Prices in restaurants in Croatia: Dinners for the family, pizza, kebabs, fast food

Croatian cuisine is rather not among the most famous in the world. Still, you can find several tasty dishes that are definitely worth trying during your holiday vacation. Restaurant prices in Croatia are certainly not among the lowest. However, even for relatively small money you can eat to your heart’s content even by street fast food. It will not be the healthiest for our body, but no one should go hungry.

As with groceries in stores, the location of the diner is important in Croatia. The rule is that the closer it is to the beach, the more expensive it is. A separate aspect are typical tourist cities such as Split, Dubrovnik or even Trogir, where in the vicinity of the biggest attractions prices for restaurant dishes can be truly fabulous. Supply creates demand – that’s why huge amounts of tourists are pushing up prices in local pubs. However, it is enough to move away from the center and prices become more bearable.

Interestingly, the prices of native dishes in Croatia are not excessively high. In contrast, fish and seafood in some Croatian resorts are sold for the price of gold. Pasta is the most popular dish among foreign visitors – its price is not particularly excessive, so more people can afford such a visit to the restaurant.

Prices of dinners in Croatia

We pay an average of HRK 80-90 for breakfast served in a restaurant in Croatia. Lunch in a cheap restaurant will cost us between HRK 40 and 100. In a slightly better place for a meal consisting of three dishes we will pay respectively from 90 to 400 kuna. On the other hand, the cheapest option will be a set bought in a fast food, where on average we will pay for it from 35 to 70 kuna.

Fast food prices in Croatia

  •     cheeseburger 11-21 kuna
  •     pizza from 40 kuna
  •     fries 12-20 kuna per serving
  •     Cevapcici roll 40-50 kuna
  •     burek with filling 11-12 kuna
  •     pancake with stuffing 15 kuna
  •     kebab 40-45 kuna
  •     portion of grilled calamari 40-45 kuna

Restaurant prices in Croatia

  •     salad 45-65 kuna
  •     risotto from 40 to over 120 kuna (with seafood)
  •     pasta with sauce 35-70 kuna
  •     pizza from 50 HRK
  •     mules 35-100 kuna per serving
  •     pljeskavica 85 kuna
  •     stuffed paprika 50 kuna
  •     fried fish 65 kuna
  •     squid 60 kuna
  •     cevapcici with a sauce of 70 kuna
  •     fish plate for 2 people 300 kuna
  •     soup from 25 kuna
  • mutton dish 125-135 kuna per serving
Prices in restaurants in Croatia
Prices in restaurants in Croatia

Prices in cafes and bars

  •      mini donuts 18 kuna per serving
  •      ice cream 8-12 kuna per serving
  •      dessert 25 kuna for portion
  •      pancakes from 24 kuna
  •      tea 15 kuna
  •      coffee with milk 10 kuna
  •      coffee with a cake 30 kuna
  •      cappuccino 9-16 kuna
  •      cola 24 kuna for 0.25 l
  •      lemonade 22 kuna
  •      juice 18 kuna for 0.2 l
  •      mineral water 26 kuna per liter
  •      local beer 20-50 kuna for 0.5 l
  •      wine from 60 kuna per bottle
  •      a glass of wine from 20 kuna
  •      a glass of local alcohol 9-30 kuna
  •      a glass of imported alcohol 20-60 kuna
  •      drinks from 30 kuna

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