for drinking, alcohol and cigarettes in Split:

  • coffee 18 HRK for a 250 gram packet
  • water HRK 9.50 for a 1.5 liter bottle
  • fruit juice HRK 12 per liter
  • local beer 11 kuna for half a liter
  • imported beer HRK 14 for 0.33 liters
  • wine 50 kuna per bottle
  • cigarettes HRK 30 per packet

Dinner prices in restaurants in Split

The prices in restaurants in Split vary. A lot depends on what premises we choose, and even more on its location. The closer to the old town and the promenade, the more expensive it gets. Apart from these critical areas, Split is cheaper by at least a third.

We spend the least money eating in fast-food and in local bakeries, where we will only pay a few kuna for bread. Currently, there are also a lot of pubs in Split that serve healthy dishes, the cost of which should not ruin our wallet. However, the choice is left to our own thoughts.

For a dinner in a cheap restaurant in Split, we will pay from 50 to 100 kuna. In a slightly better place, we will pay around 100 to 300 kuna per person, including three courses. However, in the best restaurants, often located in the very center of the old town, even a Greek salad can cost us 90-100 kuna per serving.

Prices of fast food and street food in Split:

  • cheeseburger HRK 12
  • fries 15-20 HRK
  • fried calamari 40 kuna
  • pancake 13 kuna + additions separately payable (e.g. banana 4 kuna, nutella 6 kuna, oreo 5 kuna)
  • spinach pancake 15 kuna + additions separately payable (e.g. kaimak  6 kuna, mozzarella 6 kuna, ham prsut 7 kuna, tuna 8 kuna)
  • fast food set 40-60 HRK
Dinner prices in restaurants in Split for the whole family.
Dinner prices in restaurants in Split for the whole family.

Food prices in restaurants in Split:

  • pizza margarita HRK 35
  • pizza quattro fromaggi HRK 48
  • pasta bolognese HRK 85
  • noodles with prawns 90 kuna
  • grilled vegetable salad HRK 49
  • chicken salad 58 HRK
  • grilled chicken fillet with additions HRK 58
  • hamburger with toppings HRK 60
  • vegan hamburger HRK 49
  • paella 55 kuna per serving
  • set of Mexican starters HRK 95
  • enchiladas 53 kuna per serving
  • Lamb stew HRK 90
  • steak with additions HRK 125
  • guacamole chips 45 kuna
  • Dalmatian plate (with cold cuts and Croatian cheese) HRK 100


  • breakfast egg wrap 45 kuna
  • toast with hummus HRK 50
  • quinoa bowl 50 kuna
  • sweet croissant with filling 38 HRK
  • sandwich HRK 30
  • chia pudding HRK 26

Price of seafood and fish in Split

  • fish stew 90 HRK
  • octopus salad HRK 75
  • risotto with seafood 145 kuna (better restaurant)
  • fish with vegetables 215 kuna (better restaurant)
  • a plate of fried fish HRK 95
  • seafood platter 110 kuna
  • salad with grilled calamari 120 kuna
  • oysters 6 pieces 160 HRK
  • fish tartare for two HRK 240
  • fried prawns 140 kuna
  • fish carpaccio HRK 130
  • lobster 980 kuna per kilogram


  • vegan brownie 24 kuna
  • chocolate souffle 38 kuna
  • choco dessert 42 kuna
  • strudel with cream HRK 37
  • ice cream pancakes 35 HRK
  • chocolate cake HRK 45 per portion
  • cheesecake HRK 45 per serving

Prices in cafes and bars in Split:

  • cappuccino HRK 13
  • espresso 10 HRK
  • latte with almond milk 21 kuna
  • almond milk moccachino 25 kuna
  • smoothie HRK 30
  • water 10 kuna for 0.33 liters
  • cola 15 kuna for 0.33 liters

Price of alcohol in Split (beer, drinks):

  • local beer 18 kuna for half a liter
  • imported beer HRK 20 for 0.33 liters
  • mojito HRK 35
  • pinacolada 35 kuna
  • cosmopolitan HRK 30
  • bloody mary 29 kuna
Ticket prices and attractions in Split
Ticket prices and attractions in Split

Prices for attractions in Split

The prices of attractions in Split are as follows:

  • St. Duja’s cathedral with the bell tower 45 kuna
  • basement of Diocletian’s palace 42 kuna
  • Archaeological Museum HRK 30
  • Gallery Mestrović HRK 40
  • ferry from Split to the island of Hvar 47 kuna
  • ferry from Split to the island of Korcula HRK 60

If you are interested in visiting Split, check out our next article, where we have discussed in detail all the most important attractions in Split. Thanks to this, spending a successful vacation in Split, you will combine business with pleasure.

What are your opinions on prices in Split? We are waiting for your feedback and discussions in the forum below.

Map of Split

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