Prices in Slovenia / Fuel at gas stations, lunch in a restaurant, food in shops or accommodation

Prices in Slovenia are rather high and you have to be aware of this, especially in the attractive region, where there are a bit more tourists. Every place that attracts visitors has slightly higher prices than the rest of the country. In Slovenia, it will definitely be the coast, the capital of Ljubljana, and of course around Lake Bled.

Prices in Slovenia
Prices in Slovenia

Fuel and public transport prices in Slovenia

If you are traveling around Slovenia, we will definitely be interested in the price of fuel in this country:

  1. gasoline 95 1.29 euro per liter
  2. gasoline 98 1.42 euro per liter
  3. LPG 0.67 euro per liter
  4. diesel fuel 1.23 euro per liter

To this must always be added the cost of a vignette, which will allow you to move on motorways and expressways in Slovenia.

The shortest, i.e. weekly vignette costs 15 euro, for a car up to 3.5 tonnes.

As for public transport, for example, in Ljubljana it looks like you have to buy a city card, which you charge with the selected amount and pay for each ride separately. This amount is deducted from this card. There is no such thing as a daily or weekly ticket. For example, a 90-minute change ticket in two zones costs 1.60 euro. However, the transfer from the airport to the center of the Slovenian capital will cost us less than 5 euro.

Intercity transport takes place in Slovenia by rail or bus.

An interesting fact is that the prices of tickets for these two types of communication are about the same level. For example, for a train ride from Ljubljana to Bled you will pay 6.60 euro, while the same route only by bus will cost you a little over 7 euro for a ticket. In turn, from the capital of Slovenia to the city of Maribor, the cost of traveling by bus will cost us 13 euro, and by rail 9.60 euro.

Prices of tourist attractions in Slovenia

Transport somewhat combines with sightseeing and the costs of attractions that you intend to see. The prices of attractions in Slovenia do not differ much from the average in other European countries:

  1. Postojna cave 27.90 euro per person (in season)
  2. Predjama castle 14.90 euro per person
  3. boat trip on Lake Bled 15 euro per person
  4. Bled castle 11 euro per person
  5. island of Bled with church and bell tower 6 euro per person
  6. castle in Ljubljana 10 euro, with entry by train 13 euro per person
  7. National Gallery in Ljubljana 7 euro (permanent exhibition), 10 euro (permanent and temporary exhibition)
  8. Scottish caves 20 euro (underground canyon), 24 euro (canyon + route along the underground river)
  9. National Museum in Ljubljana 6 euro per person
  10. entrance to the city walls of Piran 2 euro per person
  11. Vintgar gorge 10 euro per person
Accommodation prices in Slovenia
Accommodation prices in Slovenia

Accommodation prices in Slovenia

Prices of accommodation in Slovenia depend as everywhere on the date of your stay, distance from attractive tourist destinations and of course the standard:

  1. camping site 20 km from the capital 20 euro per night (bungalow)
  2. camping site on the coast 10 euro per night / person
  3. room in a 4-star hotel on the coast 55 euro per night (out of season)
  4. hostel in Ljubljana from 18 euro per night
  5. apartment for rent in Ljubljana from 30 – 40 euro per night
  6. room in a hotel in Ljubljana from 60 euro per night
  7. guest house near Lake Bled around 25 euro per night
  8. a 3 star hotel near Lake Bled 45 euro per night

Food prices in stores in Slovenia

For larger grocery shopping, go to one of the chain stores. Smaller SPAR stores are more expensive, and their range is also rather basic. You will pay the least for food products in the Lidl or Aldi chain stores or Hofer supermarket. However, most often in this country you will come across Tus and Mercator stores.

Average food prices in Slovenia are at the following level:

  1. bread 1-2 euro for a loaf
  2. bread roll 0.30-0.40 euro
  3. butter 1.90-2.60 euro per cube
  4. yellow cheese from 6 to 13 euro per kilo
  5. sandwich cheese 2 euro per packaging
  6. processed cheese 1.50-1.80 euro per packaging
  7. eggs 1.50 euro for 10
  8. milk 0.70-1 euro per liter
  9. fruit yogurt 0.25-0.40 euro for a small package
  10. Greek type yogurt 0.90 euro for a small package
  11. sliced ​​ham 10-12 euro per kilo
  12. Chicken breast 5-9 euro per kilo
  13. minced meat 5-7 euro per kilo
  14. sea fish 10-20 euro per kilo
  15. pasta 0.80-1 euro per packaging
  16. rice 1-2 euro per kilo
  17. potatoes 0.50-1 euro per kilo
  18. cucumbers 1-2 euro per kilo
  19. tomatoes 1.50-2 euro per kilo
  20. pepper 2.60-3 euro per kilo
  21. oranges 1.60-2 euro per kilo
  22. apples 0.60-1.60 euro per kilo
  23. bananas 1-1.50 euro per kilo
  24. oil 1.50-1.80 euro per liter
  25. chocolate 1 euro per plate
  26. chips 1.50 euro for a large package

Prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in stores in Slovenia:

  1. water 0.30-0.60 euro for 1.5l
  2. fruit juice 1-1.50 euro per liter
  3. cola 0.90-1.20 euro for 1.5l
  4. energy drink 1.30 euro for 0.25l
  5. instant coffee 7 euro for 200 grams
  6. tea 1.50 euro for 20 bags
  7. beer 1 euro for 0.5l
  8. decent wine 4-7 euro
  9. vodka 8 euro for 0.5l
  10. vermouth 11 euro for 0.75l
  11. rum 10 euro for 0.5l
  12. whiskey 20 euro for 0.7l
  13. pack of cigarettes approx. 4 euro
Prices in stores and restaurants in Slovenia
Prices in stores and restaurants in Slovenia

Prices of food, drinks and alcohol in bars and restaurants in Slovenia

Food prices in restaurants vary depending on the level they offer. In a cheap pub, even 6 euro is enough to eat something. However, in a higher-end restaurant we will need even 20-25 euro. It is the cheapest to eat in fast food and street bars.

The most popular pastry that can fill the stomach in Slovenia is burek. It is a type of filo dough filled with meat, vegetable, cheese or fruit. Burek costs 1-2 euro per piece.

Other street food and fast food prices in Slovenia:

  1. Baguette sandwich 3.40 euro
  2. kebab 2.50 euro
  3. fries 1.70-2 euro per serving
  4. hamburger from 4-5 euro
  5. hot dog 2 euro
  6. tortilla 4 euro
  7. ​​a slice of pizza from 1.50 euro
  8. fast food set 5-7 euro
  9. ice cream portion 1.50 euro
  10. pancakes from 3 euro

Prices in restaurants and bars in Slovenia:

  1. salad of 7 euro
  2. pizza from 5 euro
  3. pasta from 6-7 euro
  4. soup 4-5 euro
  5. lasagne 6 euro
  6. meat dish from 11 euro
  7. fish dish from 19 euro
  8. prawns 13 euro
  9. cheese board 10 euro
  10. risotto 14 euro
  11. coffee 1 euro
  12. cappuccino from 2 euro
  13. tea 1-2 euro

63 coke 2 euro for 0.2l

  1. water 1-2 euro for 0.33l
  2. lemonade 2.50 euro
  3. hot chocolate 2-3 euro
  4. beer from 2-3 euro for 0.5l
  5. drinks 4-6 euro
  6. liqueurs 2-2.50 euro for 30ml
  7. whiskey 3.50 euro for 30ml
  8. wine 7-10 euro per bottle

Opinions about prices in Slovenia

Let me know how much money you take with you when spending your holidays in Slovenia. What are the current prices at petrol stations, stores or restaurants in Slovenia? We are waiting for your opinions.

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