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Prices in Slovenia are slightly lower than in other western countries, and they also vary depending on the specific region. It is known that in areas more eagerly visited by tourists will always be more expensive. In this case, it is definitely the vicinity of Lake Bled and the Triglav National Park, as well as the capital – Ljubljana and the city of Idrija. These are not big differences, but the prices here will be a dozen or so percent higher than in other places in Slovenia. So if someone has a limited budget, it is better to choose some other place as a base. After all, Slovenia is a relatively small country and it is easy to get to any place that interests us, even by car.

So what prices should be expected in Slovenia?

Prices in Slovenia / Dinner in a restaurant for the family, accommodation, drink and food in shops
Prices in Slovenia / Dinner in a restaurant for the family, accommodation, drink and food in shops

Accommodation prices in Slovenia

Unfortunately, out of all expenses during a trip to Slovenia, it is the cost of accommodation here that will be the highest, the closer to the city center or any attraction the more expensive it gets!

Average accommodation prices in Slovenia:

  • we will pay about 25 euro per night in a hostel
  • an overnight stay in a two-star hotel costs around 55 euros
  • for a night in a three-star hotel facility we have to pay around 70 euros
  • for a four-star hotel we have to spend at least 105 euros
  • for the most luxurious conditions, we will pay an average of 155 euros in a five-star hotel

If we want to take advantage of the accommodation offered by agritourism in Slovenia, we must prepare for the prices of 40 euros per person. Local vineyards offer similar accommodation costs. On the other hand, renting a private apartment here will cost around 30-40 euro per person. If we have a very limited budget, we can target the local campsites, which are of a high standard in Slovenia. Then we will pay from 11-12 euro to less than 20 euro for one person per night in a tent.

Prices for public transport and city transport in Slovenia

Prices for traveling around Slovenia by organized transport are not the cheapest – for example, a one-way ticket for public transport, covering one zone, costs 1.30 euro in Slovenia. Similar, but for two zones it costs about 1.70 euro. On the other hand, a single ticket entitling to travel by public transport with changes, in the area of ​​three zones, costs EUR 2.60. Against their background, the monthly pass for which you have to spend 37 euro is the best. Unfortunately, in the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana, there are no daily or weekly tickets.

When it comes to intercity transport, there are trains and buses to choose from. In Slovenia, unlike many other European countries, the prices of coach and train tickets are more or less the same. This means that it does not matter whether we choose a train or a bus, we will pay a similar amount for the ticket. For example, if you choose the train from Ljubljana to Maribor, you will pay EUR 11.10 for a ticket and EUR 12.90 for a bus ride. However, a bus ticket from the capital of Slovenia to the airport will cost us here 4.70 euro.

Food prices in Slovenia / Beer, alcohol, pizza, family dinner
Food prices in Slovenia / Beer, alcohol, pizza, family dinner

Taxi and fuel prices in Slovenia

The amount you have to pay for the very beginning of the taxi ride is from 0.90 to 2 euro. Of course, you have to add from 0.85 to 1.20 euro for each kilometer traveled. In turn, the waiting hour of a hired taxi in Slovenia costs from 13 to 20 euros. At all gas stations in Slovenia, except those on highways, the prices will be about the same. Their amount is determined every Tuesday and then they are valid for the next week.

Average fuel prices in Slovenia:

  • 95 gasoline costs 1 euro per liter
  • 98 gasoline costs 1.14 euros per liter
  • diesel costs 1 euro per liter
  • LPG costs 0.57 euro per liter

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Food prices in stores in Slovenia

Food shopping is best done here in supermarkets. Prices in smaller stores will be slightly higher. When it comes to chain supermarkets, we can choose from in Slovenia: Merkator, Tus, Hofer, Lidl and SPAR. In the latter, however, the assortment is reduced and the prices are a bit more expensive.

Average prices of basic groceries in shops in Slovenia:

  • bread roll 0.15 euro
  • croissant 0.30 euro
  • baguette 0.60 euro
  • bread 1.20 euro
  • toasted bread 2.20 euro for a loaf
  • butter 1.90 euro per cube
  • sandwich cheese 2 euro for 200 grams
  • yellow cheese 12.50 euro per kilo
  • white cheese 5.60 euro per kilo
  • yoghurt 0.55 euro for a small cup
  • milk 0.90 euro per liter
  • eggs 2.20 for 12
  • sliced ​​ham 11 euro per kilogram
  • local dried ham 39.90 per kilogram
  • mortadella 12 euro per kilo
  • sausage 14 euros per kilo
  • pasta 1.60 euro for 500 grams
  • rice 1.50 euro per kilogram
  • oil 1.80 euro per liter
  • salmon 20 euro per kilo
  • tuna 1.40 euro for a small can
  • chicken fillet 7 euro per kilo
  • minced meat 6 euro per kilogram
  • beef 9.80 euro per kilogram
  • chips in a tube 1.80 euro
  • chocolate bar 0.70 euro
  • chocolate 1 euro for a plate
  • cookies 1.75 euro per package
  • instant coffee 7.50 euro for 200 grams
  • tea 1.50 euro per pack

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Average prices of vegetables and fruits in shops in Slovenia:

  • cucumbers 1.10 euro per kilogram
  • tomatoes 2.10 euro per kilogram
  • onion 1.20 euro per kilogram
  • carrots 1.30 euro per kilogram
  • cauliflower 1.40 euro per kilogram
  • lettuce 1.30 euro each
  • broccoli 2 euro per kilo
  • potatoes 0.80 euro per kilo
  • mushrooms 4.40 euro per kilo
  • eggplant 2.70 euro per kilogram
  • kiwi 0.30 euro apiece
  • pears 1.70 euro per kilogram
  • oranges 1.50 euro per kilo
  • apples 1.40 euro per kilogram
  • bananas 1.30 euro per kilo
  • avocado 1.20 euro apiece
  • strawberries 4 euro per kilo
  • pineapple 1.70 euro per kilogram
  • lemons 2 euro per kilo

Average prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in shops in Slovenia:

  • cola 1.30 euro for 1.5 liters
  • water 0.70 euro for 1.5 liters
  • fruit juice 1.20 euro per liter
  • vegetable juice 1.50 euro per liter
  • ice tea 1 euro for 1.5 liters
  • energy drink 1.30 euro for 0.25 liters
  • wine 6 euro for a bottle
  • radler 0.75 euro for 0.5 liters
  • local beer 1.10 euro for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer 1.70 euro for 0.33 liters
  • vodka 8 euro for 0.5 liters
  • vermouth 11.40 euro for 0.75 liters
  • gin 14 euros per bottle
  • whiskey 14 euros per bottle
  • cigarettes 4.10 euro per packet
Prices in shops in Slovenia / Beer, pizza, cigarettes, alcohol / Food in shops and lunch in a restaurantv
Prices in shops in Slovenia / Beer, pizza, cigarettes, alcohol / Food in shops and lunch in a restaurant

Meal prices in restaurants in Slovenia

The closer to the center or any attractions, the more we will pay for dinner. Nevertheless, you can also eat in Slovenian pubs without spending a fortune. It is enough to get away from typical tourist places. For a meal in an inexpensive restaurant in Slovenia, we will pay from 6 to 15 euros. In a slightly better place, a three-course dinner will cost us around 35 euros. However, we will pay even more for fish or seafood. If we want to try local dishes, it is worth ordering a tasting menu here, i.e. several traditional dishes, served in small portions. Such a set costs from 25 to 50 euro and is sure to be eaten by more than one person.

The cheapest way to fill your stomach in Slovenia is the local street food and fast food chain. The most popular take-out dish is certainly burek, a type of stuffed dough. You can buy it practically anywhere and with various fillings, depending on your preferences – sweet or salty.

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Average street food prices in Slovenia:

  • burek 2-3 euro
  • baguette with local sausage 3.40 euro
  • fries from 2.50 euro per portion
  • hot dog from 1.60 euro
  • a hamburger with cheese from the net 1.70 euro
  • chain fast food set 5.50 euro
  • tortilla 4 euro
  • kebab from 3.50 euro
  • a slice of pizza from 1.80 euro
  • Kranijska sausage from 6 per portions

Average meal prices in restaurants in Slovenia:

  • soup 4-5 euro
  • breakfasts from 4-5 euro
  • dumplings 6 euro
  • potatoes with cheese 4 euro
  • salad 7 euro
  • pasta with sauce from 7 euro
  • cheese platter 10 euro
  • chicken fillet with toppings 14 euro
  • risotto 14 euro
  • baked octopus 19 euro
  • fish fillet from the oven 18.80 euro
  • duck with toppings 20 euro
  • prawns for starter 13 euro

Average prices in cafes and bars in Slovenia:

  • ice cream dessert 3.50 euro
  • ice cream serving 1.20 euro
  • a muffin for 2 euro
  • Italian dessert 3.60 euro
  • strudel 5 euros per serving
  • kremna rezina (the most famous cream dessert in Slovakia) from 3 euro
  • sweet pancakes from 3 euros per portion
  • espresso 1 euro
  • cappuccino 1.40 euro
  • latte 2.50 euro
  • tea 2 euro
  • hot chocolate 2-3 euro
  • lemonade 2.50 euros for 0.2 liters
  • cola 2.10 euro for 0.33 liters
  • water 1.50 euro for 0.33 liters
  • a glass of wine 3.80 euro
  • a bottle of wine in the vineyard from 7 euros
  • beer from the local brewery 2.50 euro for 0.5 liter
  • imported beer 3 euro for 0.33 liters
  • drinks from 4-6 euro
  • a glass of local liqueurs 2-3 euro

Prices of attractions in Slovenia

The prices of attractions in Slovenia are not very high and they do not differ much from what can be found in other Western European countries.

  • Postojna Cave 27.90 euro
  • The cruise lasts on Lake Bled 15 euro
  • Castle Bled 11 euro
  • Tower on the island of Bled 6 euro
  • Predjama Castle 14.90 euro
  • Savica gorge 3 euro
  • Rafting on Soča (river) 50 euro
  • Cruise trip from Pirana to Venice 55 euro (one day)
  • Piran city walls 2 euros
  • Vintgar Gorge 9 euros
  • River cruise in Ljubljana 8 euro
  • Traveling by historic train in the Alps 41 euro
  • wine tasting at a local vineyard 10-12 euro

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Prices of souvenirs and things worth bringing from Slovenia

  • magnet 2.50 euro
  • honey from 13 euros per kilogram jar
  • Gorenjka chocolate 1.20 euro for a plate
  • potica (walnut roll) 9 euro per kilo
  • Prekmurska gibanica (layered cake) 15 euro per kilo
  • Bovec cheese 24 euro per kilo
  • Kranjska klobasa 9 euros per kilogram
  • Slivovitz 20 euro per liter
  • pelinkovec (bitter liqueur) € 7.50 per liter
  • borovnicevec (tincture of berries) 9 euros per liter

What are your views on the current prices in Slovenia? For discussion, please visit the forum below!


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