Prices in Prague / Lunch in the restaurant, cigarettes, beer

Prices in Prague are definitely higher compared to the rest of the country. It is known that the capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most visited places, full of monuments and attractions for tourists, which always pushes up costs, which, however, are not too high compared to its western neighbors.

It is also worth knowing that Prague is by far the most expensive place in the Czech Republic.

In other parts of the country, prices will certainly be more friendly. Still, you can save a bit on your stay in the Czech capital if you move away from the Old Town, which has very high prices for tourists. Especially in the season, which is around the time from May to the first days of October. It also depends where we sleep, what to eat and what to visit.

In Prague, as around the world, there are more or less luxurious accommodation facilities, cheaper and more expensive restaurants, and interesting places that can be seen completely free.

Prices in Prague / Lunch in a restaurant, alcohol, cigarettes, food in shops, prices of attractions
Prices in Prague / Lunch in a restaurant, alcohol, cigarettes, food in shops, prices of attractions

Prague – the currency

The currency in Czech Republic is the koruna (CZK). It was introduced in 1993 and its current rate is 3 eurocents for one koruna.

We have coins in denomination: 1,2,5,10,20 and 50 CZK and banknotes: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 CZK. Interestingly, the euro is also often the accepted currency in Prague.

How much koruna to take for a weekend in Prague? Let’s see!

Exchange offices in Prague

Currency exchange offices in Prague are, in short, unfair, so it’s best to exchange money for Czech koruna at home or, for example, pay by card in Prague. Alternatively, you can try to exchange your currency in reputable network exchange offices or, for example, in bank branches in the Czech capital. For modest expenses, if we visit Prague for only one day, we should have about CZK 500 (meals, drinks + public transport ticket, without admission to monuments).

Let’s check now what the current prices in Prague are.

Prices of accommodation in Prague

As we have already mentioned, prices of accommodation in Prague vary depending on where we intend to stay. Hostels will definitely be the cheapest option, the most expensive five-star luxury facility. Of course, you can also use private apartments and rooms for rent. If you’re traveling in a larger group, the first option will definitely work better, if you are traveling alone or in a pair, it will be cheaper to rent a single room.

Prices of accommodation in Prague

  • room from 12 euro per night (330 CZK)
  • apartment from 28 euro per night (770 CZK)
  • hostel from 16 euro per night (440 CZK)
  • two-star hotel around 34 euro per night (940 CZK)
  • three-star hotel over 50 euro per night (1380 CZK)
  • four-star hotel around 70 euro per night (CZK 1930)
  • five-star hotel from over 115 euro per night and above (3175 CZK)

It is also worth adding that the price of accommodation in Prague is affected by a specific location, i.e. in this case the closer to downtown, the more expensive. If someone wants a slightly more economical stay in the Czech capital, then they must look for accommodation facilities away from the center and the old town. However, close to the subway line, and then easily and quickly get to the places of interest to us.

The time when we come to Prague is also important. In the summer months, a lot of these cheap accommodation is often already taken. June, July and August is the most expensive time to visit the Czech capital, when prices are usually higher.

Prices of accommodation and communication in Prague / Hotels, metro, apartments, trams / Ticket prices
Prices of accommodation and communication in Prague / Hotels, metro, apartments, trams / Ticket prices

Prices of communication and public transport in Prague

Prices of public transport in Prague are at an average level. The purchased ticket is valid for both city buses, trams, Prague metro and the cable car to Petrin. It is valid from validation and we can buy it at kiosks, ticket machines, via SMS (Czech SIM card) or from a bus driver (it will be more expensive). We have a choice of temporary public transport tickets in Prague:

  •     half-hour ticket costs 24 CZK
  •     an hour and a half ticket costs CZK 32
  •     A daily ticket costs 110 CZK
  •     three-day ticket costs CZK 310

In addition, you have to pay extra 16 Czech crowns for large luggage and the same for the transport of a pram (without a toddler). We pay nothing for a pram with a baby inside. It is similar with a dog and bicycle transport.

Taxi and fuel prices in Prague

However, a taxi ride in Prague costs CZK 40-50 for starting the course and CZK 25-30 for each kilometer driven. An hour stop of such a taxi will cost us 300-400 CZK.

In turn, the cost of fuel in Prague is:

  •     95 petrol costs 20 CZK per liter
  •     diesel costs CZK 30.50 per liter
  •     LPG costs CZK 13 per liter

Prices of food products in Prague

In Prague, food and drink should be bought in supermarket chains such as Tesco, Lidl, Kaufland, Billa, Albert and Penny Market. Prices in them should be at the same level throughout the city. It is also worth visiting the local bakeries or smaller shops where you can buy many original products, be it typically Czech or even oriental.

Food prices in stores in Prague

  •     bread roll 3 CZK
  •    sweet bun 12 CZK
  •     bread 15 to 35 CZK per loaf
  •     toasted bread 23CZK
  •     milk 15-30 CZK per liter
  •     eggs 16-30 CZK for 6
  •     fruit yogurt 9-11 CZK for a small cup
  •     cream cheese 20 CZK
  •     yellow cheese CZK 15 for 100 grams
  •     local cheese 140-300 CZK per kilo
  •     ham 150 CZK per kilo
  •     sausage 160 CZK per kilogram
  •     frankfurters 110 CZK per kilo
  •     beef 150-360 CZK per kilogram
  •     chicken breast CZK 100-200 per kilogram
  •     whole chicken 55 CZK per kilogram
  •     pasta 500 g 22 CZK
  •     rice 18-60 CZK per kilogram
  •     tea CZK 25 per pack of 20 bags
  •     instant coffee 140 CZK for 200 grams
  •     chocolate 50 CZK for 250 grams
  •     cakes 22 CZK per packaging
  •     chocolate-nut cream 50 CZK for 350 grams
  •     150 g crisps 38 CZK
  •     potatoes 20-35 CZK per kilogram
  •     cucumbers 17-48 CZK per kilogram
  •     tomatoes 30-88 CZK per kilogram
  •     onions 12-35 CZK per kilogram
  •     mushrooms 24 CZK for 400 grams
  •     lettuce 18-35 CZK
  •     grape 70 CZK per kilo
  •     apples 20-40 CZK per kilo
  •     mandarins CZK 50 per kilogram
  •     orange CZK 30-45 per kilo
  •     pears 24-48 CZK per kilogram
  •     bananas 25-40 CZK per kilo

Prices of drinks in stores in Prague

  •     water 10-25 CZK for 1.5 liters
  •     Czech pop soda 15 CZK for 1.5 liters
  •     Cola 30 CZK for 2 liters
  •     energy drink 38 CZK for 0.5 liters
  •     orange juice 22-45 CZK per liter

How much for beer in Prague?

Alcohol and cigarettes prices in stores in Prague

  •     local beer 10-25 CZK for half a liter
  •     imported beer 20-50 CZK for 0.33 liters
  •     wine 90-200 CZK per bottle
  •     whiskey for 0.7 liter CZK 200
  •     vodka for 0.5 liters 100 CZK
  •     decent cigarettes CZK 100-115 per packet

Let’s see how much a lunch in Prague costs.

Prices for dinners in restaurants and bars in Prague

Meal prices in Prague vary. It all depends on the location and what we want to try in the Czech capital. The further away from the center and major attractions, the prices should be more bearable.

A sign of a good pub and moderate prices is, as everywhere, the presence of locals.

Prices for dinner in a restaurant in Prague / How much does dinner cost for the whole family? How much for pizza in Prague?
Prices for dinner in a restaurant in Prague / How much does dinner cost for the whole family? How much for pizza in Prague?

Lunch in an inexpensive restaurant in Prague will cost CZK 120-250. For a three-course, warm meal in a slightly better pub we will pay from 300 to 500 CZK. If you want to save a bit on food, it is best to look for an inn or a pub, outside the center, where refreshments with beer will cost us only 100-150 CZK.

The cheapest food option in Prague is of course fast-food, nowadays called street-food:

  •     hot dog 20-25 CZK
  •     French fries 35 CZK
  •     hamburger CZK 38-55
  •     sandwiches 45-55 CZK
  •     trdelnik (sweet cake) CZK 50
  •    fast food set 125-180 CZK

Meal prices in Prague restaurants

  •    lunch 145-150 CZK (soup 35 CZK, fried cheese 65 CZK, potato pancakes 45 CZK)
  •    breakfast from 90 to 150 CZK

Since we already know how much lunch costs in Prague, we can go further in prices in Prague.

Prices of desserts and drinks in cafes in Prague

  •     ice cream dessert from 80 CZK
  •     other desserts from 90 to 100 CZK
  •     sweet pancakes 55 CZK
  •     cheesecake portion 70 CZK
  •     espresso coffee CZK 30-50
  •     latte 75 CZK
  •     cappuccino CZK 40-75
  •     large tea in a teapot 80 CZK
  •     water 15-40 CZK for 0.33 liters
  •     Cola 20-45 CZK for 0.33 liters
  •     hot chocolate 65-70 CZK

Alcohol prices in Prague bars

  •     mulled wine 45-60 CZK for a glass
  •     wine 55-90 CZK per glass
  •     draft beer 30-50 CZK for half a liter
  •     imported beer 35-70 CZK for 0.33 liters
  •     plum brandy 35-80 CZK for 40 ml
  •     whiskey 40-90 CZK for 40 ml
  •     absinthe 90-180 CZK for 40 ml

Prices of tourist attractions in Prague

  •     Prague Castle from 250 to 350 CZK depending on the variant of the sightseeing route
  •     Powder Tower in Prague 70 CZK
  •     National Museum in Prague 100 CZK
  •     Ethnographic Museum in Prague 35 CZK
  •     Jewish Museum in Prague 350 CZK
  •     The Franz Kafka Museum 260 CZK
  •     Alfons Mucha Museum 300 CZK
  •     Lobkowicz Palace 200 CZK
  •     Žižkov TV tower 250 CZK
  •     Prague Zoo 250 CZK
  •     Old Town Hall in Prague (full tour) 250 CZK
  •     Ctěnice Castle 100 CZK

See also our travel guide and find out what to see in Prague and what sights to visit.

To save a bit, you can buy special Prague City Pass and Prague Cards. Both allow you to explore Prague at much more attractive prices. The first one costs 1390 CZK and allows you to enter the two biggest attractions – the Prague Castle (valid for 2 days) and the Jewish Museum (valid for 7 days) and other monuments and interesting places, including the use of a tour bus around town.

The second – Prague Card allows for 1880 CZK to visit 60 biggest attractions in the city and also use a tour bus as well as a river cruise. In addition, it guarantees a 50% discount on other attractions.

Prices in stores in Prague / Food, drink, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, sweets
Prices in stores in Prague / Food, drink, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, sweets

Prices of souvenirs in Prague

  •      Krtek mascot (cartoon mole) from 280 CZK and above
  •      wooden Krtek figurine from CZK 255
  •      t-shirt CZK 50
  •      colorfully decorated pot 495 CZK
  •      pot with an ear 245 CZK
  •      souvenir mug from 90 CZK
  •      key ring from 30 CZK
  •      picture with the city in the frame from 130 CZK
  •      Oplatky colonade (wafers) 45 CZK for a package of 200 grams
  •      Student Chocolate 37 CZK
  •      Lentils (dragees) from CZK 15
  •      Kofola (herbal cola) 26 CZK per liter
  •      Medovina (mead) CZK 130 per half liter

And how do you rate prices in Prague? Do you think it is expensive in Prague? If so, what seems dear to you? We are waiting for your opinions and discussions in the forum!

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