Prices in restaurants in Slovenia: Dinners for the family, pizza, kebabs, fast food


Slovenia is not one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Mainly due to the euro in force as the currency of this country – the closer to a given attraction, the prices rise, therefore the more touristy the place, the higher the cost of eating in restaurants.

Prices in restaurants in Slovenia

In practice, it looks like that in a cheap restaurant we will eat a meal for about 6-10 euro per person. In a slightly better restaurant we will pay for dinner for two people from 25-40 euro. However, in one of the best pubs in the city, a 3-day meal for two will cost up to 65 euro.

If you care about savings, you can always dine in fast food, where it costs no more than 5-7 euro for a full set. You can also eat a typical Balkan delicacy, which is burek, which in nearby bakeries costs around 1.50-2 euro depending on the filling (cheaper with fruit and cottage cheese, those with meat are more expensive). When choosing pubs, however, you must pay attention to the inscription Gostlinia or Gostisce, which means a tavern where it will be cheaper. A good choice will also be places – okrepcevalnicy and bife, where we will eat a specific type of simple dish, for little money.

Prices in restaurants in Slovenia / Dinners, kebabs, pizza, fast food.
Prices in restaurants in Slovenia / Dinners, kebabs, pizza, fast food.

Prices of street food in Slovenia

  1.     doner kebap 2.50 euro per serving
  2.     baguette with cheese, ham, tomato 3.5 euro per piece
  3.     fries 2.5-4 euro per serving
  4.     tortilla 4 euro per piece
  5.     hot dog 1.6-5 euro each
  6.     hamburger 4-8 euro (small)
  7.     hamburger 8-11 euro (big)
  8.     a piece of pizza 1.5-2 euro per serving
  9.     kranjska klobasa 6 euro per serving

How much for pizza and dinner at a restaurant in Slovenia? Let’s check the prices!

Meal prices in restaurants in Slovenia

  1.     breakfast 4-5 euro (scrambled eggs, orange juice)
  2.     toast with coffee 2 euro
  3.     soup 4-5 euro per serving
  4.     salad 7 euro per serving
  5.     pasta with sauce 7 euro for portions
  6.     a plate of cheese 9.50 euro
  7.     carpaccio 12 euro per serving
  8.     shrimp 13 euro for portions
  9.     fried chicken 12 euro per serving
  10.     seafood risotto 15 euro per serving

Prices of desserts and drinks in cafes in Slovenia

  1.     espresso 0.85-1.50 euro
  2.     cappuccino 1.40-1.80 euro
  3.     latte 1.80-2.50 euro
  4.     irish coffe 5 euro
  5.     hot chocolate 2-3 euro
  6.     tea 2-2.20 euro
  7.     cola 1.70-2.20 euro for 330ml
  8.     lemonade 2.50 euro for 250ml
  9.     water 1-2 euro for 330ml
  10.     portion of ice cream in a cup 3.50 euro
  11.     panna cotta 3.50 euro
  12.     piece of cake 3-6 euro
  13.     sweet pancakes 3-4.50 euro per serving
  14.     croissant 1.5 euro
  15.     muffin 2 euro

Alcohol prices in bars in Slovenia

  1.     a glass of wine 2-4 euro
  2.     drink 5-7 euro
  3.     whiskey 3.50 euro for 30ml
  4.     liqueur 2-2.50 euro for 30ml
  5.     local beer 2.5-3 euro for 500ml
  6.     imported beer 3.50-4.50 euro for 500ml

What are your favorite dishes and dinners and restaurants in Slovenia? Let us know in the comments. Also give prices you pay at restaurants in Slovenia for dinner for the whole family.


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