Prices in Sicily

Sicily – the island of the sun, which can be palpably experienced by tourists visiting it in the summer, the southernmost part of Italy, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, tempting with amazing views, ancient monuments and great cuisine.

The currency is of course the euro. When it comes to prices in Sicily, in general Italy is not the cheapest holiday destination.

It is slightly cheaper in the south and in Sicily, but when going there for a holiday, you have to reckon with higher expenses. Especially in places geared to tourists and visitors.

Current prices in Sicily / See how much money to take for a holiday in Sicily
Current prices in Sicily / See how much money to take for a holiday in Sicily

Food prices in Sicily

In Sicily larger shopping centers are usually located outside the city center, in the suburbs. As for supermarket chains, they are not as common as in other parts of Europe. For cheaper food shopping you can go to Carrefour, Eurospin, Sidis, Penny, Simply Market or Ard discount supermarkets.

Most often, however, you meet local markets with completely different names and they are a little more expensive. When it comes to fruits and vegetables – it is worth looking for them at local markets and stalls. Purchased specimens will be tastier and more aromatic. The same goes for fish, cheese and even meat.

Virtually every marketplace has a market like this somewhere.

Food, drink and grocery prices in stores in Sicily

1 milk (1l) 0.90-1.20 euro

2 10 eggs 1-1.65 euro

3 bread roll 0.20-0.50 euro

4 bread 1-1.80 euro

5 local cheese 9-12 euro per kg

6 cheese sandwich (200g) 2-2.80 euro

7 tomatoes 1-1.89 euro per kg

8 lettuce 1-1.30 euro

9 oranges 0.80-1.80 euro per kg

10 bananas 0.80-2 euro per kg

11 nutella (450gr) 3.50-4 euro

12 pistachio cream (200gr) 4.50 euro

13 sliced ​​ham (100gr) 1.90 euro

14 chicken fillet 4-8 euro per kg

15 beef 10-18 euro per kg

16 tuna 20 euro per kg

17 pasta (500gr) on average 0.60 euro

18 rice 1.50-2 euro per kg

19 potatoes 0.50-1.30 euro per kg

20 olive oil (1l) 3 euro

21 canned tomatoes around 0.90 euro

22 chips (110gr) 1.50 euro

23 tea (25 pcs) 1.65-2 euro

24 water (1.5l) 0.25-0.50 euro

25 energy drink (250ml) 1.35 euro

26 carbonated drink (1.5l) 1.30 euro

27 cola (1.5l) 1.55 euro

Food and drink prices in Sicily / Check prices in stores and restaurants
Food and drink prices in Sicily / Check prices in stores and restaurants

Cigarette and alcohol prices in Sicily

1 local beer (0.5l) 1.20-1.60 euro

2 imported beer (0.4-0.6l) 0.90-1.60 euro

3 decent wine 3.6-5 euro

4 aperol (0.7l) 10-11 euro

5 decent vermouth (1l) 9-10 euro

6 decent rum (0.7l) 14 euro

7 decent cigarettes 5-5.30 euro

Fruit and vegetable prices at markets and stalls in Sicily

8 bananas 0.80 euro per kg

9 peaches 1.70 euto per kg

10 olives 3-7 euro per kg

11 oranges 0.80 – 1 euro per kg

12 tomatoes 1 euro per kg

13 grapes 1.50 euro per kg

Dinner prices in restaurants in Sicily

First, it is customary when you sit at the table for coperto to be added – a cover, about 2-6 euros per person.

The better the restaurant in terms of elegance and appearance, the higher the coperto.

If you sit by the bar directly, there is no such fee. If you want to eat a little cheaper, then avoid restaurants and aim rather at trattorias and bars.

It is the most expensive next to tourist facilities and attractions, as well as in towns focused mainly on tourists (Taormina – you can learn more about cities in Sicily from the official website of this island). A meal in a cheap restaurant will be around 10 euro, in a slightly better one for two people 25-50 euro (3 courses). It’s the cheapest to order a pizza or a simple pasta, and you can also eat local snacks for 1-2 euro each.

Here’s how the prices of dinners and dishes are in bars and restaurants:

1 arancini (stuffed rice balls) 1-2 euro

2 pizza 4-6 euro

3 panini (sandwich) 2-4 euro

4 salad 5 euro

5 guests (dumplings) 6 euro

6 pasta from 7-8 euro

7 fast food set 7-8 euro

8 soup 7 euro

9 squid 11 euro

10 carpacio 10 euro

11 risotto 10-15 euro

12 fish dishes 12-16 euro

13 piece of cake 2-4 euro

14 ice cream in a roll 2-2.30 euro

15 canollo (cheese tube) approx. 2 euro

16 granita (crushed ice with juice) 2-3 euro

Drinks and alcohol in restaurants in Sicily

17 coffee 1.20-2.50 euro

18 water (0.33l) 0.50-1 euro

19 cola (0.33l) 1.30-2 euro

20 glass of wine 2.50-5 euro

21 carafe of wine from 8 euro

22 bottle of wine 12-20 euro

23 regional beer (0.5l) from 2 euro

24 imported beer (0.5l) 5-6 euro

Accommodation prices in Sicily / See prices of hotels, hostels and accommodation!
Accommodation prices in Sicily / See prices of hotels, hostels and accommodation!

Accommodation prices in Sicily

If you intend to sleep in hotels in Sicily, it will not be cheap. Prices of accommodation in these facilities start from 35 euro/night/person.

The more stars, the higher the price.

A cheaper and popular alternative is accommodation in a hostel, which can be found for about 20 euro or in a rented room with a bathroom for 30-40 euro (double). It also depends in which part of Sicily you stay.

For example, the area around Taormina is one of the most expensive.

Prices of transport in Sicily

Renting a car in Sicily is only at your own risk and for local residents who are not affected by the ride. Prices depending on the car model are around 16-20 euro per day. It is worth buying an autocasco ?

A liter of gasoline in Sicily costs 1.40-1.60 euro.

Bus transport is not expensive, 1-1.30 euro for a single public transport ticket. For example, from Catania to Taormina (return trip) you will pay over 8 euro for a ticket, 4.30 euro for a train on this route one way.

Taxis are quite expensive, the entrance fee is between 6.5 and 10 euro and 0.80 euro for each kilometer driven. Usually the most popular routes are listed on the taxi-feet along with their price for the course.

Prices of attractions in Sicily

1 Catacombs in Palermo 3 euro

2 Cathedral in Monreale (entrance to the roof) 4 euro

3 Greek theater in Taormina 10 euro

4 cable car in Taormina 6 euro (one way)

5 Valley of the Temples 10 euro

6 Archaeological Park in Syracuse 10 euro

7 Cathedral in Syracuse 2 euro

We look forward to hearing your opinions on prices in Sicily. If you spent a successful holiday in Sicily, let me know in the comments how the prices developed during your stay.

Map of Sicily

Finally, we are throwing you the current tourist map of Sicily:

We also recommend visiting the official Sicily site where prices and attractions will find out even more.

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